5.5 Chapter Art - Hermetic Magic

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What do you want this chapter's introductory art to look like? Please list the thematic elements, mood, characters, setting, visual style, details, etc. that you would like to see for the Hermetic Magic.

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A magus gesturing violently at a wolf who is about to have a large ball of flame smash into them. This is to illustrate "Ball of Abysmal Flame" and the wolves that are in the bestiary.

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I would like to see an illustration of an impressive magical feast that isn't combat related. Combat magic can be flashy and makes for dramatic scenes but I don't really think that is what ArM is primarily about. I realise this isn't a very concrete suggestion, so here is an example to illustrate Flames of Sculpted Ice.

A dramatic scene in a village. Servers houses are engulfed in flames. Some villages are trying desperately to put out the fire with buckets of water. A maga (or magus) is seen rushing towards the building in the centre of the image shouting and gesticulating as the flames on the building start turning to ice.

Is it possible to post my idea in a few days?
I want to do it once am back from vacation, when I can write a more in depth visual, on my desktop.