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Clusius isn't the driven type. He will seize on a momentary interest, follow it for a few seasons, then move on to something else. Only sculpting will constantly remain an important part of his life.

He also lacks maturity as a leader at the moment, but hopefully after a few years (or maybe decades) of being the Princeps he will learn. He is trying to build the covenant as a legacy to Leonardus (his grand-pater), because he has fond memories of him, not knowing that Leonardus was also his mundane grandfather.

This is new for me! :open_mouth:
The plot thickens!

Yep. Clusius is Leonardus' heir in more than one way. When Clusius first arrived at Tugurium, Julius prensented him with a flat rock which was a test (see Journal entry for Spring 1204).

That was a hint. :wink:

I remember reading that and thinking "well, how does this prove anything about hermetic lineage? Can any kind of test even detect hermetic lineage?". Now it's explained.

I can't wait for the next chapter. XD

I will begin writing an answer to the Trouble with Telsbergs today, but it may take me a few days before it is ready, since it will probably be a bit long. And I need to put myself back into the Clusius grrove too.

BTW, Lyroch is unsure if he will join us. I'm leaving the offer open, so if he changes his mind he will still be welcome.

The problem is that Stephen would be the SG for that one, but he left. Houlio had also shown interest in running it AFAIR, but he hasn't posted in a while.

I'm ok with jumping into the driver's seat if everyone agrees, but I'd rather give the chance to @Plot_Device if he so wishes.

Go for it, if you have an idea.

I wouldn't say I have an idea exactly. I just want to keep things going and to try my hand at different plots. ^^

@Arthur if you could send me any relevant details about the Telsberg I would gladly pick up from where Stephen left.

Information sent to Rafael by private message.

Plot_Device, this might be a good opportunity for you to introduce a companion. That way, you'd be able to participate fully in this story.

Good point. I'll see what I can come up with over the weekend.

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I've been reading what Arthur sent me and weighing a few options. But the beginning shall be the invitation already received by the magi.

Plot_Device, if you have any idea about how you'd want your companion to fit in the story, let me know. =]

I was thinking about a sort of Telsburg black sheep who might get told off to go live at the covenant. Or possibly a younger family member who gets sent there for education.

My weekend was uncharacteristically busy so I didn't get further than that.

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The original plan was for the storyguide of this story to introduce such a member of the Telsberg family, then play him as a companion on further stories. This would have made it easy to weave the companion into the story, without the risk of a player knowing too much or needing constant input from the storyguide as to what he knows about each members of the family.

Having that companion be played by someone else is a challenge, but not impossible by any means. He or she would need to be a more distant member of the family, like a cousin or a step-brother (his sister having married into the family recently). This would make it reasonable for that companion know to know all of the family members too well.

This may make the story more complicated, however, as the storyguide will have to take charge of two main characters (with different goals) who try to get a feel of the various Telsbergs. There would need to be some reason why the companion allies himself with Clusius. There is always the possibility of a previous encounter, or the companion knowing about the Order of Hermes.

Here's a few ideas of other companion concepts that could be introduced in this story:

  • Merchant (who may trade occasionally in exotic goods of interest to the covenant)
  • Craftsman (who for some reason needs to leave the castle)
  • Aspiring court wizard (probably unGifted; who would be happy to get to know more powerful wizards)

Food for thought...

I have the knowledge of the Telsberg somewhat divided in tiers in my mind. Going from things almost everyone in the family would know and which could be easily discovered by an outsider (names and titles of people, who is married to whom, etc), to things which nobody/almost nobody knows even in the family (such as Otto Telsberg secretly being a cyborg who came from the future after WW III). If Plot_Device's companion ends up being a member of the Telsberg family, just let me know where he falls on that spectrum. =]

But someone from a more distant branch, or someone aloof and not very interested in family politics, would indeed be easier from the perspective of information management.

There is also plenty of space to introduce someone not tied to the family by blood or marriage. A merchant, a clerk, a burglar, a physician... anyone with a reason to cross paths with Clusius' retinue during this visit.

Sorry, I have been seriously lacking in motivation to build a new character, I don't want things to get any slower than they already are because of me, so feel free to start without me.

I will keep trying to squeeze something out of my brain but I don't know if it will come.

Ok. You mentioned that before.

If you have any idea for a story, maybe you could start it and we have that one and Telsberg Trouble going in parallel. Maybe something investigative for Regulus, with Wolfgang tagging along for muscle (Regulus is not an incredible investigator yet (except for Posing the Silent Question) so this could be either an easy case or something hard for him to realize how much he still must improve himself).

Regulus would also be interested on rumors of a lynx around the valley. I've been thinking on a Lynx of Virtue for his familiar, it could be a chance for them to have first contact... specially if you are willing to play his familiar as your companion (I'd not be against it).

Regulus should soon begin a trip to the Rhine in order to peruse the Tribunal records in Durenmar. It would also be an opportunity, either for having trouble on the road (I figure he is going by foot) or when visiting Durenmar and other covenants.

If you are short on ideas I have a couple that I could run, either on 1205 Winter or 1206 Spring.

@Arthur what kind of stories would suit Gaius Julius (if any)?
(Just noticed he speaks Ancient Greek. Regulus is going to talk with him more than what I first thought.)

@Plot_Device if you want to play the grogs in the Telsberg story, that's fine too. They should have a decent role to play as they speak to less-prominent (but still important) members of the Telsberg household.

@RafaelB note that Julius isn't really made to be played outside of the covenant. He's built more as a prop for providing information and services. So I'm not looking for stories involving him as a main character.

I'll try to come up with some ideas for the story involving Regulus visiting Confluensis. Do you have a preference for the story theme?

Since you stated Julius I thought that maybe you envisioned some on-covenant stories. If I happen to think of something interesting I'll suggest it.

Unless you have some specific idea that would only work in Confluensis, maybe we could move forward with the first steps for our covenant to join the Rhine? I was thinking of having Regulus travel there next year and try to get in touch with a few covenants.

No preference for theme, I'd just point that Regulus is ill suited for combat. Maybe negotiate a settlement between two magi, or two covenants, or a covenant and the Church (or anything else that seems interesting to you)? Investigate (or help another quesitor to investigate) an hermetic crime?
Also, he is unlikely to stay put after witnessing unreasonable abuse to an apprentice.

We can certainly move forward to the next Spring. :slight_smile:

Looking at Regulus' stats, I see that he has Favours as a major flaw. Could you edit his character sheet to add a bit of detail on that? It could certainly come up during the story and I don't want to have to dig up through all the background to find the relevant pieces of information. Lazy me! :wink:

I seem to remember that a part of it was his enmity to his pater, but there was more, wasn't there?

You must have checked his stats at gauntlet, in 1199. In 1200 Favours changed to Tormenting Master after a faux-pass in the Normandy Tribunal. His current stats should correctly reflect that.

I've put a short description of Valerian (and his opinions on Regulus) here. There is more about him in the Normandy Tribunal book, p.137 (I can write an abridged version of that if it makes things easier on you ^^).