OOC: Table Talk

Food is never that good at any airport :laughing:
If you are ever in the Chi, look me up and I will show you where the good food is :wink:

You got me on the weather part. But as far as diverse culture and cuisine, perhaps she wasn't looking hard enough. I happen to live in a very diverse area. It is a heavy Indo-Paki neighboorhood, a few blocks down is a well established conservative Jewish neighboorhood (complete with Kosher delis, beef sausages, payots and cool hats). And every neighboorhood is a Mexican neighboorhood. Plus there is pizza and Italian beef joints, Vienna Beef hot dog joints, and much much more. Short trip on the L, and I can access bistros and restaurants featuring cuisine from the world over. Persian, French, Korean BBQ, Brazilian steakhouse, Greek, Polish, German, and ad infinitum.

Oh, did I mention pizza? The real Chicago style is a super thin crust, like a cracker. We did invent deep dish and pan, but the standard regular pizza here is thin. Not the bready puffy crust I encountered in SF.

Come to Chicago, I will take you on a foodie tour :wink:

I've been really busy and my computer is acting weird, getting too hot too quick (seems to be the power source cooler) so I haven't been able to keep track of everything - and character development threads are getting way too intense and long for me to say I can follow them with any degree of detail.

I'm thinking most of you are also not following all the character threads as they develop so carefully - which will, in the end, mean we'll have a lot of characters who are supposed to have a history together, but instead have several separate stories. I'm having a hard time imagining how that'll turn out... any ideas?

Say Deborah won an event in the Tribunal of XXXX, and I also write about winning it in my thread, and to complicate matters more Manoetius writes about how he arranged so that Carnacis lost and his ally in Covenant Zed won instead.

How do we handle that?

By refraining from making to large and OoH-shaking events?

I have limited myself to a sort of feud with a Tytalus and a Tremere at Tribunal, and slowly spread a network of like-minded magi to correspond with - nothing too much.

Caelarch, how are things going? Do let us now if the task is getting to big, you need assistance, you are taking a little holiday or something :smiley:

Sorry to all for my recent silence. I had two rather serious work emergencies this week that had more pulling around 20 hours a day. I've got it all back under control, so after a good long sleep I'll be ready to resume.

My thought on keeping things straight is to create a "timeline" for the covenant, starting with the oldest magi's first year there. That way, I can have a quick visual reference for everyone. If there is a dispute on one event, we can resolve it through negotiation. I'm getting anxious to get rolling in group play.

correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I've moderated/approved everyone's saga's so far (except Deborah, sorry I was working on yours when the crises hit). If there are still questions someone has about something, can they PM me, or post it "sum up" post in thier threads. I'll look at Deborah ASAP. Plus, I hope to post the full library's stats (if not fleshed out titles etc) by Sunday.

And teachers... I know you have a Magister for teaching Artes, Philosophae and Latin (Skills of 6 in each) with a Teacher of 5, but that is as far as I got on mundane teachers.

I haven't dropped out, I have just been super busy finding employment and starting a new job and submitting an article and all kinds of shit. I have aome time to work on Polyoppeties again. However, my phantom internet connection at home died, and I no longer have an office job. I need to break down and spend money on a real service. Give me a week or two to get that going. In the meantime, I will use the cyber-cafe or the library every few days to check in and stuff.

For my part, I have been trapped in the infuriating spiral of work that is pushed aside in favor of emergent issues, becoming itself urgent for being so long ignored. With luck we shall all forge ahead in the days and weeks oncoming and get the game back on track.

Don't worry, I am hanging in :wink:

Does anyone else in this saga use Metacreator? I know Marko does not. If a few of us do, then we could share some of the Covenant/character input tasks. Caerlach has given us plenty of books for the library and with the five of us writing it could grow tremendously over the next 40 years before game start.

No Metacreator here, and no time IRL as of late either!

Looks like everyone is having significant real life interference. I myself am beyond swamped at the moment. Let's set the game aside for a few more days. I expect to be back by November 10. Let me know if that much time will give you a chance to get back into the game?

November 10 should be fine by me, although I'll have tests and papers to grade starting to pile up on the 16th.

I know it's A LOT of work, and that everybody has been busy (myself included) but let's try not to let this one fall? I mean, everyone was so excited, and it has so much potential! :smiley:


Let's call this one dead.



Guess so.

I too am sad to call this one quits. I had continued to develope my character, but wihtout feedback and knowing how much I could make up concerning past adventures, I found myself at a standstill.

From the beginning, this project was difficult. Aging PCs forty years together in a convenant requires fairly even development among all the PCs so that interaction can be considered and the PCs would know in character their soldales.

In the end, it would have been a very strange covenant and the possible adventures with such divergent elder PCs would have been stranger.

Good luck to the rest of you. Let me kow if any othe new on-line efforts are begun.

My deepest apologies to everyone.

I really wanted to keep this game alive. I was excited, filled with ideas for what would befall this interesting group of PCs. Unfortunately, offline life got out of control, and I was just unable to visit the forums. Worse, I had fairly strict ideas about how the covenant/characters should be developed and there was simply no time to manage the PbP while playing in an offline game and juggling work and life. Now things have settled down, but I am worried that too much time has passed to revitalize the game.

However, if there is still interest, my thought would be to open up character creation. Some experiences in my offline game have given me a new appreciation of getting out of the way of the characters. Plus, I simply can't manage to "review" everything the players want to do with their characters over 40 years. If people are still interested, let's discuss getting back on track. If too much time has passed, then I hope that the process of visualizing your characters inspired some new and cool ideas to take to your next game. I know that the process of thinking about this covenant gave me great pleasure and great ideas.

Thank you, my sodales.

I have myself suffered a depression this fall and winter, but am battling now and attending a psychologist - giving me more focus and energy.

I would like to continue!

An easy way to deal with character creation is dealing out 30-40 xp every year, demand regular travels,writings, donations etc.