5.5 Chapter Art - Mythic Europe

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What do you want this chapter's introductory art to look like? Please list the thematic elements, mood, characters, setting, visual style, details, etc. that you would like to see for the Mythic Europe.

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It's been 23 hours and no response for this one? I'm willing to throw an idea out there.

A realistic rustic scene that on the surface is "normal". There's a farmhouse, fields, crops, cattle, chickens, peasants working the field and woods in the background.

Looking closer, there are "easter eggs". The falcon flying in the air has human eyes. One of the farmers could have cats eyes. There's multiple fae in the picture if one looks close enough. There's a fire with no fuel. Smoke is travelling against the breeze. Have the trees slightly swaying one way to make that work. An ear of corn could be literally solid gold, not kernels. These are just a suggestion. I'm sure an artist would think of better easter eggs.

To do a one line summary. A classic medieval country Europe scene, with the easter eggs making it Mythic Europe.


Ah yes, the ye olde "the longer you look, the more messed up it becomes"

And to be fair, Core Book does point out that interactions between mundanes and the supernatural is more common than you'd think; it's just that those interactions are usually small enough to be brushed aside as weird coincidences.

Proposal: The Fair
Full page, introduction to the Chapter "Mythic Europe"

Concept: An apparently mundane situation, but when looking closely, plenty of strange details are noticed, showing how the supernatural is closer than people think.

Location: a large fair, just outside of city.

Situation/background: a crowded market with many stalls displaying various type of foods, and prodcut from craftsmen.

Noticeable details:

  • a well-dressed gentleman is selling toys and trinkets diplayed on the table. Under the table, or in the caravan just behind him, one can see shorter humanoids form (faeries) handling tools and working on toys;
  • on a small pedestal, a preacher holding a book is haranguing the crowd;
  • in a darker corner, a character with hooves is handing a book with a pentagram on the cover to a woman;
  • at a table, four characters are carousing, one of them is wearing a red hat;
  • a kid is holding the hand of a strange-looking character (with a staff, dressed in robe), with a cat walking by his side. Further in the back, a couple is holding a big purse;
  • two characters are brawling, and an imp, hidden partially behind barrel is watching the scene with a big smile;
  • on a small open area, a man is held by two strong men, while getting branded by an constable, while a clerk is scribbling on parchment.

Visual style: Medieval style, similar to Hieronimus Bosch.