Quality book

What art should the book we have as a boon belong to?

  • Aquum - this fits narratively with the nymph and the founder coming from the Aegean covenant
  • Aurum- allows resonance with the mountain air and altitude
  • Mentem- resonates with the school, also weakest art for the covenant as a whole
  • Terram- resonates with the mountain
  • Vim- no real reason, but it has been suggested

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The high quality book is assumed to have been written according to the optional rules in covenants, namely it has a quality which includes the standard +1 for being professionally scribed, illustrated, and bound. It is level 22 and quality 13.

Only those 4 choices, none of which are Vim (which has been discussed in the other thread)?

All such good choices. :slight_smile:

The support for vim seemed to be entirely driven by the mistaken belief that it was somehow universal, which did not apply to books...

What, no techniques? :laughing:

Nobody brought up techniques in the main discussion thread, so I didn't include them on the poll.

one more day to vote.