ArM5: The Heir of Laymunt Valley (4 to 6 additional players)

Campaign Title : The Heir of Laimunt Valley
System : Ars Magica 5th Edition

Number of Players : 4 to 6 additional players willing to act as Beta SG for a troupe-style saga

Posting Rate : At least 2 substantial posts per week, more when you are running a story
Plot- or Character-Driven : Mostly character-driven, with some occasional plot-driven stories
Focus : Varied, with a good sprinkling of Hermetic politics

Starting Level : Magi are up to 10 years after Gauntlet
Advancement Rules : Standard up to Gauntlet. After Gauntlet, we use a narrative approach with a baseline of about 45 xp, 3 pawns of raw vis and 1 Warping Point per year. This represents an average over time and is flexible (see this post for some details).
Character Types : At this time, I do not want to see character concepts. This should be discussed as a troupe so that each character can have stories generated by several other Beta SG.

Saga Concept : Ars Magica's troupe-style play is a challenge, but it gives everyone a chance to play. In this saga, each of the players should run stories for the others, while I provide the overall setting and an occasional story.

Before any magus character concept is accepted, there will need to be at least 2 other players who will state their willingness to run stories for that concept. The new players should also look at the existing characters and express an interest in running stories for at least one of them.

Timeline : Ars Magica's troupe-style play is a challenge, but it gives everyone a chance to play. In this saga, each of the players should run stories for the others, while I provide the overall setting and an occasional story.

Campaign Description : In 1196, Leonardus of House Jerbiton passes into Twilight, leaving behind a substantial inheritance to his three filii, Flavia, Wilhelm Weis and Eduardus. In his Hermetic will, duly registered and authenticated with House Guernicus, Leonardus details his many possessions – a great wealth in gold, raw vis, magical enchantments, books and notes, artifacts and mementos from past adventures. These are easily separated among the heirs.

More difficult to handle is a secondary sanctum that Leonardus had apparently established over the last decades of his life. The sanctum was to form the kernel of a covenant he wanted to build there, including several vis sources. The condition to gain access to these resources is that a covenant be established there, headed by a magus of his line.

This causes a few problems to the heirs. First, this sanctum is located in a valley near Basel, at the crossroads between the Tribunals of the Rhine, Normandy and Greater Alps. The potential for conflict is great, as each of these Tribunals could claim jurisdiction over to this territory, under sharply different rules governing covenants and vis sources. Second, each of the filii is already well-established at their own covenant and none wishes to leave position, comfort or influence behind.

After much debate, they find an innovative solution. Flavia, the oldest heir, has a recently-Gauntleted filius named Quintus Clusius. He is named the head of the new covenant, which will pay each of them a vis rent for the use of their inheritance. That leaves plenty of vis available for the new covenant.

Since Clusius is too young to defend and manage this inheritance all by himself, so a number of magi are approached to join the covenant.

(The saga starts in 1204, although your character may end up arriving a bit later depending on the progress.)

Just to clarify, this is an existing saga here on the forum. I posted it as a new topic because the previous one is quite old and many decisions were taken since then.

You can express your interest here and ask questions if you don't feel like slogging through the saga's topics, or if you have trouble finding a specific answer.

I would be interested in playing. I am also very happy to beta storyguide.

Feel free to introduce yourself on the saga forum here!

You can also ask questions about the character creation process and your ideas for a magus concept in this topic.


I would like to join too, if I may, but I need a fortnight before I get fully onboard. I can probably start bouncing ideas, but planning will have to wait.

See my previous post (right before yours) about introducing yourself to the troupe and sharing possible character concepts. Welcome aboard!

Just to let everyone know that we still have a few spots available! :slight_smile:

Interested. What do you need?

A certain Art? technique?
Or a certain role? Or house?

A longevity specialist?
A Pralician?
A gently gifted entertainer and illusionist?
A forest mage?

Whatever sparks joy for you that lends itself to stories we can tell. Most of the "roles" have someone who can do that, but leaves room for help; so there's a lot of freedom. I don't think there's a longevity specialist, but I never thought of that as a necessity for a covenant.

I like story about recruiting hedge magi, so I think I'd like to go for a Gently Gifted Pralician illusionist, if that's okay?

See above. :slight_smile:

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I'd like to apply for this game if it isn't too late. I hope my English is good enough (not a native speaker), but since I need English at work a lot, so I suppose I can do this. I think I am creative enough to eventually run stories for others, too.

I was thinking of creating a necromancer/healer/longevity mage, Mercere ideally, maybe Bonisagus. If I understand this game correctly I have to tell what kind of stories that mage is interested in.

Infirmus ex Mercere
House Mercere isn't picky, they take what they can get. They also have a slight tendency for inbreeding. So, they made this young man an apprentice despite his frail body. And he is grateful. He has shown huge talent to improve the human body and even at gauntlet, his longevity rituals are nothing to sneeze at. His quest for better people has led him to dabble in necromancy though.

Story ideas: anything a well-meaning nerd can blunder into outside the lab? Rivalry among CrCo experts? Wanting to help but being limited in interaction by the Gift?

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There is still space in the saga, so you are welcome to join. Have you even played in the Play-by-Post format?

You can introduce yourself to the other players in this topic: Table Talk (OOC)

Discussions about your character concept will take place in this topic: Character Creation Discussions (OOC)

Ton anglais est excellent, alors je ne prévois aucun problème de ce côté! :smiley:

I've never played Ars Magica as a Play-by-Post, but I've been in a few Vampire and Werewolf games. I think that Ars Magica might actually work well: We always needed to write down seasonal activities anyway because of all the modifiers.

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I can't post in the other forum. I think it has something to do with what Bitter told me. Do you write invites or do I have to ask a forum administrator, or is this something that happens automatically after a few days?

No, you do it yourself, in your profile settings. Click your avatar -> preferences -> «Title».

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Are you sure? I've found preferences, but there doesn't seem to be a button called title.

It is a drop down menu. Far down the page.

It's not a button, but a drop-down menu near the bottom of the parameters (below "Name").