Spring 1290 journey to Europe

Aban's expression stays cordial, and he nods.

"Long-term thinking. We need more of that. The Order's enemies that must be dealt with patiently but decisively."

Flambeauesque. I can work with that.

He answers Atys' barrage of questions without missing a beat or displaying any irritation at having to reintroduce himself.

"I am Aban the redcap. I do not know the details, but I believe you are correct in outline. It is a fairly substantial covenant of senior magi and numerous covenfolk. Many of their redcap duties have been handled by a magus by the name of Aetherius, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting. As for strife... I am no expert, but I believe it often occurs when people from different backgrounds come together."

He coughs quietly.

"Speaking of which, how have you found Cairo thus far? Are the locals treating you well?"

(@Bartomeus , @temprobe , @Lothindil , you may arrive at the Mercer house whenever you'd like.)

Atys realizes that he accidentally made the man re-introduce himself, but ultimately decides that he does not care.

"The locals treat me well enough. So long as I make it worth their while. I guess that is expected. Is the expedition from Al Kufra returning there soon?"

Aetherius has a short discussion with the cousin. (OOC: Keeping the meeting offscreen per my discussion with Bartomeus as I feel it's not necessarily worth it to get bogged in the numbers in character. GM should feel free to weigh in since he's been handling the finance stuff so far. Aetherius will probably advance 5 MP in gold which may be enough or not enough depending on whether an entire season or search or more is needed, with the possibility to borrow additional funds for a second season from the House of the Bear if necessary. My guesstimate is a group like Khufu would probably have an upkeep of 27 MP per year based on 1 companion, 12 men with camels. GM should feel free to weigh in on how long Khufu feels he needs to make the search for a proper site and reasonable expenses the cousin believes need to be covered for the group's operation.)

After the conversation with the cousin ironing out basic details, Aetherius will invite Khufu to the House of the Bear so he knows who to contact if he needs funds during the summer and he's not arround.

Not a zealot Christian. Good.

"I am not privy to their plans. Perhaps there is more to it than picking up the mail, though? Magi such as Aetherius do not brave the desert for trifles, I should think."

He pauses.

"By what means did you arrive yourself? Do you have some way of crossing the desert?"

"Our first adventure together," chuckles Khufu as he stands to join Master Aetherius. One of his band, an Arab, follows them as they leave the lodgings.

Aetherius enters the House of the Bear, with Khufu and the grog translator. (OOC: I'll let @Lothindil Lothindil and @raccoonmask decide if they enter at this time since Aetherius has been mostly handling the redcap contacts)

He goes to the counter, showing his sigil once a redcap shows up. "I'd like the House of the bear to handle certain payments for me to this individual while I'm not in town." he points to Khufu. "By borrowing if necessary, should my local assets not fully cover the amount. Could you assist with drafting the necessary document?"

The boy on duty rings a bell and a scribe shows up to assist with the required paperwork.

Plasmatoris is generally staying by the grog translator whenever possible, and studying the local architecture. He'll occasionally grumble about not having a good place to study, no recording tools, no way to preserve his notes outside his own mind. Still, if he is allowed to follow the group into the House of the Bear, the Jerbiton will just wander his way in behind him to examine the art and architecture from inside.

"I have taken many different means of travel to get here. I do not yet have a way to cross the desert, but I cannot imagine that I am the only one who has tried it. But if members of the covenant are here in Cairo, I will ask them."

Aetherius will dictate the details to the scribe: the letter is valid until the beginning of the Fall and with a set amount limit based on the discussion with the cousin. Once the document is ready, he'll ask them to explain to Khufu how it works if he comes to withdraw funds.