30 Naranjs for November

I'm going to be doing thirty naranjs for November. Hopefully I don't overlook something and make an error along the way. I'll be starting off with some Solomonic Alchemy.
I also posted this in general like a darn idiot. Sorry about that boys! Please forgive!

Table of Contents

1. Jabir's Moving Lab

A Solomonic Alchemy ritual for moving small buildings across the landscape at a moderate pace.

2. Strike his Flesh and Soul

An experimental spell that rends both the flesh and the soul.

3. Summon The Spirit of Anger

A Solomonic Physic ritualfrom a creative Kurdish sahir who often needs to summon spirits of emotions using the Goetic Summoning.

4. Free Me From This Maze

A moderately simple Solomonic Astrology spell to free yourself from the confines of a maze.

5. Sahir's Synthemata

An unorthodox naranj that uses a supernatural mystery virtue from The Mysteries: Revised Edition to have a larger summoning total over an infernal spirit.

6. Bath to Hell

A Solomonic Alchemy ritual used by the Nizari to assassinate unsuspecting targets by turning the water they bathe in into fire.

7. Prepare the Journey to Baghdad

A convenient Solomonic Travel ritual for those sahirs who must make a long trip to arrive to the yearly meetings and markets of the Suhar Sulayman.

8. A Horoscope for Health

A Solomonic Astrology spell to help those charitable doctors and sahirs who aid the sick so that they are less likely to catch serious diseases.

9. A Busy Crowd

A spell that is useful for breaking chases in cities and traversing them unmolested.

10. The Soothing Dream/The Haunting Dream

A spell developed by sahris from Ashab al-Nahr to help or hurt those sick with melancholic diseases.

11. Delshad's Trick

This spell allows you to perform powerful magics without ever having done so. Good for striking fear in enemies and those you plan to bargain against.

12. Close Hermes Passage

One would be in awe of a sahir that could cast this spell under the Shield of Hermes.

13. A Mock Burial for the Fool

A spell that allows the sahir to inconvenience his enemies long enough to make a quick getaway.

14. The Last Master of a Jinn

Through the power of interpreting omens and the stars, a sahir is able to narrow down who the last "master" of a Jinn is.

15. Our Enemies Are Here!

For when warriors and guards fall unattentive or asleep.

16. Does N Have the Gift?

With the help of the stars, a sahir is able to determine if a target has the Gift.

17. Snow in Baghdad

A fantastical spell to bring snow to the arid lands of the Mythic Middle east.

18. A story hook for a Zoroastrian heresy

A simple spell who's background interest members of certain Sahirs (and perhaps hermetic magi)

19. A remedy to divisive discussions

Many brawls and feuds can be avoided or postponed by simply a change of topics. This spell makes sure this happens

20. Another attempt at thwarting the Orders portals

A revision to a previous spell after @silveroak pointed out an obvious flaw

21. A spell for finding taqa in Mazydan

Through the guiding of the stars and the omens of the land, a sahir should help expedite the process of searching for vis in a area so that he may return to his studies sooner.

22. A quick and easy escape into the void

For a quick getaway, a sahir is able to spirit himself away into the twilight void and hopefully return somewhere else

23. A spell to revive the man by the river

Drownings are somewhat common by the Nile river, so egyptian sahirs have come up with a solution for this.

24. Avoiding the punishment of Samson

If a sahir ever finds himself in a situation where a building collapses over him, this spell should be able to save him and any nearby allies.

25. A collection of past majilis

The members of Ashab Al-Qalb quickly developed this spell early on in the orders history to make sure that important moments in the Suhars history are not forgotten by the younger generations.

26. The abandoned house of wisdom- not

A powerful spell that makes the lives of gifted sahirs in populated cities easy.

27. Hourly news updats on the Majilis al-Sulayman

Another spell developed early on in the Suhar Sulayman. This one allows sahirs distant from the yearly Majilis to at least have an idea of what is occurring. The widespread use of this spell is one reason for why the Suhar meets separately and secretly on matters relating to the Naziri and the Order of Hermes.

28. The legacy of Al-Nasir

A spell to destroy the reputation of any merchant. Based on the stone tablets of Ea nasir found in ancient Babylon

29. Part of a spell to control a puppet from afar

This spell is only one of a few that allows a Naziri rich in vis to create body doubles that follow his command.

30. The bridge from here to beyond the Sea of Khazar

A useful breakthrough for using summoning techniques across the border of the Magic Realm. The crowning achivment of a gifted sahir in Baghdad.


I'll be starting off big.

Jabir’s Moving Lab
Solomonic Alchemy Level 50
Alteration: Major, Ritual

The naranj animates a building about 5 million cubic inches in size so that it’ll slowly travel across the landscape at whatever direction the Sahir last concentrated on. The sahir can cause parts of the building to move and deform like clay or sand when concentrating, like The vigilant guardian , but the building will revert to its natural form afterwards.

