Ars Magica 5.5 Definitive Edition Chapter Art Ideas

With our official announcement about Ars Magica Definitive Edition finally out there, we’re excited to welcome it's fan community to take part in this project! We want YOUR help brainstorming ideas for the gorgeous featured art we’re planning for each chapter (much like our Spanish partner Holocubierta did for their excellent translation).

Each of these glorious two-page art spreads will be designed to really set the tone of its chapter and bring its subject to life! So we want to know – what do you want to see for each one? As a member of the Ars Magica community, we think you’re uniquely qualified to help us create art that’s both beautiful and correct for the period. Now’s your chance to share your vision, and perhaps see it in print!

To suggest your idea for a particular chapter’s intro art, please visit the forum thread for that chapter and post your art description or join the discussion. That will keep things organized, and help us all build on each other's ideas. We’ll be reviewing all your suggestions as they come in, so don’t be afraid to go all out!

In your art descriptions, think about including:

Thematic Elements and Mood: Think about the key themes and concepts of the chapter. How can we represent these themes visually? What’s the overall mood and tone of the chapter? How can we capture this mood in the chapter spread art?

Characters/Setting: Be specific about what your characters look like, wear, and hold. Include action and magic items where possible. Where are your characters in the space? What are they doing or feeling? Also consider gender balance and representation of a variety of skin tones and ages. Including background and scenery is also helpful. Are they inside of a room or outside in nature?

Visual Style: What kind of visual style do we want for this particular art piece? Should it be realistic, stylized, or something else?

Finer Details: Ultra specific ideas, placements, objects that will really bring home the art piece and make it stand out from the others.

We encourage you to be as creative, and as specific as possible with your ideas.

Here are links to all the chapter art threads, to get you started:

Intro, Order of Hermes, Characters, Virtues & Flaws, Abilities, Covenants, Hermetic Magic, Laboratory, Spells, Long-Term Events, Obstacles, Realms, Bestiary, Mythic Europe, Stories, Sagas

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

A generic comment for all chapters: under no circumstances put any text anywhere that doesn't have a very plain background. I've seen far too many pages ruined because I can neither reliably read the text nor appreciate the artwork.