Vanilla covenant project complete

Well, as complete as it is going to get...

I've cut this project off at 10 000 words and two months longer that I originally expected. It contains setting, companion stats, a mystery cult, and some plot hooks. I hope some new troupes find it eases their way into the game. ... inas-rest/

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I spotted that for the Democritus’s Glove, you wrote MuVi 15, but it's a ReVi.
For Ring of Lost Time I think you meant PeMe not PeIm.

I liked to read it!

Salve Sodales.

Are there any volunteers for correcting the .pdf version of Mr Timothy Ferguson's vanilla covenant project?
You may download it from this url:

EDIT: URL deleted. See that post instead.

It's a huge file (22.4 MB). Once downloaded, just unzip it.
Please, visualize file and make corrections with Adobe Reader.
There're already commentaries inside that file (I have included ExarKun's suggestions he gives above to show samples), so, feel free to make your owns.
:exclamation: Oh, you may correct spellings (using American spellings, see the disclaimer at the beginning of the .pdf), grammar, syntax, mistakes about ArM5 rules, etc.
When you think your corrections are completed, post your file (into your dropbox for example) and use PM to give me a url (with dropbox: make a right-click on the file and choose "copy public link" to your scrapbook) so I can access the corrected file.

You'll be credited (as re-reader) in the final version of the .pdf :wink:.

Thank for that, folks :slight_smile:.

This is an amazing resource. Thanks!!

Thanks for making the .pdf.

I hope you've checked with Atlas regarding the use of their trade dress.

Is the title fixed? "Covenants Book" is a bit similar to "Covenants". Maybe "Introductory Covenants" or "Covenants for New Troupes" or something?

You're welcome.

This "Covenants Book" .pdf has its own dress (though inspired by Atlas's). It doest't use any part of Atlas's one, but the covers, and fonts. If you compare it to an Atlas's trade dressed .pdf, you'll see a obvious difference.
Also, cover is temporary. It will be different when the .pdf is completed. Does anyone (any artists among us?) want to make an original cover, he/she will be welcome.
Atlas's logo inside the .pdf is a mistake of mine. It won't appear in final .pdf.

"Introductory Covenants" sounds too like school works to me. "Covenants for New Troupes" is a little too long for a title. What do you think about "Covenants Tome" ("Tome of Covenants"?), "Covenants Manual", etc.? Any other ideas :bulb:, you folks?

What about:
Tome of Covenants (Title): Introductory Covenants for New Troupes (Subtitle).

I'm really looking forward about Xavi and Arthur's projects to be completed, and so integrated to this .pdf :slight_smile:.

Here comes the "Tome of Covenants: Introductory Covenants for New Troupes" supplement, with its own covers (12 page [8 MB] extract).

EDIT: URL deleted. See that post instead.

Have a look at the new front- and back- covers.

The cover is good, and Timothy's content shows good research into the setting. I'm intrigued by the list of authors - "Insert your name here" - does this mean you are waiting on a fourth author or are you just implying there's a bit more space left?

Three authors are developing their own covenants (They are Timothy Ferguson, "Xavi" and "Arthur"). That means three covenants.
Timothy said he is not interested in doing the NPC senior magi present in his covenant. But "Br1ck", e.g., is developing one of these magi, and will bring him to Timothy's blog.
Maybe some other people might develop the other remaining magi. So three covenants may mean more than three authors credited in the .pdf.

Actual Atlas Games' supplements are 144 pages. These 3 covenants in this "Tome of Covenants" .pdf's seem roughly occupy this very number of pages (maps included)…

But in fact this .pdf is not limited concerning its number of pages (it is not made to be printed as a real book), so feel free to participate…

Mine has been on hiatus due to work (and othe rprojects) stepping in. I plan to resume it in brief. Sorry for the delay.

I haven't had time to work on mine for some time, also due to a change at work. But I have hopes of completing the project at some point.


I'll download and review, but copy checking isn't my strong suit.

However I'm happy to do some NPC creation and such to help out. Just give me a quick blurb on what you want and I'll write them up. Happy to make the time (perhaps give me specific bite size chunks, rather than "the two other magi in Tim's covenant", as I don't know which one the other helper is doing).


I've just posted a message on Timothy's blog to ask "Br1ck" which NPC magi are remaining to be written up.
Maybe You'll be able to read his answer when he is posting on this page :

Those 3 NPC magi are: 1 • Fidelius of Bonisagus — 2 • Asteria of Verditius — 3 • Antigone of Criamon
I think they all are is in their seventies for they've created their Covenant fifty-two years ago.
They are described for short on pages 9-10 of the "Tome of Covenants" (what corresponds to physical pages 11-12 of the .pdf — shift is due to front cover).
"Tome of Covenants" .pdf still downloadable here:

URL deleted. See that post instead.

I think I know who Brick from the comment on Tim's blogs, so I've emailed him too.

I've been trying to do the criamon on my (small) spare time. Is it ok, or should I try to do another one?

can't hurt of you do the Criamon, I'll pick up the Bonisagus, and we'll hope that Brick is doing the other.

Xavi, can you put this up on the web somewhere, or give out the address again? We might be able to pile on and finish it.

Is it on the web, Arthur? We might be able to rally around and push it over the line.

Iusto Foedere is the name of the covenant. I am at the stage of developing the library

It is set up as a wiki:

If someone wants to contribute material, I could set up accounts for contributors to be able to edit the wiki.

But note that aside from the library and some background, the project is not as advanced as I'd like it to be. I have stats for Benedict of Flambeau that I still need to put up on the wiki, and I drafted some for Wiggon at the time of his Gauntlet, just to have an idea of the kind of items he would have crafted over the history of the covenant. But things are still on the skimpy side, unfortunately.