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According to RAW, quite so.

I did ask about that before I really got into crunching numbers for the concept and that was my answer. So basically my take on the character is that he is just about as metaphysically 'evil' as you can get, and not be infernal. i.e. is a rotten bastard in the view of the church and, well, probably quite a few other people but he isn't in hell's legions as it were.

Now I will grant that answer was given before Marko let me know he didn't have the infernal book, so it may have just been his gut feeling ( and done without knowing the RAW ) and not meant as house ruling a ruling that I could have those skills aligned with the magic realm in contradiction with the RAW... which was what I took it as at the time. After I knew he didn't have the book it didn't occur to me to go back and requestion this, which perhaps I should have.

Marko, if that was a misperception on my part... have no qualms about correcting me. And if any of my fellow troupe members are iffy on the idea, I welcome discussion.

And before it comes up... I do have a personal dislike that all of goetia is labelled as having an infernal taint. I like the writeup for it otherwise very much... but making it inherently infernal I find rather distasteful. In paradigm in some ways, but distasteful. But to me ... if you follow a given type of logic in that 'people believe it was demon worshiping, therefore it is.' ... that doesn't leave much room for any 'magic realm' types. So my take on it is that it has a very bad reputation, is hated/hunted by the church, and can be diabolism if you use it to deal with demons... but... isn't inherently infernal. But hey... that is just my take. I gather there are quite a few differing opinions.

Oh, and another thought...

If Tytalus was a practicing Summoner / Goetist, as described in Societates, that would make him an infernalist/diabolist by default the way the rules are written. Some of you may be comfortable with that... but I for one find it a hard pill to swallow and think someone who practiced obviously infermal magic would never have been accepted by Trianoma / Bonisagus.

The basic concept of the character is someone who follows the original magical teachings and lineage of Tytalus the founder, in a very devout and serious way. I think that should be possible without being an infernalist?

Again... I easily and willingly bow the will of the troupe. Just let me know how you guys feel on things. The character as written is at once both highly focused and rather powerful in his narrow focus... so... I think he could have a niche, but not be 'too' powerful depending on how I play I suppose.


I'm working up a revised accounting sheet and character sheet, which will include that. But I'm waiting until I finish both of them before posting them for review by the troupe.

As far as your question to the troupe above, I personally hold to the philosophy "evil is as evil does". In otherwords their are no absolutes such that Geotic Arts can be evil (i.e. malicious or nasty) without necessarily being demonic.

After all, even the wilderness itself can be savage and cruel without being infernal. "Evil" in a religious sense is mostly dependent upon the perspective of those who suffer effects that they perceive themselves as undeserving. One could just as easily call many actions of God "evil" even if he/she/it considers them holy and justified. It's all relative and ultimately amoral in my opinion.

There is a difference between amorality and immorality. Your example that nature can be cruel and savage does not hold to immorality. Nature is not a "sentient" thing. Animals don't understand the difference between what is considered right or wrong. As such it is amoral.

Immorality is doing something wrong or evil when one knows it to be but does it anyway.

I'm feeling like playing the wise guy.

Immoral is always linked to the beliefs of a certain society whereas unethical is about right or wrong in general.

Why am I writing this? To show the pointlessness of my own argument.

There are philosophers who would agree with that statement, but there are others who wouldn't.


I think the point that was made, sort of, which I tend to agree with is that 'evil' does not necessarily equal infernal... as there are a wide variety of 'evil' things mythic europe that are faerie or even magical. ( I've seen the divine portrayed as an oppressive force by some SGs as well, but that is besides the point. ) Also a point was made about the relative nature of evil... which I may agree with in certain contexts... but may or may not apply to the troupe's interpretation of mythic europe.

Infernal means, to me, a force of entropy and destruction and in league, knowingly or not, with the other forces of christian hell.

I just don't see the goetia that way, though perhaps I am biased. I view it as a relatively advanced/competent magical tradition based around spiritual magic of all kinds. Well able to synergize to hermetic tech/forms... which to me means more advanced than typical hedge wizardry. The key point to me there is that with it being able to be used ( including commanding/binding/ablating ) without ever having to have a demon involved at all... then it isn't necessarily a set of powers that implies diabolism aside from the RAW assumption that the powers are inherently infernal. I'd be in favor of allowing them to be of any realm... infernal and magic obviously, divine I could see for a devout holy magic type who dealt with angels, and potentially even faerie for the right concept.

Chthonic magic I see as you are 'evil enough' or perhaps simply in tune with 'energies/forces of darkness' that infernal magic/auras are open to you. But in the same light doesn't make you aligned with the infernal realm. There is a difference.

But again... I'll await a group consensus before I work on the concept much more. Easily this is something which touches on the greater under/over-tones of the game and I'll bow to the group's preference in that area.

I am well aware of the distinction between amorality and immorality, Xavi, but the point I was making was that immorality is not an absolute concept. Many ancient religions believed in the rightness of acts and behaviours which other religions would call immoral or "evil" (take the schism war arguments for example).

By the same token, note how even self-professed Christians believed in the rightness of subjecting people to slavery, especially in the Ars Era (right up to more modern eras), simply because Christ himself never made any specific injunction against it. Yet the same God punished the Egyptians for holding the Israelites captive as if it were patently evil. So even the Dominion is fraught with mixed messages and wholly relativistic notions of good and evil.

Thus I see no reason why the RAW should be accepted as absolute regarding Goetic (or even Cthonic) powers. These are merely the spirits of the underworld/dead/etc, from mythical literature, many of whom might have been brutal and cruel but not absolutely evil or demonic.

Always forget this...

Me Tooooo!!!! T-T I really, really love these :smiley:
I hope they'll have a similar (although probably less powerfull) non-infernal write-up for this in later books, although we already have the sahir abilities, but this is very different.
If it were non-infernal, I'd done one long ago :wink:

Summoning can be non-infernal. That's why I took it for Ardath, but not the others :wink:

RoP: tI p115, "Summoning and other realms":
The Art of Summoning is not nescessarily an infernal power (though Ablating, Binding and Commanding always are)

IMO, you should still go with the character, but could either be oblivious as to your power's nature, or trying to hide it. This might make very interesting stories. Maybe you come from a tainted tytalus lineage that survived the cleansing on the house?

Shouldn't have put my book away.
IIRC, this is is veeeery large, working on demons, magical spirits... everything save angels. And even this, I'm not sure.

So does that mean your vote is that they remain infernally tainted for the purposes of this saga, or no? :wink:

Your answer is mixed... so I'm feel the need to ask for more clarity.

Slightly Revised accounting:

Early Childhood ( 45 / 45 xp )

Italian ( Prose ): 5 ( 0xp )

Athletics ( Climbing ): 1 ( 5xp )
Stealth ( Urban ): 1 ( 5xp )
Awareness ( Searching ): 1 ( 5xp )

Charm ( Dissembling ): 2 ( 15xp )
Guile ( Fast-Talk ): 2 ( 15xp )

Further Childhood, Seven Years ( 100 / 100xp )

+25xp to Italian, +30xp to Leadership, +15xp to Area Lore: Venice, +10xp to Awareness, +15xp to Etiquette, +5xp to Brawling

Further Childhood Adjusted: Italian ( Prose ): 6 ( Native+25xp ), Charm ( Dissembling ): 3 ( 30xp ), Guile ( Fast-Talk ): 3 ( 30xp ), Awareness ( Searching ): 2 ( 15xp ), Arabic ( Comprehension ): 2 ( 15xp ), French ( Orders ): 2 ( 15xp ), Brawling ( Grappling ): 1 ( 5xp )

Apprenticeship ( 240 / 240xp - / 120 spells )

Latin ( Class ): 4 ( 50xp )

Artes Liberales ( Ritual/Ceremonial Magic ):1 ( 5xp )

Philosophiae ( Ritual/Ceremonial Magic ):1 ( 5xp )

Magic Theory ( Spirits ):3 ( 30xp )

Parma Magica ( Spirits ):1 ( 5xp )

Profession: Scribe ( Copying ): 1 ( 5xp )

Concentration ( Spirits?/Goetia? ): 1 ( 5xp )

Penetration ( Spirits ): 1 ( 5xp )

Mystery Lore: Titanoi ( History ): 1 ( 5xp )

Magic Lore ( Spirits ): 1 ( 5xp ) (Lore: 20xp total, +10(15)xp total to Vim)

Faerie Lore ( Spirits ): 1 ( 5xp )

Infernal Lore ( Demons ): 1 ( 5xp )

Dominion Lore ( Angels ): 1 ( 5xp )

Rego: 12 ( 55xp + 28: 83xp)

Vim: 12 ( 50xp + 25 + 15: 90xp)

Post Apprenticeship 20 years ( 4 unalloted seasons, 4 potential additional flaws. )

1st Year: ( 30 / 40xp ) ( Adventure: Single Weapon +5xp, Study Magic Lore +10xp (+5(8) to Vim), Study Mentem +15xp, Study Artes Liberales +10xp)

1st Year Adjusted: Vim: 13 ( 98xp ), Single Weapon ( Short Sword ): 1 ( 5xp ), Magic Lore ( Spirits ): 2 ( 15xp ), Mentem: 5 ( 15xp ), Artes Liberales: 2 ( 15xp)

2nd Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Adventure: Bargain ( Spirits ) +5xp, Initiate Summoning / Enemies: Sahirs, Study Summoning +15xp (+8(12)xp to Rego), Study Faerie Lore +10xp (+5(8)xp to Vim))

2nd Year Adjusted: Bargain ( Spirits ): 1 ( 5xp ), Summoning: 5 ( 15xp ), Rego: 13 ( 95xp ), Faerie Lore ( Spirits ): 2 ( 15xp ), Vim: 14 ( 106xp )

3rd Year: ( 40 / 40xp ) ( Adventure: Bargain ( Spirits ) +5xp, Study Infernal Lore +10xp (+5(8) to Vim), Study Ignem +15xp, Study Philosphiae + 10xp )

3rd Year Adjusted: Bargain ( Spirits): 1 ( 10xp ), Vim: 14 ( 114xp ), Infernal Lore ( Demons ): 2 ( 15xp ), Ignem: 5 ( 15xp), Philosphiae 2 ( 15xp )

4th Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Commanding / Hermetic Patron: Titanoi, Study Commanding +10xp (+5(8) to Rego), Study Dominion Lore +10xp (+5(8) to Vim), Study Commanding +10xp (+5(8) to Rego)

4th Year Adjusted: Commanding: 5 ( 20xp ), Rego: 14 ( 111xp ), Dominion Lore ( Angels ): 2 ( 15xp ), Vim: 15 ( 122xp )

5th Year: ( 40 / 40xp ) ( Study Summoning +15xp (+8(12) to Rego), Study Commanding +10xp (+5(8) to Rego), Adventure: Bargain ( Spirits ) +5xp, Study Concentration +10xp

5th Year Adjusted: Summoning 7 ( 30xp ), Rego 15 ( 131xp ), Commanding 7 ( 30xp ), Bargain ( Spirits ): 2 ( 15xp ), Concentration ( ? ): 2 ( 15xp )

-6th Year: ( 15 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Cautious Sorcerer / ? , Study Concentration ( ? ) +10xp, Adventure: Stealth ( Urban ) +5xp )

6th Year Adjusted: Concentration ( ? ): 2 ( 25xp ), Stealth ( Urban ): 1 ( 10xp )

-7th Year: ( 25 / 40xp ) ( Adventure: Single Weapon ( Short Sword ) +5xp, Study Concentration ( ? ) +10, Train Stealth ( Urban ) +10xp)

7th Year Adjusted: Single Weapon ( Short Sword ): 1 ( 10xp ), Concentration ( ? ): 3 ( 35xp ), Stealth ( Urban ): 2 ( 20xp )

8th Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Flawless Magic / Proud upgraded to major, Study Summmoning +15xp(+8(12) to Rego), Adventure: Concentration ( ? ) +5xp, Train Stealth ( Urban ) + 10xp )

8th Year Adjusted: Summoning: 9 ( 45xp ), Rego: 16 ( 143xp ), Concentration ( ? ): 3 ( 40xp ), Stealth ( Urban ): 3 ( 30xp )

9th Year: ( 40 / 40xp ) ( Study Summoning +15xp(+8(12) to Rego), Study Concentration ( ? ) +10xp, Adventure: Bargain ( Spirits ) +5xp, Study Parma Magica +10xp)

9th Year Adjusted: Summoning: 10 ( 60xp ), Rego: 17 ( 155xp ), Concentration ( ? ): 4 ( 50xp ), Bargain ( Spirits ): 2 ( 20xp ), Parma Magica ( Spirits ): 2 ( 15xp )