(Base 10, +3 Major, +5 size, Ritual)

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I've attempted my hand at experimented spells made with two different solomonic arts as per experimentation rules (p. 45 Cradle and Crescent). This spell might be stepping past the outlined rules but it's hard to tell without any examples of spells with "side effects" like these.

(Spirit), strike his flesh & soul
Solomonic Physic/Travel 35
Strength: Strong

This powerful spell inflicts the target with a heavy wound if he fails stamina roll of 11. Additionally, the target will also receive two warping points if he fails the mentioned stamina roll.

This spell was developed by (name here) in his research into essential nature. He was later executed for using this dreadful naranj against a fellow sahir. The lab text to this naranj is currently missing, and a bounty for its founding make many sahir’s suspect that it will be extensively used in the coming counter-crusade against any opposing magicians.

(Base 15, +3 Strong, +1 additional warping point)

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Fool, let me summon a spirit of anger
Solomonic Physic 25, ritual
Potency: Mighty

Turns a proud personality trait of +5 or -5 to any other personality trait of the sahirs choosing for the spells duration. Xelat Al-Halqa, a Kurdish sorcerer who is uses Goetic Summoning, is said to use this spell to create arcane connections to spirits of anger (or whatever other type of spirit of emotion she plans to use that day).

(Base 5, Mighty +4, ritual)

As stated in the spell, the intended use for this spell is an easy access to an arcane connection to summon a Spirit of Anger (HoH:S p.99). Although the standard sahir who uses sihr to summon Jinns will be unable to do this, Sahirs with goetic summoning should be reasonably able to do so.


(Spirit), Free me From This Maze

Solomonic Astrology 20
Detail: Thorough

This naranj allows a sahir to know where the exit of a maze is relative to his location within it.

In the lab text for this spell, Humaidaan Al-Sakhr strongly stresses using spirits aligned with fire to “separate” themselves from mazes made of stone to assure quick exit, although many sahirs question the effectiveness of this selection. Many attribute this obsession of his to a build up of yellow bile as a result of his dealings with fire elementals.

(Base 5, +3 Thorough)

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The Sahir’s Synthemata of Kharrat the Braggart
Solominc Summoning 10

For as long as this spell last, 5 is added to the casting or summoning totals against Kharrat the Braggart.
Arkhaman Laqy al-Hayz al-Nahr developed this spell so that he would never again rely on bargains to deal with Kharrat.

(Base 10)

This spell uses the Non-Hermetic version of synthemata, which is available as a Supernatural Mystery Virtue in The Mysteries Revised Edition . The lab total for such spells would be summoning art + (Realm) Lore. The bonus to casting total is assumed to be (level 5) because concentration would presumably add one magnitude.

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A bath to the river of hell
Solomonic Alchemy 20
Alteration: Major, Ritual

This spell is used by the Nizari to murder their enemies when they are at their most vulnerable: while they bathe. A Nizari will stealthily add vis and many other materials to the bath before his target arrives and then command his spirit to hold the effect until his target submerges himself in his bath. Once the spirit causes the ritual to occur, the water that is about a cubic pace in size turns into flames that deals +15 damage for as long as the spirit maintains the effect.

(Base 5, +3 Major)

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Prepare the Journey to Baghdad
Solomonic Travel 25
Delay: Season, Ritual

This naranj opens a passage through an arcane connection a month after making some markings on a wall or floor (that must remain undisturbed for the season).

This spell is used often to skip most of the journey to the Majlis al-Sulayman, and the vis is provided by the group of sahirs wishing to attend for official reasons (such as Vizers) and other sahirs interested in bartering in Baghdad.
(Base 25)

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Will [Target] Fall Deathly Ill Soon?

Solomonic Astrology 20
Detail: Brief, Ritual

This Solomonic Astrology naranj grants a bonus to any roll that would make the prediction of this inception true. Generally, this means a bonus to disease avoidance rolls for disease that could be considered mortally serious to the target.
This translates to a +3 to the disease avoidance roll if the prediction is favorable to the target, or -3 to the disease avoidance if the prediction is not so.

Many members of the Followers of the Stars (and any sahir looking to help their medically inclined brethren) will cast this naranj as a way to help physicians and Followers of the Hand as they work for the charity of the people during plagues. Naturally, some will not maintain the effect if the prediction is nor favorable.
(Base 5, +1 Brief, +2 near future)

RAW, the Solomonic Astrology should be only giving bonuses to rolls that would make outcomes predicted by the naranj false, but since there is no roll against someone in a disease avoidance roll, the story guide could elect to award a malus

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Become Lost in the Crowd of a City
Solomonic Storytelling 30
Allure: Supernatural, Ritual

An illusion of 100 individuals resembling common townsfolk materializes around the sahir, going in a direction determined at casting. With concentration, he can cause them to change direction, spread out, or condense.

