RIP: Apollodorus of Jerbiton/Xenophon of Tremere

That's okay, it hasn't been mentioned in-game yet. Near as I can tell, only Deykin and Thera saw him fall, and Deykin's the only one who checked on him. When the battle's over, we can do the autopsy. But with an 8 Parma, 30 Corpus, 9 Herbam, and 19 Terram, I'd be surprised if magic had anything to do with it. Although he has no Quickness and no Brawl, which means he sucked at dodging, so it could have been one of those fling attacks we were talking about with Ulrich. Hmmmm.

Time to call in Colombo ex Guernicus, methinks.


"As you wish."
Just one more thing.... /

Library of Apollodorus
The Black Rot Within, House Guernicus Lore, L5Q12
The Complete Order, Order of Hermes Lore, L5Q10
The Cancer that is Guernicus, House Guernicus Lore, Q12 (Commentary on The Black Rot Within: Details how House Guernicus engineered most of the problems of the Order. There is significant circumstantial evidence here, and it is compelling.)
Lies, Damn Lies and Procedures, House Guernicus Lore, Q12) (Commentary on The Black Rot Within: Topic of The Duresca Scrolls)
Secrets of Hidden Rituals, House Guernicus Lore, Q12 (Commentary on the Black Rot Within: Topic of Fenicil's rituals)
A Portal of Singular Direction ReTe80
R: Arc, D: Year, T: Ind, Rutal
As Hermes Portal but goes in only one direction, and therefore does not require the timing of two portals to be coordinated, and can be affected by a single magus.

Aegis of the Soldier's Hearth ReVi 50, 40, ReVi 30, ReVi 25
R:Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle
As Aegis of the Hearth, final effectiveness is determined by subtracting modifications for range and touch, in this case 3 magnitudes, for a final effectiveness equivalent to an Aegis 35.There are notes that recommend this spell, or similar spells be cast by junior magi and they invite senior magi into the Aegis, because spells over 6 total magnitudes do inflict warping, unlike Aegis of the Hearth.

There are apparently three texts for rituals that appear to follow the pattern of Characteristics of the Heroes. (Mental) Characteristics of the Self CrMe55, and are a R: Self, but otherwise identical to the spell outlined in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, Presence is the missing text. While the description on the text appears straightforward, the instructions make no sense according to Magic Theory. This texts appear to be flawed or incomplete, despite the title. (Need to unlock this Achievement, in other words)

There is another text that is unlike any Hermetic spell.... It's reasonable to presume it is the ritual of the specialized ward protecting Apollodorus's lab. Consider this another achievement to unlock.

Other texts exist, including several other tractatus and one summa each on Philosophae and Artes Liberales, L5Q10.

Pretty bitchin' 8)
Are all of these in Ancient Greek? Including the Lab Texts?

Darn tootin'

I may be mistaken, but Aegis of the Hearth was a Major Breaktrhough and cannot be designed with alternate parameters (R/D/T & size). They are set in stone and would require another breakthrough to invent a similar spell with different parameters. The only thing that is really variable is the power (general level).


Short and sweet answer :smiley:
I was just thinking that these may very well indeed be Major Breakthrough spells. The guy had the stats to pull it off.
So these texts are in the covenant's posession? We need to get these copied! There could be big money in this if we find a lab rat interested in continuing this research.

Just learn ancient Greek and have at it :smiley:

We need to figure out what level of AoH we can cast. Jacques could cast a mag10. Has to learn it first

Sometimes I introduce things in another thread. It's reasonable that Roberto has no idea that this stuff exists and doesn't until someone mentions it... Her thread ended with the disclosure of some brand new information. It perhaps created the impetus for the magi to finally learn Greek.

Start reading from this point.

Oh, forgot the totally obvious one, of course in Greek.
The Leap of Mass Homecoming ReCo50
R:T, D:Mom, T:Group
Base 35
As the text in the 5th Edition Text.
There is a notation that any people with you in the lab while learning this spell count as having the effect designed for them.

Isen is positively drooling when he learns about this.

That, and he'll need to learn the mass leap. He doesn't like it, but it's too usefull for the covenant for him to pass over.

Of course, he needs to learn Greek, or someone else needs to learn those spells, and then translate their own lab texts into a readable format.
These lab texts are translated lab texts, they are not in Apollodorus's shorthand, unless I have noted that the text needs to be figured out. But those are more than just shorthand, too.

In Magi Planner, i have Jacques learning Aegis of the Soldier's Hearth. This comes after he has Greek 4 and after Korvin has cataloged what is in the documents.

We may have to have a discussion about these lab texts being translated to Latin for the moment. As with the others, Learning the Greek is a hurtle that someone else would have to overcome as well. They will eventually come out but is it worth delaying?

Jacques could give his lab text for the spell over to someone else and that individual could translate it. Or he could spend time translating lab texts. Whatever happens is a discussion for the players. But there are certain mechanics that need to be observed here...

i understand. I'm just bring it up to start the discussion...which is better in another thread.

It can happen here, as far as I care. It can happen elsewhere, too. It's not like there's a whole lot to put in here... :smiley:

By 1227, he will have. This is for later use :smiley: