Spring 1290 journey to Europe

The young man looks you over and raises an eyebrow in consideration, saying to the boy in arabic "You cannot always rely on appearance.", returns your nod and asks in Latin "Might I see your voting sigil?"

Aetherius will show him the voting sigil.

He looks it over and nods, then get's a crate out for Aetherius that includes covenant main for the last year along with 12 mythic pounds in gold. He turns to the child and says "Whether it is aetherius or his agent, if they have the sigil they get the package."

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"Thank you. I'm also looking for assistance to locate a former covenfolk. He's a Cathar, whom we believe to have left for southern France through Cairo. We're not too sure if you may have records of his visit here or leads on which ship he may have taken?" Aetherius will give the name, a physical description and the approximate timeframe he was expected to be in Cairo. He pays attention to whether names are exchanged, to remember them for the current and future visits.

This conversation, as it continues, is only of passing interest to the youthened Plasmatoris. The real treasure here is Cairo itself. The big city has so many things to catch his attention - but the Jerbiton is not interested in the usual things that people study when they come to a new city. PLasmatoris's unique interests have him focusing on the architecture, the patterns of the fabric, the designs on the pottery and the walls. The way the light flows across the hue of the structures and creates a truly unique sight, offset by the way the shadows of people dance on the walls -

Every few minutes - he assumes its a few minutes - Plasmatoris catches himself and returns his attention to , as well as the other members of his little adventuring band, the explorers who cannot remember the world, and to whom everything is new and fantastical.

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Tastheus stays with Aetherius to be sure that the situation is under control. He looks and stays attentive to each details he can take. Names, places, figures... Trying to learn all things he can to help future visite. Tastheus wants to learn anything, hoping regain some part of his old memories or, at least, creates this again.

"If they came through here they would have taken the ship to Malta. If you knew his name I could look and see if we have any records, but we don't keep track of travelers place of origin or religion."

Aetherius will give him the cathar's name. "I would appreciate if you could look."

"This could take some time, I will have it looked into." He returns to the back and begins shouting orders in Arabic.

"That's fine. Thanks for your help." As he returns to the back, Aetherius turns to the kid. "My companions and I will go in town to eat. We'll be back, young one."

He returns to the grog who speaks Arabic. "We have some funds. Can you help us find a good place to eat with some privacy?"

The man nods, and begins to wander the streets nearby until he smells something cooking which he follows to a restaurant, and asks about a dining room for the group and negotiates a price for the room and lunch.

Aetherius enjoys lunch with the grog and his fellow magi. He distributes the correspondences for the magi who are part of the trip, keeping those for the magi at the covenant.

"So we have funds if we need to go in town." For those who didn't enter, he adds "the redcaps are looking to see if they have tracks of our Perfecti. If they don't, they suggest the regular route for someone leaving Cairo towards Provence would be to sail to Malta first."

He eats between sentences.

"So I'll need to go back later to see if they found anything. Meanwhile, I'm thinking to go in town, visit a guild I've heard of, and make some contacts. Anyone else has ideas we should look into while we're here?"

Plasmatoris will definitely follow the group to lunch and slowly eat, enjoying the flavors. "Mm. Although I do have spells to enhance or alter the flavors of food and drink.. I find it surprisingly satisfying to just have the food as is, to taste the skill and artisanship in crafting a meal..." the magus says off-handedly. Then he tilts his head, blinking towards Aetherius.
"I'm sorry, I'm getting distracted again. Mm." The Jerbiton pauses his slow, casual eating to sip from wine and studies the other magi before answering. "As far as ways to get information, I don't think the other Plasmatoris had any real contacts in the area. He seemed to be a bit of a... focused individual. I admit I wouldn't think to get any contacts outside of material suppliers. It was never a personal interest, though it is something my House focuses on. Could the Redcaps provide information on places we could gather such information? I doubt it because the Redcaps likely are the best source of knowledge.. perhaps there are Mercere who have travelled to Provence recently and can give us information on the situation there?" He'll take another sip of the wine and, with a sigh, casts a spell to alter the flavor of the wine to something more pleasing, though he doesn't cast any spells on the food.

Tastheus started to look for his correspondance given by Aetherius. Maybe these letters will have important informations for the next stage, or maybe for what they did before their "accident".

"We need to have more information, and ideally a contact where to go, in Malta like in Provence. Do we know if there is a covenant here or not to far ? We searched about primer and other basic summae, isn't ? Maybe other magi would have some informations about this part of world, about change in these previous years,..."

Tastheus has correspondance with the primus of Guernicus, in Itally, and a son in Lothringia, and a daughter in the French Tribunal in what used to be Normandy, but none in Malta. The only one who has anything for Malta is Plasmatorius, who simply has a hand written address that looks to be about 100 years old.

Aetherius will also look up to see what the most recent correspondences he's received are about.

Oh.. Interesting.. Plasmatoris will definitely take note of that, and will take a bit of time to check any other correspondence. While he doesn't have high expectations of finding anything worthwhile, Plasmatoris would feel remiss on his duties if he doesn't look for clues as to the current situation, any coming problems coming, or any helpful potentials in the future.

He finds he has similar addresses, and nothing else, for areas of the Levant, In Greece, Itally, Cairo, and Alexandria.

Is there any sign as to what these addresses are for? Names, notes of transaction? Or did I just apparently have the Redcaps hold on to a bunch of old note-papers for me?

Each of them is referenced by a single word descriptor- for example the address in Malta is referred to with "chariot".