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Post not in character.

Alright then, we have a few things we must decide.

Starting year. Perhaps we want to take advantage of Innocent III and start a little earlier then standard?

How to handle the Roman Tribunal. Basically, should we draw upon past edition work or go full out with our own stuff?

Covenant needs to be fledged out, with boon and hooks etc.

Characters obviously. Do we want magi fresh out of apprenticeship or more established magi and so on?

And numerous other decisions I cant think of now.

If Innocent III is trigger-happy with Interdictions, then I'm fine with starting a little earlier than standard.

I haven't read the Roman tribunal book from 3e, but I understand it's heavy on Infernal stuff, so that's problematic. We might be able to make use of some material, but definitely will need to create our own.

Am not sure there are many hooks and boons that would be suitable to what basically amounts to a group of vagabonds making a living in Interdicted places, for as long as possible.

I think newly Gauntleted, or within 0-3 years after, would make a greater sense, but am not opposed to more established Magi, if the others want it.

I think having a spring covenant established in response to Innocent's plethora of interdictions would be a good way to go- freshly guantleted (or within a few years) and out to make a place for themselves.
I would eschew the 3rd ed Roman tribunal- my read on the Roman tribunal has always been that it is vis poor, overwhelmed by dominion auras and has most of its vis come from outside through fines paid to the Guernicus house making their way to Magvillus, Verdi bringing in vis paid for enchanting and Harco acting as the center for mercere with the rest of the tribunal largely working for those big three and scraping by wat they can, perhaps sponsoring the trade families to try and bring in vis from abroad.

Note Innocent began wielding interdictions with a heavy hand right from being named pope in 1198, so perhaps 1200 to allow a couple years for the mag to recognize the potential and get organized?

@StephenFleetwood Thoughts?

Hello! I had some issues with being an idiot so I could not post. Solved now!

As to lore: I am not a big fan of the 3rd ed lore in general, so I agree on working with it as a loose baseline at best. I enjoy worldbuilding, so filling out the tribunal to be the best fit for our campaign and not all demons all the time makes sense to me.

On the other hand, I do like the idea of Italy being full of dominion auras and vis being scarce, so that part I think we should keep.

I am 100% happy with freshly gauntleted magi. It makes more sense to me to start at the start and build up from there. That is my preference in fact. In games I have played with some more advanced magi it has caused problems with gming.

On that note I am perfectly happy to run stories sometimes, as I am the forever gm at home. I also am happy to play!

I think it would be fun to be a group of newly gauntleted magi in a new spring covenant who have decided to make their fortune in the areas the pope has interdicted, so I am happy being a spring covenant and most of the things we have bing things we got for ourselves.


Since we are lacking in covenants for the rest of the tribunal, we start a thread spitballing the other covenants in the area. I mean I know we have some somewhat important ones canonically in the area, but also some smaller ones round the edges.

We probably also need a separate thread to talk about the covenant and its hooks and boons. Are we using the rules in the covenant books? Are we using the labs rules (though we will only get temporary, crappy labs, probably).

I think our own covenant we can come up with a rough sketch, obviously mobile is part of it, and probably no aura to begin with until we can find some mobile tethers. Probably start off moving into a town and trying to set ourselves up as the dominion fades (or has faded if it has been under interdict for a year or two)

I made a thread for working on the covenant.

I generally agree that most of the old lore for the tribunal is best to just get inspired from. Some parts are nice – like every covenant trying to keep a Chapter Houses in Venice – but others are much less so. To much corruption and demons in general.

Everyone seems to prefer freshly gauntleted magi, and so do I.

I don’t think there is any reason to not use the rules from the covenant book (both for labs and B&H). I like them.

In my head each city we move to becomes like an episode of the campaign. Does that make sense?

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Also: should we start talking about the characters we want to play, somewhere?

So, some other questions, since I am an inquisitive fellow...

I get that we are going to be a low vis campaign, that's the pitch and it sounds fun. But other questions:

Are we expecting lots of downtimes or only a little?
What are the plans regarding troupe play and rotating story guides?
Are we working as the pope's enforcers?
Are we going to make out own companions?

Downtime will probably vary depending on where the covenant has “parked”, but hopefully we can have it somewhat balanced.

Hopefully we can set up some kind of balanced sequence that will follow with shifting SG duties.

Probably not. Its in our best interest that the interdict isn’t lifted. Really we want there to be more and that they aren’t lifted. Problem is how open can we be with this. Its meddling and might even be endangering the Order if ever discovered.

Personally I prefer playing magi. As traveling around, we probably wont be able to bring a large amount of people everywhere we go. But I am not opposite to have companions and bring them occasionally.

I don't see much downtime, or if there is, taking two seasons to set up lab, and then a few years later to abandon it, will cut down on actual lab work, especially with Vis being hard to come by.
I believe the idea is that we try to either see to it that the interdict lasts as long as possible, or to at least glkeep informed on when it's lifted, so as not to cripple our lab work.

We will probably want mobile labs as well, to avoid the set up time issue. I have played in the past and suggest we adopt as a concensus that a mobile lab does not have to be wholly self contained- imagine if you will a traveling merchant who arrives in town and immediately begins setting up a booth from his wagon that in under an hour is fully functional. Obviously, such a setup if applied literally would also have the outdoors flaw, but a lab which can be quickly established in whatever shelter can be found could, I imagine, be described as being mobile, though obviously other structural (and location) virtues and flaws would become variable depending on where it is set up.


I agree with the rule that putting mobile on your lab then means it can be set up and taken down quickly.

Should we start to make threads about our characters, do you reckon?

If you post a name in Character Development i can make a seperate thread for the sheet

Hey there.

Would the troupe be open to adding a Jerbiton singer/minstrel style magus?

I'd like to join you and develop out some ideas on a Jerbiton focused on music.


I am happy for more players.

It could be an interesting addition, have to find out how they worked with the rest of the covenant.

I am also happy with another player!