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Sounds about right.

I was about to post, and have to go out for lunch. Will post for Daggin when I'm back. Projects done, distractions over, ready to go.

"knilp" ?!?!?!

You know, Steve, I've always thought that "drip" and "drop" were totally inadequate as onomatopoeic applications of a drop of any liquid falling into another body of liquid.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I was going to use "plink!" but decided that since it was magical, why not a reverse "plink"? :slight_smile:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

[>kcams!< to the forehead]

Honestly, Steve, up until I read your post in the storyline, I had been having a pretty crappy day. Thanks for turning it around, pal.


(About "Corvus meets Connor")

Mark, you are an absolutely fantastic writer!

And another one down:
Covenant Enchantments

Majority of the labs' have not, as yet, been investigated much at all, much less exhaustively. Need help with Sylphie's lab and Torsten's, tho' some of the latter may well be proprietal info, natch.

Also, reworded the "Library Guardian" enchantment somewhat - now clear how it works. (Not sure if it was legal, before???) Also S/M re appropriate bonuses.

Krys- not sure about what were temporary effects and what were permanent in Intro scenes of council room/etc.

Your GM is ill, and isn't able to sit up for more than 30 minutes or so at a time.

I'll be brief - one of my requirements for this PBP was someone else plays your shield grog. This is a rule that remains carved in Stone, unchanging and eternal. This will be worked out in play.

Also, if you are going to suddenly switch Locales, do so with another thread (I know, I'm guilty of this too, and plan on fixing this soon enough...) and preface the thread subject with [Story]


To Quote Capt. James T. Kirk : "The Word is Given." (Star Trek II : Wrath of Khan)

Thank you, and may your day be better than mine is turning out.

(Finally, I got my Master Title...)

Well, the characters are out there. Do with them as you will. If anyone wants to control/voice/write for Conner, please be my guest.

Apologies for the cutaway. I think in quite a filmic/tv way and waited until there seemed to be a natural scene break. Then switched to what was going on elsewhere. I'll be more circumspect in future.

I don't know whether you're able to delete the post and stick it somewhere else but I certainly wouldn't object.

Heck of an interview process.

Yeah. And very nicely written, BTW.

Very curious how Angus and Dierdre are going to handle that one. I imagine that at some covenants and all ships, striking a superior gets you flogged at least. Even Corvus might have to do some fast talking (and I have no doubt he can speak pretty quickly) with Dierdre.

Ooo. Could we play out the morale effects?



Errant posts split off into the first Volume of "Elsewhere..." :slight_smile:


[color=blue]Gallowglass is an anglicazation of the gaelic word for mercenaries from the Hebrides Islands; These are the really heavy infantry, and even worse, they can run at a pretty good clip in their kit. The Scottish Lairds hire most of them, the Irish the rest. There are, however, limited numbers of these available.

(More Sleep...)


GREAT intro! This is going to be interesting...


Thanks, V!
Oh, BTW, Azaelle did not perform any magic to attract attention. I just realized that I didn't make that clear.

am I right in thinking that Stephen and seiriden get hit by some type of spell and are turned into animals?

Nope. Something off camera that went on camera. They (and anyone else) out in the lab are still whoever they are. This is just one of those things...

(feeling a bit better...)

I'm not exactly sure where I am at this point. I'm assuming I'm still with Daggin?

That was where I thought you were...

However, Stephan volunteered. :slight_smile:

I'm trying to stay away from the Extra-ordinarily heavy handed approach of "Do this or Die, horribly!" persuasion. Many thanks to someone with an overactive imagination for most of the text.

I'm trying to be fair, and not overly harsh, here.


I wouldn't sweat it, Steve.

We're all adults, here, and know that you are playing a character, that you are not that character, Mark is not Corvus, and that the reaction is consistent with everything presented so far.

Mark did an excellent job playing his character's flaws and undoubtedly knew what he was doing. Further, he didn't try to "metagame" around them. You did the same with Dierdre. So game on!

Seriously, count on the rest of us being grownups. Well done on all accounts. This is why I love this game!