10th Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Puissant Rego / ? , Study Summoning +15xp(+8(12) to Rego), Train Bargain ( Spirits ) +10xp, Adventure: Parma Magica ( Spirits ) +5xp

10th Year Adjusted: Summoning: 11 ( 75xp ), Rego: 18 ( 177xp ), Bargain ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp ), Parma Magica ( Spirits ): 2 ( 20xp )

11th Year: ( 40 / 40xp ) ( Study Summoning +15xp (+8(12) to Rego ), Study Commanding +10xp(5(8) to Rego), Adventure: Parma Magica ( Spirits ) +5xp, Study Magic Lore ( Spirits ) +10xp(+5(8) to Vim)

11th Year Adjusted: Summoning: 12 ( 90xp ), Rego: 19 ( 197xp ), Commanding: 8 ( 40xp ), Parma Magica ( Spirits ): 2 ( 25xp ), Magic Lore ( Spirits ): 2 ( 25xp ), Vim: 15 ( 130xp )

12th Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Leadworker / Seeker, Study Summoning +15xp(+8(12) to Rego), Study Commanding +10xp(+5(8) to Rego), Adventure: Parma Magica ( Spirits ) +5xp )

12th Year Adjusted: Summoning: 14 ( 105xp ), Commanding: 9 ( 50xp ), Rego: 20 ( 217xp ), Parma Magica ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )

13th Year: ( 40 / 40xp ) ( Study Summoning +15xp(+8(12) to Rego ), Study Commanding +10xp(+5(8) to Rego ), Adventure: Magic Lore ( Spirits ) +5xp(+3(5) to Vim), Study Mystery Lore: Titanoi ( History ) +10xp )

13th Year Adjusted: Summoning: 15 ( 120xp ), Commanding: 10 ( 60xp ), Rego: 21 ( 237xp ), Magic Lore ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp ), Vim: 15 ( 135xp )

14th Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Puissant Vim / ? , Study Mystery Lore: Titanoi ( History ) +15xp, Train Intrigue +10xp, Adventure: Intrigue +5xp

14th Year Adjusted: Mystery Lore: Titanoi ( History ): 3 ( 30xp ), Intrigue ( Hermetic ): 2 ( 15xp )

-15th Year: ( 15 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Chthonic Magic / Upgrade Wrath to Major, Study Infernal Lore +10xp(+5(8) to Vim), Adventure: Penetration +5xp )

15th Year Adjusted: Chthonic Magic 1, Vim: 16 ( 143xp), Infernal Lore ( Demons ): 2 ( 25xp ), Penetration ( Spirits ): 1 ( 10xp ),

16th Year: ( 30 / 30xp ) ( Initiate Binding / ? , Study Binding +15xp(+8(12) to Rego), Study Penetration +10xp, Adventure: Penetration +5xp )

16th Year Adjusted: Binding: 5 ( 15xp ), Rego: 21 ( 249xp ), Penetration ( Spirits ): 2 ( 25xp )

17th Year: ( 40 / 40xp )( Train Second Sight +10xp, Adventure: Penetration +5xp, Study Faerie Lore +10xp(+5(8) to Vim, Study Latin +15xp )

17th Year Adjusted: Vim: 16 ( 151xp ), Second Sight ( Spirits ): 2 ( 15xp ), Penetration ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp ), Faerie Lore ( Spirits ): 2 ( 25xp ), Latin ( Prose ): 4 ( 65xp )

18th Year: ( 40 / 40xp) ( Study Dominion Lore +15xp(+8(12) to Vim), Adventure: Infernal Lore + 5xp (+3(5) to Vim), Adventure: Faerie Lore ( Spirits ) + 5xp(+3(5) to Vim), Study Second Sight +15xp )

18th Year Adjusted: Vim: 18 ( 174xp ), Dominion Lore ( Angels ): 3 ( 30xp ), Infernal Lore ( Demons ): 3 ( 30xp ), Faerie Lore ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp ), Second Sight ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )

-19th Year: ( 25 / 40xp ) ( Adventure: Finesse ( Rego ) +5xp, Study Order of Hermes Lore +10xp, Study Latin +10xp )

