5.5 Chapter Art - Long-term Events

Please post your chapter art ideas for the Long-term Events here!

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What do you want this chapter's introductory art to look like? Please list the thematic elements, mood, characters, setting, visual style, details, etc. that you would like to see for the Long-term Events.

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We can't wait to see what you come up with!

A heavily wrinkled woman is lying down on her sickbed while a robed wizard has their arms raised in bold gestures and incense is burning. Nearby someone is holding a jar of leeches. The mood should be dramatic and the visual style realistic. The aim is to portray aging and medical or magical interventions.

A maga is sitting at a desk reading a huge tome, while behind her is a shelf of books chained to the shelf. She is studying by the light of several candles. The aim is to portray the studying rules while giving a flavour of medieval libraries.

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