Thirty(ish) Verditius items for November

Greetings! The items for sale listed below are all the produce of house Verditius, and venditores are making their way around covenants to take your orders as I write. Without further ado, here's an interesting set:

Arcane Storage basket: A wicker basket, which if one arcane connection is placed inside it will be kept fresher. For example, a piece of excrement from a magical beast (normal duration days) will stay connected to its beast for weeks.
(From supplemental guidelines - listed as MoH p113 - CrVi base 5 to increase duration of arcane connection by 1 step, +1 touch, +2 sun, +4 levels for 2 uses/day and environmental trigger so it maintains at sunrise and sunset for continuous effect - total 24. Lab text includes shape bonus of +4 preserve contents, so CrVi lab total 20 with text, 44 without).

Further extension is possible to a maximum duration of years, the verditius who makes these will of course offer better versions in due course, and can be commissioned to make a basket with group target as a greater item to allow storage of up to 10 items. Order from Martello of Verditius, don't get a knock-off from your local Criamon.

EDIT: As it's a lesser item to be churned out, and there is competition from spells, the cost is a mere 6 pawns of Vim vis.

...but my local Criamon offers this item with T: Room, meaning it will affect as many ACs as I can stuff in there!

That requires you to have a room for storage, which is far less portable than a small basket. Admittedly, for covenant storage your Criamon is offering a superior deal.

Do you like magical transport? Are you tired of seeing your prized magical vehicles shot up? Well, after losing his magical cart a Verditius came up with an answer - the vehicle animator!

The cheap version directs wooden objects of cart, rowing boat or one-room shack size to move as you see fit. The expensive version can take its own initiative. A version with even bigger size allows you to move wooden houses or small ships!

(Cheap: ReHe 3 "Control an amount of wood", +1 touch, +1 concentration, +1 size for up to +4, +5 levels item maintains concentration, +5 levels 24 uses/day - total 20, so doable as a lesser item for a specialist, and cheap in vis terms. Touch to a wooden object up to size +4, it will move as you direct, item maintains concentration so you can stop, take it off, place it on another item, or order changes of movement easily. One extra size magnitude takes up to +7, which is moderate structure or small sailing ship.

Expensive ReHe 10 "Make a thing made of plant products move with purpose and intelligence without requiring your constant control", +1 touch, +1 conc, +1 size up to +4, +5 levels item maintains concentration, at least +1 for 2 charges/day for minimum 31 - Touch to a wooden object up to size +4, moves as you wish but doesn't need constant guidance. This will need renewing at sunrise and sunset unless you add an environmental trigger for a further 3 levels. More charges potentially allows animation of more objects.)

Cheap version - 6 pawns of herbam vis, or 9 for the size up to +7 version.
Expensive version - if you can find a wizard skilled enough to do it as a lesser item, a mere 21 pawns.

Nope, a chest works fine as a room.

Ah, in our library we have a fourth magnitude spell that, for no cost in vis, can enchant as many baskets of this type as you like with the same effect -- provided they are circular (CrVi base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Ring, +0 Circle -- one simply draws the ring along the circumference of the basket).

The mist-lover's ring - do you enjoy taking walks through the mist, being outside on a cold day and having your breath mist over? With this ring, it will determine the right level of mistiness in front of your face and change it for you! Also, if you have to do anything unpleasant while outside it offers the chance for you to forget it.
NB any similarity between this item and the talisman of a Tytalus who was marched by the Quaesitors for lieing to them is purely coincidental.

(ring set with agate - bonuses +2 constant effects, +3 air. Constant InMe effect 30 as per ArM5 page 99 to allow mental commands. Linked effects - produce mist in front of face that looks curiously like Frosty breath of the spoken lie CrAu base 1, +1 unnatural, +2 voice (as it's a little distance from the ring), +1 concentration for total level 5, +5 levels maintains concentration, +3 for linked to mental comman effect, +10 for infinite uses - total CrAu 23.
Removing mist from in front of face - PeAu 4, +1 for great precision, +2 voice, +1 concentration for total 20, +5 maintains concentration, +3 linked to mental command, +10 infinite uses - total PeAu 38. This is working out expensive.
Memory wipe, allows you to forget last 5 minutes 3 times/day - PeMe 10 effect "remove a short memory", +1 touch, +3 levels for linked to mental command +2 levels for 3 uses/day - PeMe 20.
Uses 12 spaces out of the 12 allowed in a semi-precious stone)

gasps 42 pawns for such a toy? Still, there must be a market for it somehow.

Why spend so much on fancy Verditus wares when there are bargains to be had at Dali ex Criamon's bazaar of oddities. This solid pewter thurible provides scented smoke whatever the weather and, if you want to forget something, merely swing it firmly upwards in a short arc. No vis cost! No gems required! Two ounces of incense included!

