5.5 Chapter Art - Spells

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What do you want this chapter's introductory art to look like? Please list the thematic elements, mood, characters, setting, visual style, details, etc. that you would like to see for the Spells.

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In the style of a church icon painting, 5 pictures. all with calligraphy style writing underneath.

Picture 1 - Creo - I create. A picture of a magi with a bright orb floating in front of them.
Picture 2 - Rego - I control. A picture of a magi with something hovering in front of them. A book, a black cat, whatever.
Picture 3 - Intelligo - I know. A picture of 3 people. Person 1 with French style clothing, and parley vous Englais written under that person. Person 2 with German Style clothing and Spritsch du Deutsch. Person 3 clearly the magi, maybe a subtle glow around the ears to show it's magic, has oui, Ja written under them
Picture 4 - Muto - I change. Something clearly changed. A cat with bird wings. A human body with a cat's head.
Picture 5 -Perdo - I destroy. A magi in front of a large pile of dust with a residual glow on the dust.

I appreciate, magic doesn't have a residual glow, unless a sigil or the spell itself has it, however, just like TV always has sparks or blue ribbons of energy to show electricity is flowing, the art may want to do the same.

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Some characters are magi with a "role":
Creo - a tree blooming in winter, "druid" lifting hands
Intellego - magus touching a wall, we see ghost-people through the wall
Muto - "warrior" attacking with a bear-paw arm.
Perdo - salt animal statue blown to dust by the wind.
Rego - "performer/apprentice" juggling balls of water/fire/mud

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I've always liked the 3.5th edition of D&D's sketchbook aesthetic. Such as this here:

Artwork that looked similar to the sort of notes that Hermetic Magi might take could be an interesting approach. With spells particularly featuring occult diagrams and teaching aids that visualise important concepts.

Spells which require a finesse roll should be explicitly marked as such (preferably including a default difficulty) as lacking these has caused a lot of confusion in my group.
For example, teleportation spells, Pit of Gaping Earth and so on.