Many gifted sahirs use this illusion to come into town unmolested. Nizari assassins are rumored to use this spell in assassinations done in broad daylight for quick getaways by “becoming lost in the crowd”.

(Base 10, +3 Supernatural, +1 larger group)

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The Soothing Dream/The Haunting Dream
Solomonic Travel 35
Delay: Sun, Ritual

A Solomonic travel spell that opens a passage into the dreams of a sleeping person. As a result of experimentation, a bonus or penalty of 6 is provided at the next recovery roll of a Melancholic Serious disease depending on what occurs in the dream.

This spell was developed by a group of Ashab al-Nahr who believed that they could find ways to affect the body through the dream-spirit. This spell was the result of experiments from this group. A sahir from this group was accused of using versions of this spell to assassinate people who should have otherwise recovered from illness. The sahir accused alleged that this was the work of a shaitan working to get them into trouble. Unfortunately for the sahir, his story was not believed and he was executed for murder.
(Base 25, +2 Sun)

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It looks like there's something missing:
"As a result of experimentation, a bonus or penalty of is provided?", it's missing how much of a bonus/penalty is provided.


I don't know how but I forgot to put the +6 between "of" and "is"


Delshad Blotted Out the Sun, Supposedly
Solomonic Storytelling 25
Allure: Supernatural

A clever spell once used so that a controversial bayut al-hikma was not expelled from a city. Causes the audience to believe that the sahir used magic to blot out the sun until his conditions were met. Unless they have a supernatural perception to correctly recall the memory against an ease factor of 6, they will not recall the original events.
(Base 10, +3 Supernatural)


May Hermes Passage Close at the Passing of Seasons
Solomonic Travel 35
Delay: Season

If the magnitude of the effect that created the passage or window is less than 16, it will close at the passing of the next season (solstice or equinox).

Considering that even the most powerful Solomonic storytelling spells don’t go above nine magnitudes, many sahirs wonder the purpose of this spell. Sahirs familiar with it’s reason for existence wonder how powerful a you would have to be to cast this under the Shield of Hermes.

(Base 35)

Note: As silveroak points out, this spell is useless against the enchanted portals (as they have a momentary effect with unlimited uses), but should work fine against the ritual version of this spell.

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Your Burial Will Be Here
Solomonic Alchemy 15
Alteration: Substantial

This spell greatly enhances the moist qualities of sand, causing an area about two paces wide in each direction and two and a half paces deep to become like quicksand. Unless the “intended” target (the person over the sand being changed) is rather small, this should not cause them to drown. It should, however, give a sahir and his potential acquaintances an advantage over those trapped.

The name of this spell is spoken while casting, giving others the impression that the quicksand is deeper and wider than it actually is. (Base 4, +2 Substantial, +1 Size)

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Who Was Your Last Master?
Solomonic Astrology 15

This naranj informs the caster of a spirit's previous master, if there are any. Some sahirs cast this as a ritual to ease the penetration total of a spirit they are interested in summoning later with their summoning arts.
A more scandalous version is used against potential spouses.
(Base 5, +1 Basic, +1 questions of the past)

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Our Enemies Are Here! Stay Alert!
Solomonic Storytelling 10
Allure: Emotional

Causes an audience to go from asleep, groggy, or dazed to awake and alert. A Perception + Personality trait roll is occurs against an ease factor of 6, with attentive personality traits likely being subtracted in the roll against the spell, while lazy or similar personality traits adding to the roll.
It is said that this spell was used many times against soldiers who suddenly fell asleep in the Levant in the middle of important events.
(Base 4, +1 Emotional, +1 ease factor)

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Does N Have the Gift?
Solomonic Astrology 20
Detail: Brief

The spell informs the sahir about the magical potential of the target. The brief information imparted includes whether the Gift is normal, gentle, or blatant. It also helps distinguish if the target merely has a magical air to him. Although the guideline could be lower for the regular or blatant Gift, a higher guideline is used to also detected the harder to detect Gentle Gift.

(Base 10, +2 Brief)

Note: I'll update the table of contents when I have time.

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Snow Under the Skies of Baghdad
Solomonic Alchemy 25
Alteration: Substantial

This fantastical spell causes a rain or storm cloud to bring down snow upon the area it rains. This effect must usually be cast as a ritual, as the effect must be held, and the spirit must then fly up to a rain cloud to then release the effect. If a sahir is in a high enough elevation (such as on a mountain or a flying carpet) then he does not need to do so.
(Base 4, +2 Substantial, +3 Size)

edit: Thanks to sglasby for pointing out a grammatical error

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