How much do these items cost at House Verdi prices Darkwing?

cj x

The Shapechanger's friend - for those who shapeshift into animal form and can't cast in it, whether Muto Corpus specialist or Bjornaer with an unfortunate restriction. A small earring that should remain on the person who shapeshifts. A continuous effect reads animal minds, and the linked effects have a command word for use in human form.

A simple example - gold earring, InAn 30 effect to read minds (as per InMe mental command on p99 of Ars 5 main rulebook).
Linked effects - rise of the animal - ReAn 10 like rise of the feathery body, +5 for item maintaining concentration, +3 linked effect, +2 3 charges/day - total 20 - so if you fall while in animal form or need to climb somewhere inaccessible, you can fly.
Unseen porter - ReTe 10, +5 item maintains concentration, + 3 linked effect, +2 3 charges/day, total 20 - allows you to move objects made of rock or metal.

Total cost is 38 pawns of vis at Verditius prices.

Sorry Darkwing, I meant rather the price per item. I'm enjoying these and they make a great shopping list - but it's the price for each item I would like to see with the items!

cj x

Fifth item: the paranoid's mirror.

This little silvered mirror (chosen for the intellego shape & material bonuses) will glow if it is scryed upon. The glowing colours will indicate roughly what sort of spell is being used
(Greater item: InVi 25 base allows detection of up to level 50 Intellego spells, +2 sun, +4 levels to make continuous so total 39. Linked effect CrIm base 1, +2 for intricacy so it can glow different colours depending on form, +2 sun, +3 linked effect, +4 to make continuous - total 12. Uses up 6 slots in a tiny silver item)

The cost for this is 24 pawns of vis.

I want one! However 24 pawns, isn't that nearly a flying boat? :slight_smile:

The "glow" part seems merely cosmetic (unless you want to use it as an illumination device) -- compare it with Frosted Breath of the Frozen Lie, which is an InMe spell without an Auram requisite. I'd just keep the InVi spell. So, with a high enough lab total, you can make it as a Lesser enchanted device, saving a lot of vis.

Furthermore, to detect active magics, you only need a Base 5, possibly with +1 magnitude to detect Form (Sight of the Active magics, from the corebook, adds 2 magnitudes for Technique & Form). This pushes the final effect to Level 24 (base 10, +2 Sun, +4 2uses/day +environmental trigger).

If you give it 1use/day, Duration Concentration, +5 levels to have the mirror maintain Concentration, it drops down to level 20 -- you'll just have to briefly concentrate on it at sunrise and sunset to keep it working. This lowers the vis cost to 2 pawns, and makes it even easier to enchant it as a Lesser device.

But he wants to specifically detect scrying, so he's (quite rightly!) using the Invisible Eye Revealed (ArM5, p. 157).

If the level 5 InVi guideline to detect active magics allows you to detect being scried by Intellego magics, why does this other InVi guideline exist? If you enter another covenant, and they are using an arcane connection to scry on the inside of their building, what would your InVi "detect traces of active magic" actually show?

I'm just trying to figure out why this guideline would exist if it's that easily replaced by another effect of the same technique & form.

In a word "Legacy".

Personally I'd prefer if that legacy was build on, and the InVi guidelines took it into account.

Hmm, you are quite right that "The Invisible Eye Revealed" seems the perfect spell to use as an example to detect scrying. On the other hand, it's based on a non-existing guideline, while there's a specific guideline that seems to achieve the same effect (with an example spell that explicitly works on Intellego!). This is the first time I notice it. You may want to write to David Chart for the item to be placed in the errata.

To be honest, I'd prefer afew more opinions on this first, but perhaps I should set up a thread for this.

Day the sixth: some magi enjoy travelling like mundanes, and would find travelling by horse convenient and less conspicuous than many magic means. To that end, we have two items:
For those who would like to ride, but find their Gift spooks horses, a saddle to completely calm your horse which costs 12 pawns of animal vis.
(ReAn following "Mastering the unruly beast", ArM5 p 121, base 10 make an animal completely passive, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 size for total 30, +4 levels to make continuous effect, lab text includes +4 affect horse bonus.)

For those whose gift is less offensive to animals, a choice of two saddles - the Trainer's saddle (Item of quality as per HoH:MC - +4 to affect horse, so affects riding and animal training rolls) or the truly puissant Redcap's saddle (Item of quality, +7 to affect riding). As these require considerable study of Aristotle's Philosophiae and possibly Augustine as well, regretfully we must charge 6 pawns of any form of vis for one of these.