19th Year Adjusted: Finesse ( Rego ): 1 ( 5xp ), Lore: Order of Hermes ( History ): 1 ( 10xp ), Latin ( Prose ): 5 ( 75xp )

20th Year: ( 40 / 40xp ) ( Study Finesse ( Rego ) + 10xp, Study Latin +10xp, Study Latin +10, Study Latin +10 )

20th Year Adjusted: Finesse ( Rego ): 2 ( 15xp ), Latin ( Prose ): 6 ( 105xp )

Revised Character Sheet, for approval. ( Assuming my aligning this character's goetia with the magic realm is 'ok'. ) Still need to discuss some things with our illustrious GM, but for most part this is pretty fixed barring issues arising. I'ved decided I'll go with the goetia either way our discussion goes. So if the group allows the magic alignment, I'll do that. Otherwise I'll still go with them as infernal.

Saga: Light of Andorra
Setting: Mythic Europe
Current Year: ?
House: Tytalus
Age: 45
Size: +1
Confidence: 2 / ( 5 )

Birth Name: Ludovico Rudolfo Fosari
Year Born:
Race/Nationality: Italian
Place of Origin: Venice
Religion: Quasi-Roman Paganism
Title/Profession: Magus
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Handedness: Right

Sigil: Unyielding/Overbearing Dominance
Covenant: Andorra
Domus Magna: Fudarus
Primus: Harpax
Parens: Mercatora
Covenant of Apprenticeship: Rellantali

Intelligence: +2 (3)
Perception: +1 (1)
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Presence: +1 (1)
Communication: +1 (1)
Dexterity: +1 (1)
Quickness: 0

Virtues: Self Confident ( House ), Major Magical Focus ( Spirits ), Hermetic Sorcery ( Major ), Second Sight( Minor ), Free Expression ( Minor ), Affinity ( Rego ) ( Minor ), Affinity ( Vim )( Minor ), The Gift, Hermetic Magus

Flaws: Incomprehensible (Minor), Proud (Major), Wrathful (Major), Infamous Master (Lineage of Tasgillia)(Minor), Cabal Legacy (Titanoi)(Minor), Pagan ( Major ), Enemies: Sahirs ( Major ), Hermetic Patron: Titanoi ( Minor ), Seeker: Theurgic Magic/Mysteries ( Minor )

Initiations: Summoning, Commanding, Binding, Puissant Rego, Puissant Vim, Flawless Magic, Cautious Sorcerer, Leadworker, Chthonic Magic

Personality Traits: Dominating +3, Manipulative +3, Lover of Fine Things +3, Steadfast +1

Reputations: ??


Italian ( Prose ): 6 ( 105*xp)
Latin ( Prose ): 6 ( 105xp )

Charm ( Dissembling ): 2 ( 15xp )
Guile ( Fast-Talk ): 2 ( 15xp )
Intrigue ( Hermetic ): 2 ( 15xp )
Bargain ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Leadership ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Etiquette ( Nobility ): 2 ( 15xp )

Single Weapon ( Short Sword ): 1 ( 10xp )
Brawl ( Grappling ): 1 ( 5xp )
Stealth ( Urban ): 3 ( 30xp )
Awareness ( Searching ): 2 ( 15xp )

Lore: Order of Hermes ( History ): 1 ( 10xp )
Mystery Lore: Titanoi ( History ): 3 ( 30xp )
Magic Lore ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Dominion Lore ( Angels ): 3 ( 30xp )
Infernal Lore ( Demons ): 3 ( 30xp )
Faerie Lore ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Area Lore: Venice ( Sewers / Passageways ): 2 ( 15xp )
Artes Liberales ( Ritual/Ceremony ): 2 ( 15xp )
Philosophiae ( Ritual/Cermony ): 2 ( 15xp )
Profession: Scribe ( Copying ): 1 ( 5xp )

Magic Theory ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Chthonic Magic ( Spirits ): 1 ( 5*xp )
Concentration ( Spells/Goetia? ): 4 ( 50xp )
Parma Magica ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )
Finesse ( Rego ): 2 ( 15xp )
Penetration ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )

Second Sight ( Spirits ): 3 ( 30xp )


Rego: 21 ( 249xp )

Ignem: 5 ( 15xp )

Mentem: 5 ( 15xp )

Vim: 18 ( 174xp )

Summoning: 15 ( 120xp )

Commanding: 10 ( 60xp )

Binding: 5 ( 15xp )

Here I disagree. Infernal is about corruption, not destruction. The Devil isn't at all about entropy. He is Lawful Evil (lol). But anyway, if RoP-Infernal clearly states that Summoning is not Infernal but the other related powers are, then I will stick with that. I do not have the Infernal book, bbut if played by the letter, I am willing to let Fixer or someone else serve as judge and sg for your character. My goal is to have people play the characters they really want to play, in echange for allowing me to play the covenant I really want to play :smiley:
In other words, as far as characters are concerned, troupe over rules sg.

