The Chapter House of Nimbosa Myrice

This topic describes the new chapter house. Its name and details about its location will be revealed later.

[size=150]Charter of Nimbosa Myrice[/size]

Nimbosa Myrice is a chapter house of the Covenant of Fengheld.

The charter of Fengheld applies in full to the members of Nimbosa Myrice.

The charter of the chapter house only applies to the members of the chapter house, and cannot contradict the clauses established in the charter of Fengheld.

Only those members of Fengheld who reside primarily in Nimbosa Myrice are considered members of the chapter house.

Governance of this Chapter House
The members of the chapter house form its Council of Members. This council shall not declare action except on behalf of the entire membership of the chapter house; no action may be demanded of individuals by council agreement. Conversely, the rulings of the council cannot be overturned by an individual. This council shall not declare actions that are in opposition to the decisions taken by the Council of Fengheld.

Any member of the chapter house shall have the right and duty to convene the council for consideration of matters justly grave, and all members shall be charged with attendance and diligence in the proceedings. Should it not be possible to convene the full council, any quorum consisting of more than half of voting rights of its current members is considered valid; else the discharge of the council’s duty must be delayed until such time as the full council may be convened. The Council of Members shall convene four times each year, one day prior to each equinox and solstice, regardless of call from any member, and all members of the chapter house should endeavor to make themselves present.

Motions to be decided upon by the Council of Members must be introduced by a member; debated fully and justly, allowing those who wish to speak to do so; and then proposed for the vote. Proposals must be seconded by another member of the chapter house, else no vote can take place. All issues shall be passed by a majority vote of the members there present. Issues involving changes to the charter; expulsion of a member; and acceptance of a new probationary member are the responsibility of the Council of Fengheld and shall be presented before that council.

The office of praetor is the representative of the chapter house in matters of governance and temporal concern. The title of praetor is a heavy duty that is laid upon a member by majority vote of the council of Fengheld, and remains in effect until that council names a replacement.

The duties of the praetor are: to attend regular meetings of the council; to keep order at meetings; to break tied votes with a discretionary casting vote; to determine the yearly surplus of provision and store; to act as a spokesman for the Council of Members; and to apply the decisions of Fengheld as they pertain to this chapter house. The praetor shall not be empowered to rule on matters on the chapter house’s or the covenant’s behalf, but instead is charged with ensuring that the rulings of the both Councils of Members are enacted.

Resources Owned by this Chapter House
Resources of this chapter house are held by the Covenant of Fengheld, and entrusted to this chapter house. As such, it is the responsibility of this council to maintain, develop and defend them.

Rights of the Members of this Chapter House
The rights of the members are described in the charter of Fengheld.

Responsibilities of the Members of this Chapter House
The responsibilities of members are described in the charter of Fengheld, except that the praetor decides on the services to be offered for the chapter house, as well as remuneration to be offered for those services.

Censure of the Members of this Chapter House
If the censure of a member is required, a case shall be brought before the Council of Fengheld.

The library of the chapter house often changes, as books are borrowed from the much larger of Fengheld and later returned. The following are books that have been copied and remain permanently at Nimbosa Myrice.
[size=150]Magical Books:[/size]

  • Vim summa (L12Q11) The Manipulations of Mystical Forces by Kalliste of Tytalus (this copy's Quality is 2 points lower than the original at Fengheld -- 1 point due to quick copying and 1 point lower due to absence of resonant materials)

[size=150]Mundane Books:[/size]

  • Artes Liberales summa (L5Q9) Institutione grammaticae by Priscian (16 books)

[size=150]Borrowed Texts:[/size] (as of Summer 1207)

  • Intellego summa (primer)
  • Rego summa (intermediate) L? Q9
  • Aquam summa (beginner)
  • Mentem summa (intermediate)
  • Lab texts:
    [list][*]Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15)
  • Call of the Rushing Waters (InAq 15)
  • True Sight of the Air (InAu 15)
  • Dust to Dust (PeCo 15)
  • Clothe the Naked Form (CrHe 10)
  • Palm of Flames (CrIg 5)
  • Repel Winter's Clutches (CrIg 5)
  • Lamp Without Flame (CrIg 10)
  • Heat of the Searing Forge (CrIg 10)
  • Ritual Communion (MuVi 20)
  • Wind of Mundane Silence (PeVi gen/15)
  • Gather the Magical Essence (ReVi 20)

Giuseppe Ratto (Ludovicus' grog): A former thief with a strong streak of laziness.

Andreas (Renatus's grog): Tall and strong but a bit slow-witted; knows a bit of Latin.

Gerhard (Konrad’s grog): An old mercenary from the Rhine who came to serve Konrad after the young magus nursed him back to health after a terrible injury.

Arnulf: A regular grog with a weakness for ale, assigned to the chapter house in the Spring of 1209.

Caspar and Mathias: Brothers and a bit novice; used to be butchers and are good with knives. (Left the chapter house in the Spring of 1209 to return to Fengheld)

Ditwin and Franz: New novice grogs assigned to the chapter house in the Spring of 1209.

Ruk: Short but sturdy; a bit sensitive about his short stature (even though he is Size 0). (Slated to return to Fengheld in the Spring of 1210)

Burkhard: A scout. (Slated to return to Fengheld in the Spring of 1210

Stefan: A scout without a sense of humour, assigned to the chapter house in the Spring of 1209 as a replacement for Burkhard.

Hagen: Novice grog; has experience with animals.

Arthur's Update
I am using the concept of packages for the grogs. Whenever a stat or ability of mentioned in a grog's description, that value over-rides the base value.

  • Base characteristics: Int -1, Per 0, Str +1, Sta +1, Pre -1, Com -1, Dex +1, Qik 0
  • Base abilities for a standard grog: Area Lore: Fengheld 3, Animal Handling 2, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Bargain 1, Bows 3, Brawl 3, Carouse 3, Chirurgy 1, Great Weapons 3, Language: Low German 5, Profession: Soldier 3, Single Weapon 6, Survival 1
  • Base abilities for a novice grog: Area Lore: Fengheld 1, Athletics 1, Awareness 1, Brawl 2, Carouse 1, Language: Low German 5, Profession: Soldier 1, Single Weapon 4, Survival 1

The grogs' variations:

  • Andreas: Shield grog; tall and strong but a bit slow-witted (Size +1, Str +3, Int -2). Cheerful and loud. Brawl 5. Knows a bit of Latin (2)
  • Ruk: Shield grog; short but sturdy (Dex +2, Qik +1). Mostly quiet but sensitive regarding his size (Still Size 0, but Oversensitive).
  • Burkhard: Scout. Awareness 5, Hunt 4, Single Weapon 3.
  • Caspar, Mathias: Brothers; novice grogs. Used to be butchers and are good with knives.
  • Hagen: Novice grog. Animal Handling 3.