Pirate stats?

Help everyone. I am looking for stats for pirates, particularly North African pirates that might be based out of Tunis, Tripoli, or elsewhere on the Barbary Coast.

I have Through the Aegis with its stats for sailors of the North Sea. But if there are more appropriate pirate stats I’d love to use them.

Thank you!

I used the forum search function. I do that a lot because this forum is a treasure trove.


Probably not "more appropriate", but the Eustace the Monk chapter in Tales of Power has normal human pirates as well as various demon pirates.

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Do you have Between Sand and Sea? I seem to recall being in a similar situation and finding a stat block there.

I do! But I didn’t find any pirate stats. I’d be happy to be wrong!

Alas, I appear to be wrong. I may have generated pirates using the Grogs supplement.