RoP: Infernal states that Summoning is not necessarily Infernal ie. can be aligned to the Magical Realm as in Vortigern's proposed character's case (or even Faerie but probably not Divine...)

It does however mark as "tainted" regardless of Realm alignment when a character uses Sense Holiness or Unholiness, which is not exactly the most common ability...

I'll try and look over Vortigern's character Ludovico some time in the next week. I think Summoners (even Hermetics with Summoning) are really interesting as a character concept and have been contemplating exploring the Titanoi concept, so this should be interesting!

For a Mythic Companion (Infernal) Summoner example/ideas see here: ... kamil.html

Generic Summoning / Ars Goetia clarifications by Erik Dahl:



(still in broadband limbo land and sick to boot, yech...)

I’m of the opinion that Infernal powers need not necessarily and always be used for evil, but of course are much more likely to be. You might indeed be able to do a little good, if it gets Beelzebub more souls in the long run. That’s neither here nor there, though. Doing it by the book is always good with me.

Technically Flexible Formulaic Magic can’t do this – it can only change Ranges, Durations, and Targets. If you’re talking about Flex Casting, Mark’s homemade mastery ability, I have no idea. Still haven’t seen the character sheet, so I don’t know what you’re going for.

However we’re doing it is cool, but the RAW states (emphasis mine):

So they are indeed similar by that definition.

Goetia isn't really a 'calling upon the powers of the devil' type of power like a maleficia. Though christianity does condemn dealing with familiar spirits rather clearly and explicitly so... really any type of theurgy is 'diabolism' and damning by that definition. The point being that I don't see the (direct) influence of any demons/devils in Goetia unless you choose to summon them. You are perfectly free to stay 'independent' of such things and summon only spirits aligned with the other realms. Which is part of why I don't think that set of abilities ( all four ) should be inherently infernally tainted. But that is just me. :wink:

This I agree with, but bowed to the greater voice of the SG. :wink:

The Troupe Voice is greater than the SG Voice. Always rememer that.

Still, I am a bit archaic. Note that the ArM5 version of PoF & BoAF do not work the same as their 4th ed counterparts. Those were definately not similar spells, though the new versions may be. That's where my initial reaction was coming from, so I might be wrong here.

I'm planning on making ten rings as fixed ACs and maybe a couple of other doodads as spirit objects, but the rings being the major items for him. This is what I have so far.

As always comments & suggestions welcome. I'm just writing the 'fluff' part right now... I'm kind of iffy on the stats of the spirits and would appreciatte suggestions for might and powers.

Mattias Fosari, former Chancellor to the Doge of Venice several generations ago.
Magic Might: XX ( Ghost, Magic Realm )
Fixed Arcane Connection: Preserved Skull, inscribed with runes. ( Gold Signet Ring, inscribed with Ludovico's family heraldry. Concealed setting on the underside of the ring (interior surface) is a preserved tooth from the skull, fixed as a connection. )

Ludovico discovered the long resting Mattias' remains during the frequent forays into the catacombs and tunnels of Venice of his younger days. Recognizing the markings of both rank and family upon some of the accoutrements which accompanied hastily discarded corpse the young Magus salvaged the skull, preserving it for use in his art. It was a decision he did not regret. Mattias did indeed prove to be former member of the man's own fallen house, a former chancellor to a former Doge who had been stricken with a virulent a fearful disease and been barried with undue haste ( and improper procedure ) thereby. The man's shade was not overly powerful at first after his long rest, yet with the steady service it has rendered to Ludovico it as grown into a spirit of respectable though still not considerable strength. His real value to Ludovico remains what it originally was. Sympathy for a fellow man of the same lineage and his extreme skill in management, statesmanship, and diplomacy acquired during his life. Often the mage speaks for hours with 'his chancellor' and seems to greatly value the ghost's advice. The ghost often urges him however to return to Venice and seek the restoration of his line, and to take vengeance on the house of the Doge that persecuted his family.

