building the covenant

alright I'll quote the page when I get home.

OK well I may have deleted magi of hermes when I reinstalled windows, I'll keep looking though.

edit: just found it here are the parts for the various enchantments.

Granary chest:

Convenient Warehouse

MuHe 24
Pen 0, Constant effect

R: Per, D: Sun, T: Room

Any item consisting entirely of plant material that is placed completely within the chest is shrunk to the size of a grain of wheat until it is removed from the chest. It can be difficult to discern the various items within the chest.
(Base 3,+2 sun, +2 room, +1 excessive size change, twice a day activation +1, +3 environment trigger)

Carpentry of Brass
Pen 0, 1 use/day
R:Per, D: Sun, T: Ind

This power transforms the wood of the chest into brass matching the fittings on it. It is triggered by rapping on the chest seven times in rapid succession
(Base: 4, +2 Sun)
(Not really sure why this is liisted as part of the item but it's there so I'll include it)

Charm versus dampness

ReAq 9
Pen 0, Const. Effect.
R:Per, D:Sun, T:Room
The power slowly moves any liquids out of the chest over a period of minutes and prevent any liquids from slowly seeping or dripping into the chest.

Token of the Harvest evening: This item is placed inside the granary chest to keep the grain from going moldy/stale

Freshness of the harvest evening
CrHe 14
Pen 0 Const. Effect
R:Touch, D:Sun, T:Room
All plant material kept in the same room as the token of the harvest evening is preserved from decay and rot until either the plant material or the token is removed from the room.
(Base 1, +1 touch, +2 sun, +2 Room, +1 two activations per day, +3 environmental trigger)

Shroud of the healed body: Wear this to receive a bonus to recovery rolls for as long as it is worn

Hospitaller's Vigil
CrCo 24
Pen 0 Const. Effect
R:Touch, D:Sun, T:Ind
If the shroud of the healed body is worn for the duration of a wound or sickness, the wearer adds +12 to his recovery rolls.

(Base 5, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 2/day, +3 environmental trigger: sunrise/set)

Convenient Warehouse has a flaw- things could only be placed in the chest at sunrise or sunset- it would need additional activations to allow things to be placed in it more often...

Freshness of the harvest evening has nothing but a description, the same is true for the Hospitaller's Vigil...

Sorry fixed that now

ALso on the note of flaws, there's also the fact that for each year you leave grain in the box with the token of the harvest evening it will accumulate 2 warping points for the two effects it will be under constantly.

A note- reviewing the vis sources you have and the level of reliance on your association with the Norman invaders, I have decided that the Mundane Politics hook is also required...
... which gives some room for some more boons.

Freshness of the harvest evening should be base 2.

charm versus dampness does not work out for any math I could assume...

Is caroentry of brass MuHe(te) or something else?

It might be better to create items ourselves than pull them from a source I do not have where the math or assumptions are questionable...

I noticed that the Vis Sources page of the wiki has not been updated. Crawfs and I had some suggestions:
Additional comments are welcome.
Here are some ideas for the remaining sources:

Rego: During the highest tide in the spring, a jellyfish swarm can be found quite close to shore, and two of these creatures contain 2 pawns each of Rego vis. Swarms have been sighted during other high tides, but the vis is only present during the highest tide. Of course, care must be taken in harvesting the jellyfish, as their sting can cause a painful rash that lasts for several hours.

Terram: At some point during the year, a severe thunderstorm rolls through the coast, and lightning strikes a nearby sandy beach. The resulting "glass" contains four pawns of Terram vis.

I think that covers the needed vis sources?

Yup that's everything, there are also 75 more levels of enchantments left

Mundane politics sounds good.

Freshness of the harvest evening I think is based roughly off of the base level 1 effect: Prevent a plant from becoming sick ArM p136

Charm versus dampness is I think using the base level 1 effect: Control a liquid in an extremely gentle way

Yes carpentry of brass is MuHe(Te), sorry I didn't realise I didn't put down the art combination.

Also I mean it is official Atlas content so it's not like i'm randomly sourcing from someone's blog, it is an official book.

Here's a couple possible additional enchantments. Probably more levels than we have build points left, so these need discussion.

Ship’s Bane
This enchanted longbow can be used normally, but if a command work is spoken and the bow fired without an arrow, it casts Pilum of Fire at the target.
Level 30: Base 20 (Pilum of Fire) + 10 (unlimited use).

