Spring 1290 journey to Europe

"We crossed the Mediterranean to find out he was dead, and our leads are dead. Anyone has a smart idea, or shall we go home and get back to our labs? I'm tired of this."

Aban interjects to confirm something before the door closes:

"Do you means the holy man would have been executed, had the inquisition caught them, or that he was?"

Aban taps his nose, then points at Guilliam.

"You know, the easiest way to get rid of us would be to point us in another direction. Just assume we want to smite the ilk of this holy man for stealing into the clutches of debauchery the pristine and pure cousin of our good missus, here. That is something good Christians would do, surely? So: have you heard of any place where the likes of this holy man congregate? Any last hold-out weathering the blows of the sword of Christ? Tell us where such a place is, and we will be gone in an instant."

"He was bodily handed over to the inquisition. I do not know if they executed him, if he remains in prison or if he repented and was released with a branding. You can ask the inquisitor if you are so bold."

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Shaking his head, Plasmatoris sighs. "I think whether or not he's being honest, our current best lead is following the young lady's cousin to seek new potential leads."

"How would you do this? She left a year ago. Any arcane connection here is probably expired. She could be roaming the streets of Paris, but she could be anywhere really.." he turns to their companion. "Unless you have an idea where your cousin might have gone?"

She shakes her head wistfully. "she might have sought shelter with others of the order, but I'm not sure where they would be in Paris. I know she said something about the sign of the goat and eels, but beyond that." She shrugs.

"Goat and eel? Could that be an Inn? Tastheus, Atys, both of you are from the Tribunal of Normandy, aren't you?" Aetherius unconsciously refers to the old tribunal's name. "Do either of you have an idea?"

Does Tastheus would have an idea or an idea where I could have some information ? Maybe roll a lore...

It would be an Int+artes liberales roll of 15+ or an organization lore (Cahars)+ Int roll of 9+. Ays, Tastheus and Plasmatorius all failed the roll (using artes Liberales)