Yasmine, Daughter of the Grand Duke of the North Wind, Faerie Court of Winds. ( The Lady )
Faerie Might: XX ( Air Elemental, Faerie Realm )
Fixed Arcane Connection: Ring ( Agate set in silver, finely wrought with the heraldry of her father engraved into the stone. A wisp of her hair was used in it's forging to imbue it with the desired connection.)

A noble faerie of the court of the winds, Yasmine is proud and elegant. With the bearing of the regal fae of high blood that she is, she can seem cold at first. Underneath is the wry wit and boisterous humor of a girl that adores excitement and adventure, despite her father's wishes. First encountered in the Italian countryside 'playing' with a village's small fleet of fishing craft. The Grand Duke at first despised Ludovico as unworthy of the company of his daughter and has sent lesser agents of his court to kill him twice. As the young Magus has, since surviving said attempts obviously ( and sending his retainers back chastened but unharmed ), continued to develop his powers and a quite regal bearing himself the Grand Duke has improved to simply being 'greatly dubious' as to the man's prospects. Yasmine keeps her own feelings to herself, mostly. While unfailingly proper in the high court way, she seems quite fond of Ludovico's company and is as close to the 'lady of the court' in Ludovico's odd group that can be found. Perhaps one day the Grand Duke will consent to a marriage?

Magic Might: XX ( Fire Elemental, Magic Realm, Spirit of a dormant volcano )
Fixed Arcane Connection: Ring ( Ruby set in gold, engraved with images of fire and destruction )

Ordobos was deliberately sought out by Ludovico. Ludovico climbed and summoned Ordobos from his long slumber in the earth on the heights of his mountain itself and there the two parleyed. Ordobos had not been awake in almost an age. He knew that he would return to his slumber when the then young summoner released him. The two reached an accord. Ordobos desired to return to the world and Ludovico desired a strong right arm among his 'Court'. Not a grand conversationalist, but loyal to the summoner who keeps him from his stone-wrought slumber.

Valkian & Co.
Magic Might: XX
Fixed Arcane Connection: A fine 'ivory' bracelet of many links, each link made from the bone of a diffent one of the ghosts.

Valkian was a thief who ran a decent racket and gang in the underworld of Venice for some time. Actually he was rather profitable in his trade. His problem was that his operation was not sanctioned by Rellantali. Ludovico orchestrated and lead the assault that climaxed with him killing Valkian by his own hand.

Ludovico had the bodies burned after he salvaged the bones that now constitute the bracelet he now wears and serves as the means by which he usually exerts his influence over them. There are a total of twelve shades tied to the bones that compose the bracelet, Valkian and his gang. All hate Ludovico, but serve him under binding from time to time. Frequently he uses them as spies, observing things and then reporting back to him.

Araris, former bodyguard of the Doge of Venice, several generations ago
Magic Might: XX ( Ghost, Magic Realm )
Fixed Arcane Connection: Ring, Topaz set in silver with Araris' heraldry carved therein. Concealed tooth setting. Also possesses skull.

Araris served with the noble Mattias and died of the same disease, buried in the same haste. While not a former bloodkin to Ludovico he sees a new purpose in his unlife in serving the man alongside his old comrade Mattias... who so is so obviously devoted to the summoner. Araris frequently acts as Ludovico's spiritual bodyguard now, as he once did the Doge. He is a cany guardsman, wary and well trained. Occasionally Ludovico has channeled him to partake of his skills directly and thus charge into battle himself. Araris disapproves strongly of this later action, believing it to unduely endanger his lord.

( 4 / 10 )

Looks like a one man army to me lol.

One man armies are the easiest to defeat :wink:

No magus is an island. Thats why we needed to band together in an Order. I clearly see his strength, and they are STRONG, but I clearly see his weakness to. A Spartan's true strength is the warrior on his left and on his right.

(We are not Spartans, but I can imagine Flambeau magi admiring Doric culture and military philosophy. It is classical yet not Roman, and distinctly different from Tremere Docterine. And most importnat, it is not Persian (stinking Cult of Mithras has coopted our House)