Table Talk (OOC)

The closest thing we have is the list of inhabitants of the covenant. It is currently much shorter and concentrates on concept rather than physical appearance, but we could simply those elements there.

Does anyone have any preferred way to format in-character posts? Or do people just prefer to write them out more or less as is?

A distinctive layout would be cool. I'm marvelling at the things you guys are doing with your sheets layoutwise, but I'm no good at layouting on this forum (yet).
There is one caveat though: From another forum, I know the idea of giving each plaer a distinct color for direct speech. That looks garish more often than good.

I'm not asking for any specific format. Just make sure it is easily readable, for example by avoiding huge blocks of plain text mixing (without differenciation) descriptive information, in-character speech and out-of-character directives.

Cool, I figured now that we started a couple it would be wise to check.

@Lacnunga I've seen the colored text for different character's speech too. I think it makes it easy to read at a quick glance, but I think an ars game will have too many characters to make that viable.

Just to let you know that with the flurry of posting, and me being less active on the weekends, I'll be catching up over the next few days. My first priority will be to keep the in-character story flowing, so don't worry if you see me responding to more recent posts there and not yours. I'll get to them! :smiley:


Should I assume the early "fork" of the intro thread is done, or is there more to say? I wasn't sure if it was going to be assumed that the magi were joining the covenant, or if there should be a conversation about terms and the signing of the charter.

That is up to you. This is a "give a tour of the covenant" type of story for the moment, with each magus discovering some of the features of the covenant. I'm trying to show different features with each of the arriving magi, so that everyone can get a feeling of the place and people.

It is also the time for each magus to express his preferences for the best place for his sanctum, as well as other things he's interested in. I'm assuming Wolfgang wants one of the caves, but if that's not the case we'll put him elsewhere.

Since Wolfgang arrived first, we can also have him join the discussions with Perion.

I have just sent a private message to callen, who hasn't posted anything since February 26th. I hope we haven't lost him! But if he only resurfaces in a few weeks, his maga may have to join the second wave.

Makes sense. It's been several days so Wolfgang will have probably started setting up his lab, and yes, in a cave as you say.

As a player I don't know the terms of membership, but that may just be that I was lazy or inattentive with reading. (if so, please direct me where to look). That's what I was after with the discussion Wolfgang was proposing, I'm happy to have that conversation in posts, or for it to have happened narratively off-screen, whichever you prefer. I don't want to drag things out too much, and Wolfgang is pretty agreeable about that sort of thing anyway, so won't exactly be a "negotiation".

I think it's best to get some details figured out here out-of-context. I don't mind if we want to jump ahead in-character to something next, but if we are still waiting for other people to finish up their magi or other characters, I also wouldn't mind doing some in-character posts talking about it.

Perion would be interested in having a lab in a few places: the thin tower on the cliff above the manor house, some weird and large chamber inside the manor house, or in the caves. Perion would like the remote tower the most of these options, but if the aura there is at a lower level, he would try to find an interior chamber of the manor house. If he can't find one that works right for him, then Perion would look at the caves. If the caves are too small for two magi to have their labs there, then he would look back to one his the other earlier choices.

About the charter, most of the details will have been discussed beforehand by letters. There was relatively few things that were negociable by the prospective members, because of the peculiar nature of the covenant. See the topic Charter Discussions (OOC)

But if you have questions about it, well, that's what that topic was all about! :smiley:

The small tower is basically just to keep watch over the valley -- much too small for a sanctum and not a defensible structure. Just large enough for ladders leading to the top, which is made of wood and just large enough for two grogs to stand watch.

As for other potential places for a sanctum, you have essentially your pick. Small or large (-1 to +2 in Size). Round, square or rectangular. Ground floor, upper floor, basement or cave. From no windows at all to almost completely open to the elements. In the main structure or in its own building. Essentially, the covenant has it all.

Based on the description of what kind of sanctum you want, we will negociate what Virtues and Flaws your lab has. And if the covenant cannot pay the Upkeep for it, then l will add a few more flaws. :smiling_imp:

Due to the peculiarity of the aura, any room which is not occupied on a permanent basis tends to change its shape and location. The way between two specific rooms can change from one week to the other. :laughing:

Cool! I was hoping to end up doing something along those lines. if we are going to spend time talking about the covenant itself more in-depth now, I am going to move this talk over to the covenant discussion thread.

Either there, or in your personal character discussion topic. The laboratory is, after all, a part of your magus.

I'd like to keep the covenant discussion topic for covenant-wide decisions, like vis sources, library stuff, etc.

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Are we dragging our feet a little bit so Eikona can get in the first wave?

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That's not my intention. I will integrate Eikona when she's ready.

I'm getting the hang of it and my fever is okay tonight. But don't worry. I can always join later.

I was a little busy yesterday, but I'll be catching up here on things this afternoon.

My bad for forgetting Regulus, btw.

Just not sure if I should jump in, and I think Marcus is in limbo.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to react to Marcus' arrival in the story topic!

I didn't want to gassle