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I think we can accommodate Bitter too. I am removing Solon and putting Ioke on hold. What does the group think? It will bring the number of players back up to seven. Of course wampa, Bitter, and eldarin's magi will have to join 'next' year :S
Thats three more magi and companions and that would be the limit.

Sounds good to me. Six magi would be good. :smiley:

I am fine with it.

So I'm gonna be super busy studying for the upcoming exam on Monday. I'll try to get decent posts out then. Sry.


Are there any oppositions ? Ignes.festivus ? Quite possibly a Cat ? Darkwing ?

I was trying to figure what forms were left over, it seems Aq, He, Im are the least developed am I correct to assume those are the forms your characters are the least interested in ?.

Imaginem is kind of the secondary form of Prometheus.

Hi, Bitter! Zero opposition, warm welcome instead. :smiley:

Feel free to do what you like with Aq or He as we're desperately short on skill in those Arts. Alternatively, anything easily abusable to keep the covenant finances/cost of living going will be appreciated :smiley:

I think the only thing truly off the cards is a Bjornaer with a bird heartbeast.

I posted the concept in the OOC : character discussion thread and deleted my post here.


Cautious sorcerer doesn't work on rituals right ?

I've seen that you (IonianD) made digger familliar from the player suggestion, is that the way to go ?


We've got a lab text for a ritual to create gold : that's legally 20 pounds per magus per year for a few years. That's 120-140 pound per year if we manage to get Terram or Creo virtus... That's as good as we can get.

IonianD, should Nicholas raven form have a score in Second Sight? Which one? Could it be raised somehow?

Hi all! Had a very hectic week and now am down with the Flu >< . Currently looking at posts I missed.


[tab][/tab] I do not see why not... though I do remember a similar virtue applying only to spells. Anyone else has an opinion on this?


[tab][/tab] I do not understand the question. If you want a familiar, suggest something and I'll review and respond back. The cost of the familiar will be deducted from the 'gift' your character is supposed to bring to his new covenant. Mind you, its a lot a work and the familiar will be an NPC.


[tab][/tab] Yes, he starts with SS at 0. Can be raised normally, but does not carry over to his normal form (I think you can find the way to raise beats stats in the Bjornaer section). Kissa has a higher SS trait. What do you mean ''which one?''

I meant "which score", so that is answered already. Thanks.

Get well soon.

Why? Think it should work even on magical skills (Second Sight, Comprehend Magic), but yes, undoubtedly for all Spontaneous, Formulaic, and Ritual spells.

Wanted to point out that the Second Sight virtue gives you a starting score of 1.

I hope you'll recover fast.

Forget the cautious sorcerer question, this is just me being dumb, I've read It again and It works on ritual.

You answered it :wink:

I'll make a few tweaks to the character, I'll probably drop the spirit familiar at creation, while it synergies well with cautious sorcerer and ritual, this seems like one of the later initiations in most cults I've seen. Also I'll probably drop the big spell and make it a gift... I don't see a good reason to learn it during apprenticeship, but this seems like something you could get to form a new covenant in case there's not enough laboratory space and could be a good first goal to learn and cast It.

edit : I made the change on my character thread.

Also is It plausible to have Terrae cult lore 1 but not being initiated to any virtues yet even if I'm formally in the Cult ? Meaning I know my pater is a member, I have a "contact" in the Theban tribunal and know basic stuff about the cult but will have to meet/negotiate/prove myself to my contact before I get my first initiation.

edit 2 : Gifts for the covenant :
Labtexts : something for BP 7; ReCo The leap of homecoming lvl35 BP 7 ; PeMe Loss of but a moment's memory lvl 15 BP 3
virtus corporem 15 pawns 3BP

Hmmm, yes you are right, its listed under Virtues not Qualities. I'll fix the character, thanks a bunch!

Yes you can be a member of a cult and not be initiated on the first mystery yet (That should make you a candidate or initiate I think)

Sorry had a very busy week. Will post more stuff tomorrow and finally get started on the new characters ><

Well I haven't posted anything on my character for a while, I've been exploring "builds" options lot, I'm probably going back to something similar to my first version with a few changes.

I'll post something this evening.


Edit done : see post 1 of my character thread (post 2 untouch for reference)

Happy holidays all! Merry Xmass.

Will be posting some stuff tomorrows, while I have a break time from...stuff. No pressure to response, its holidays after all.

Have fun and be well!