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Laguna Sententia - Covenant, Provencal Tribunal.
Members include:

  • Norbert Gunthar ex Verditus, Compassion -3, Hubris +?? ..... known by Viscaria to know the secrets of Hermetic and Philosophic Alchemy.
  • Another, As Yet Unnamed Magus, male, known by Viscaria to be a member of the Fraternity of Samos

Narbonne - mundane city, Dominion, home to St Juist Church. A city of trade, mills, and rampant heresy. Nearby are many tainted sources of Terram, which cause hair loss and sickness.

Narbonne was established in 118 BC. It was located on the Via Domitia, the first Roman road in Gaul, built at the time of the foundation of the colony, and connecting Italy to Spain. Geographically, Narbonne was therefore located at a very important crossroads because it was situated where the Via Domitia connected to the Via Aquitania, which led toward the Atlantic through Toulouse and Bordeaux. In addition, it was crossed by the Aude River. Surviving members of Julius Caesar's Legio X Equestris were given lands in the area that today is called Narbonne... In the 11th and 12th centuries, Narbonne was home to an important Jewish exegetical school, which played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Zarphatic (Judæo-French) and Shuadit (Judæo-Provençal) languages. Jews had settled in Narbonne from about the 5th century, with a community that had risen to approximately 2000 in the 12th century. At this time, Narbonne was frequently mentioned in Talmudic works in connection with its scholars. One source, Abraham ibn Daud of Toledo, gives them an importance similar to the exilarchs of Babylon. In the 12th and 13th centuries, the community went through a series of ups and downs before settling into extended decline.

Orbhammer Founderson, dwarf-smith of icemetal (ie, glass), member of an as-yet-unnamed clan of dwarves located somewhere near Phoenix Covenant. Possibly somewhere nearby in the Pyrenees?

Other Provencal Tribunal Magi

  • Optrix ex Bonisagus, member of the Provencal Tribunal council. Presumably an archmagus.
  • Gwissifath ex Guernicus, member of the Provencal Tribunal council. Presumably an archmagus.
  • Jonah ex Mercere, a fat merchant-looking fellow, overly fond of food. He has a very good cook, and a very greasy smile.
  • Marie ex Mercere, red cap who stops off at Phoenix

Agraves sur Mas
The Clergue family, the most powerful family of the village, whose loyalty to their Clan is greater than their loyalty to the covenant, though they provide many services for Phoenix. Father Pierre Clergue is the covenant's direct contact. The village consists of over a dozen solidly built wooden houses and a small stone church, with standing room for about 70 (roughly the entire population of the village).

Travel to Agraves takes two days by donkey cart, stopping the first night at a small 2-room farmstead. The second day, you will pass through Mimont, a village slightly poorer than Agraves, consisting mostly of shepherds living in poorly made huts.

Phoenix Covenant
Phoenix (Salle de glace) is a foundation that was started by Archmagus Cuniculus (and two magi that went into final twilight before 1200) when he was 27 years old. The covenant's known entrance is in a normal-looking village, Agraves sur Mas – no special defenses, in a Pyrenean Valley about two days by foot from Narbonne. A simple wood house (domus) with a stone chimney on the south (high) end of Agraves disguises the entrance (a magic mirror) to a series of secluded spots (or is regiones?) where the magi live. They are connected by Cuniculus travel magic.

The covenant is known for its magical doors connecting different parts. It survives on long-distance trading. It is said to have an excellent library (including non-Latin texts). Reports on the aura are contradictory. There are no mundane defenses there - and the covenant doesn't maintain a large turb. Cuniculus usually voted with all the sigils at tribunal. In 1193, they were fined for molesting the fae (a group of faerie stone giants?) (5p) - something to do with a Rego vis source.

Phoenix registers 5 known vis sources, extending north towards Normandy. The strongly independent Andorra Covenant, to the south, reduces pressure from Iberia substantially.

Rampant Speculation: The covenant was founded by three magi, and was last known to have three magi in residence. Presumably, there will only be three sanctae. It seems the covenant relies primarily on discretion and misdirection for defense, and likely earns income in the same manner. Nothing is currently known about vis sources, debts, or liens.

Archmagus Cuniculus ex Mercere: The Orders leading expert on Mercere portals and magical transportation. Many a redcap has been equipped by him. His plan is to deliver some of the mail magically (he calls it m-mail). He wants to create an instant message service run by his House. His line ends with him (his two filii died in a lab accident in 1202) if he dies now. His goods therefore belong to this Tribunal. Age: 162 years.

Maga Leonora ex Merinita
An illusionist reknown for her close contacts to Pucks, a race of elven tricksters. Her gender is reported to have undergone at least 4 changes. She is currently training an apprentice (started in 1211). Age: 73 years

Magus Leodain ex Criamon
A heavily tattooed, large magus – born blind but attuned to seeing more than others. He has made several cryptic predictions about the future which seem to have come true. He has made the covenant change its name to Phoenix in 1188. Before that they were called “Salle de Glace”. His apprentice has been disowned because he chose the Path of Strife.

(info from other PC background deliberately omitted out of respect. Everything else omitted by error. Fill in the blanks?)

Some info for Hiems

Nerac: Mundane city, birth place of Hiems. Provencal tribunal

Clair de Lune - Covenant, provencal tribunal. This is where Hiems was apprenticed. It is located near...
Saint Cirq Lapopie - A small village, provencal tribunal

Clair de Lune members include:

  • Goliath Ex Miscellanea, strict +2, brave +2, loyal +3, Wise +3. Hiems massive, troll-blooded pater. Known mostly for his immense vitality and shape-shifting abilities. He is afflicted by various difformities due to his blood, becoming more and more faerie with time, and must use shape-shifting spells when travelling amongst mundanes. When doing so, he usually masks himself as a frail old man. Probably old, although this is difficult to say, he's the voice of reason of the covenant.
  • Nicolas Jerbitonis, lecherous +3, protective +2. A womaniser, this slim blond man has a weakness for pretty faces, and uses his supernatural youth and good looks at his advantage. Nonetheless, although he's had his share of successes, he has a tendancy to fall for women that don't reward at all his attentions, and instead suck him dry for money and favors. When in trouble, he favours rego, with a preference for Terram and Mentem. Age unknown (he's unaging), although he's been there for quite some time. He went for sandra many times, or course with no avail.
  • Os Ex Criamon, Loyal +3, Calculating + 2, Arrogant +1. The resident necromancer. Not a very pleasant person, he's pretty overconfident, but very loyal to his covenant, which, along to his expertise in longevity, explains his continued presence. Looking about 60, he suffers from arthritis, and usually use Rego Corpus magic for travel. Real age unknown.
  • Sandra Flambonis, Impetuous +2, cheerful +1, Friendly +2. This brune young maga joined the covenant in recent years. She didn't forget her humble origins, and tries to help those in need. As such, since becoming a full-fledged maga, she neglected somewhat Ignem in favor of healing magics. About 30 years old. She's then become the soul of the covenant
  • Arès of Mercere, Brave +3, Reliable +2, Ruthless +1. The resident, delusional redcap, who thinks herself the reincarnation of the greek god of war. Between her legendary fury, striking presence and her battle prowess, there may be something to that heroic-blooded mercere's claims. Yes, her: although few suspect or know it, Arès is a transvestite. Her choice of name is not always appreciated, but her courage, efficiency and reliability have so far helped her to find sodales willing to help her when needed. She about the same age as Sandra and, surprisingly, the two get along rather well.

Added some more details from the last 2-3 days of gameplay.

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