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Fleur's apprentice was away in fosterage for a year or so, but she is back. She joined the covenant in 1240, I'm not sure how long before that she had trained with Vulcanus… Of course Fleur will be the one to set her gauntlet unless she does give or sell her to someone else eventually, and I suspect Fleur's written exam on magic theory could be hellacious- especially the first time when she hasn't 'dialed it in' to what is appropriate for an apprentice...

This is what I have on the Covenant Thread on this site.
Carmen Perez of Flambeau (Pontifex Maxima) *
Arachne Ex-Miscellanea (Pontifex Majore) -
Solomon of Gurnicus (Pontifex Minore) -
Vocis of Tremere (Grand Master) -
Vibria of Flambeau (Mistress) -
Roberto of Flambeau (Master) +
Lucas of Mercere (Master) +
Acutus Ilfwetis of Bjornaer (Journeyman) -
Antoine of Verditius (Journeyman) -
Fleur de Bonisagus (Journeywoman) +
Guiverna Ex-Miscellanea (Journeywoman) *
Cecilio ex Bonisagus, the Younger (Journeywoman) -
(* Blatant Gift, - Normal Gift, + Gentle Gift/No Gift)

In needs to be edited though. Cecilio, Antoine, Acutus, and Solomon do appear to be no longer with us. Maybe Guiverna should go back to Bellaquin so as to not overextend Peregrine.

Can you give me her name and any details you have so I can update the wiki? I know it's deep in the archives somewhere, but if you have it at hand, it would be much easier than me digging. There was another apprentice that was given to the older magus we traveled with, wasn't there?

And I seem to recall that Roberto was at least thinking of taking an apprentice. Did he in the end? I can't recall.

Also, FWIW, the person playing Elena (Lucas's apprentice) is no longer around. So she's floating free as well.

So, with your permission, I'll move Cecilio, Antoine, Acutus, and Solomon (as well as Gabriel, Solomon's apprentice) over to the "Former" list.

Vera Belladonna Rudolphius, I have her current magic theory as being 7+2, I have a character sheet that I at least began before it was pointed out that the level of detail I was going for was excessive given her role... she has int of 4- that also affects labs...

I'm thinking I should drop Rilcheaux, the concept didn't work out as well as I liked and I don't have as much free time to devote to him as I used to.

She had apparently been apprenticed for 5 years before Fleur claimed her, which means she would have been apprenticed around 1135, and should be due to gauntlet in 1150, or thereabouts.

Vera is added to the list of apprentices.

And I found an entry for Edith of Flambeau (the other apprentice of Vulcanus). I now recall that instead of taking her as an apprentice, Roberto declared her fit to be a maga even though she hadn't finished her 15 years. He made her a maga (with some sort of approval from above, I think?) and has agreed to mentor her and finish her training. But I understand that's not a master-apprentice relationship with the obligations and benefits involved.

I had thought it was 7, but my memory is blurry. Her sister Edith claimed Battlefield Gauntlet as I recall. Roberto took on the role of Mentor for both her and Lucien. That is why Carmen would let Lucien go on expedition with Roberto for the Ancient History story.

I was just updating the two sisters and I saw that the entry for Edith states:

Vulcanus then took her as an Apprentice (as was her sister) when he absconded in 1232.

If that's correct, then both Edith and Vera were first apprenticed in 1232 (or maybe 1233). Roberto has gauntleted Edith. But if those dates are right, Vera should be gauntleted in 1247 (or maybe 1248).

Santiago is Roberto's Mentor, as established when I first created the character as a player in Novus Mane. He was never given stats because 1) he is an NPC that pulls strings in the background and has never been "on stage", and 2) I don't think it is fair for me to generate my own Mentor.
Roberto earned a "Battlefield Gauntlet" in 1212, seven years into apprenticeship. Santiago finished his training. He was Santiago's sidekick during the Shadow Wars, and witnessed as Santiago slew Rassus (the Infernalist ring leader of a rogue cult known as the Shadow Flambeau).
Joel Munis, Roberto's parens, was a Flambeau with the Gentle Gift who was also an Almogaten (mercenary captain) involved in the Reconquista. His crimes were revealed after he was killed at Las Navas de Tolosa (in 1212). Thus Roberto has the Flaw of Infamous Master. Santiago was also a criminal in this enterprise, but this was never exposed. He has since reformed and has the Dark Secret Flaw. Santiago has spent the last thirtysomething years trying to do good and wash away his past.
Roberto took Edith as a student in an unconscious effort to repeat this cycle.

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What about Kesara? Was she ever a PC or was she always an NPC? Is she still at the covenant? Right now she is listed as a maga of the covenant and has a tower assigned to her.

NPC. She was the daughter of a former player character.

Is she in or out? I have no horse in this race. I just want to know whether she stays on the list and still gets a tower for when I update the wiki.

I kinda like having Guiverna at Sa Dragonera (assuming that we keep it as a chapter house or as a spin-off mini-saga). Gives me an option to play a mage if Vibria's occupied or I just don't fee like playing her in a given story.

Keep Guiverna and (for now) Solomon. Kesara has gone her own way for now.

What about Vocis?

Vocis has been participating in All Roads Lead to Africa.

Oh, I missed that. My bad!

Yay, I figured it out! I'm ready to bring Solomon and Acutus back! So excited to see the game starting back up.


Okay, I know Fleur had inspiration for an enchanted item that would induce conception in animals with rego magic (moving seed from bull to cow- or teh equivalent in other species, and ensuring fertility) but I can't find where the idea was written down or discussed- anybody have any ideas where it could be?

Unfortunately, that doesn't ring a bell. But I sympathize. I've had a few things I've uncovered that I know I did some work on before but that I can't find records of now.

Also, I was looking at our list of companions and grogs and was doing some back-of-the-envelope calculations on loyalty, just to get an idea of where things stand in the covenant. And I noticed that we don't seem to have anyone listed as a steward or chamberlain for the main covenant. I assume we have people who fill those roles given how old the covenant is and how large the castle is. Have we never defined them?

Also, we seem to do okay with Loyalty, at least based on a cursory consideration. We have a shocking -43 Base Loyalty (which is -3 Loyalty Score, almost -4) because of our two Blatant Gifts. (I only counted the magi permanently living in Arans). Thankfully the covenant has been around more than 22 years, so we get a +43 to offset the base loyalty because of familiarity.

Add to that a +10 for the Aging bonus and a decent turb captain and we're at +18 (+2 Loyalty Score, which is fine). If we could get another +15 or so for a good steward and chamberlain, that would get us to up to a +33 (+3 Loyalty Score). It might then be reasonable to assume that being well off we have slightly better equipment for the grogs, which might translate into another +10 to get us to +43. I'm also assuming that we only pay a standard salary, which is +0, though we might provide a pension for retirement, which would be another +10, bringing us to +53 (+4 Loyalty Score - pretty good!).

Then there's the boon Loyal Covenfolk. That says: "After calculating Base Loyalty, add sufficient loyalty points to raise the Prevailing Loyalty of the covenant to +3 (30 loyalty points total)." That's confusing in what it says. Does it always add +30 or does it mean that you have a minimum Loyalty Score of +3 if it's lower, but no bonus if your Loyalty Score would be higher than +3? I'm assuming the latter, but if it's the former it would bring us to +83 (+5 Loyalty Score!).

Now, I know that this is probably more detail than Marko cares to deal with. This is something we've always handwaved away. I mostly did the back-of-the-envelope calculations to see if we were in the right ballpark in how we handle things. I think that we are.