Stone Cat
When placed in a room, this statue of a curled up sleeping cat has several effects, useable by anyone who touches it and speaks a command work.
Opened with 6 pawns Vim vis (small, soft stone item)
The Cozy Hearth warms the room where the item rests. Level 10: Base 2, + 1 Touch, +1 Sun, +2 Room
Vermin Bane destroys bugs and mice in the room where the item rests. Level 30: Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Room, +1 complexity
Chamber of Spring Breezes Level 15: Base +5 (Chamber of Spring Breezes) +2 Room.

Staff of Garden’s Growth
When placed in a field, this staff encourages the healthy growth of up to 100 specimens of one type of plant (determined by touching a plant of that type and speaking the command word) for Moon duration. Level 33: Base 1, +3 Sight, +3 Moon, +2 Group, +1 SIze, +3 Environmental Trigger.

Ships bane good, stone cat good, Staff of the garden's growth with induce warping on the plants however so not so sure about that one.

I have posted publicly my thoughts about editors not catching issues before with regards to Ars Magica published books. City and Guild has the price of a pound of gold at 20 pounds of silver while covenants has it at 10 pounds. I understand that Freshness of the harvest evening is based on the base 1 effect, but that effect looks to be applicable to living plants, while the base 2 effect of preventing rot seems far more applicable.

Oh, you're right actually, I had a quick look over the guidelines and I missed that "prevent rot", making the item 1 magnitude higher would make it level 19 I think.

Where are you getting the base effect of 10 for vermin's bane? PeAn 10 has a guideline of inflict a medium wound (on animals),
chamber of spring breezes already works on an entire room due to the volume of air created, so it does not need room as a target,

I'm not sure what the environmental trigger is on staff of Garden's Growth...

Thanks for the catch on the Spring Breezes.
I was flying a little blind on Vermin's Bane. My home saga (4th ed) had something like this, and I was trying to translate it to 5th. Since I wanted to destroy only vermin, I added the magnitude for complexity, and figured a medium would would be more than enough to kill mice, lice, and other nuisance pests. Do you think the magnitude should be higher? Lower? Other suggestions?
Missed the trigger in the description for the Staff of Garden's Growth. My intent was to have the moon phase trigger the spell again for the next cycle, keeping the targeted plants healthy for the long term. You could remove the staff at the time of harvest or when the plants normally die/go dormant, and restart the spell as the plants resprout. (I'm not up on the life cycle of cotton plants, so I don't know if they would need year-round tending; still possible this way. Crawfs brings up a good point about the warping; if there is a way to reduce the level, I'm all for it.

Warping is based on spell effect, not enchantment level. The spell itself is currently level 30, which I would reduce the duration to sun and take the 2z a day option, reducing the level of the spell to 20 and the overall enchantment level to 24.

Instead of killing pests (base 30) you could simply ward against them (base 5)

Although the way the guidelines for items in Covenants works makes it so the higher the final level the better the result generally. Ditto with Transforming Mythic Europe and for improving living conditions.

true, and warping is a pretty insignificant concern when you are killing the target (in this case the pests) so we can easily rework that as base 30.
As to the warping of plants, if they are under the effect of the staff for more than 6 months then they will warp regardless of the level...

on the other hand with all the cooks, vintners and hunters our current food budget is 0...

Yeah but that would only be one warping point per year, whereas the way it's currently designed it would cause 1 warping point per month, which is a lot of warping.

Just a thoguht on the PeAn 10, a base individual for animal is +1 size, and a medium wound on a +1 size create is 7-12 damage, insects and mice could probably be said to be as small as -4 size, which are dead at damage 5+

On the note of Enchantments I also completely forgot that we discussed "Brick of Hardened Stone" for the covenant walls.

And I also proposed a cotton weaving one which I also forgot about:

So we probably have to choose between a mixture of these two and what Archimedes suggested.

I also brought up Lab virtues earlier, with the allocated points I suggested I think we can do something like a choice of superior lighting or Heating and your choice of Greater expansion/feature. What I'm not quite sure about is how this works exactly, do they need to be balanced as per the usual lab rules? Or would we just prefer to leave that out and build our labs in game?

We also have 3 more points of boons which can really be just either a major boon or 3 minor boons, so maybe additional income sources, or upgrade the existing one.

Bonus questions: What free virtues are we starting with? I notice we have a glass blower so probably at least superior equipment but not sure if there was anything else. Is cotton also currently our only source of income?

You have cotton and salt as your sources of income.

The issue I have with the brick is using the circle/ring target and duration - it means the brick has to be traced along the entire wall to recast any time there is a breach of any sort, no matter how small. Of course to fortify the entire wall will require some massive size based modifiers if you use base target (also it would strengthen all of the stone inside the walls, which would make excavating under the covenant impossible with the circle target)
Base for animal is size+1 or smaller, and specifically states it does not have a soak basis.