House Rules discussions

A place to propose and discuss possible new House Rules, as well as where to put a poll for whatever current rule(s) are being discussed.

It has been proposed that we adopt the optional rule presented in Realms of Power: Magic, p. 98; to wit,
that a corpse animated by a spell's Brawl skill be equal to the caster's Finesse rather than its nominal score of 3.

Personally, I'm fine with leaving it at the default of 3, as that's in keeping with House Rule #1: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sodalis). But let us discuss and vote on the matter like civilized blokes.

These aren't exactly house rules, but the questions belong here. The first is a choice between options that are presented. The second and third are interpretation, though the third definitely hits true house-rule territory.

What Peregrine posted above (cross-posting):

Otherwise the Brawl score would be 3, the other option. With the double-defense issue (must beat defenses and penetrate, not just one or the other) that most spells don't have to worry about, I don't think it's overpowered to use Finesse here. But it's an official option presented, not a set rule.

Would a wand count as a tool if the wand is a talisman? I'm specifically thinking of two things. 1) Excellent Quality items, which we're probably not using at all. But I mention it in case we use them and limit them to +1 or something like that. 2) Items of Quality - Verditius Mystery. Could it be used for a Finesse roll bonus (not score bonus so it would not stack with above)?

Armor could be made as an Item of Quality - Verditius Mystery for a bonus to Soak since Soak is rolled against spells and similar things. Would the bonus count for Soak at other times? By the rules, no. But a lot of people seem to play that way.

I believe we discussed this in a previous saga and the penetration issue is avoided by giving the corpse a weapon : HoH:S p30 For "Awaken the slumbering corpse " [...] But If if wields a non-magical weapon, the weapon would bypass MR.

So is there really a need for an house rune on this ?

How does a dog's corpse or an eagle's corpse wield the weapon?

I see, you're going the animal way. So how would an iron beak and iron claws count, with a little surgery involved ? I say you just animate a corpse you have to pass MR, you have prep time : you don't have to worry about it if you're creative.

I'd rather make improved combat skills something like : mentem requirement with additional magnitude.

I think the real question is what is an anticipated finesse score? If you are going to be animating a lot of corpses- even of animals, is a finesse of4 (50 points) something you will want to invest the time in, just so you have better fighting zombies? On the other hand if someone animates a dead thing and has no finesse does that mean that what they raised cannot fight? I think it either needs to be a 3 or a hybrid equation (2+1/2 finesse?)

Since Blair has been initiated into Philosophic Alchemy she should have the Cabal Legacy story Flaw (page 19, the Mysteries), right? Also, that same page suggests that it's very rare to have more than one Mystery Virtue at gauntlet.

Or are we allowed to initiate Mysteries in the post gauntlet advancement period?

Hm~ I might do, yes! The hermetic alchemy stuff seems to suggest that alchemy isn't really all that secret, and was fairly widespread so I wasn't thinking about it. Aside though, Blair does only have one mystery virtue (Philosophic Alchemy) - Hermetic Alchemy is listed as a hermetic virtue, not a mystery one.

That said, I don't really want Cabal Legacy. Being a story flaw, that means I'd have to drop her Indiscreet Malediction which I've grown pretty fond of as part of her wider character.

Did you see the rules on the wiki? You can have a second (not both Major) Story Flaw.

That's an interesting idea. Set it at Brawl=3, but putting a magnitude into complexity would allow for Brawl=Finesse. That might be a good happy medium that allows for both sides, satisfying silveroak's question about lacking Finesse, too.

Sadly, they're both major!

Cabal Legacy is not major.

And, as written, Indiscreet is more like a general flaw than a story flaw.

I'm good at reading comprehension, I swear. But ok, I can work with that...will move changes to Blair's thread.

In case people missed it, I had three questions in that post. The poll is only for one of the three. Any thoughts on the other two?

No, they're not. "Characters may not begin play having undergone Mystery Initiations beyond the minimum required for House membership." (per the CharGen/Advancement page.)

I posted a reply on the spells in that post, and my opinion about whether or not you need to add a magnitude to change the type of dead critter.

(Yes, I'm quoting myself).

I take that back. Hermetic Alchemy is simply a new Virtue from TMRE (p. 39-40), so it's legal. Philosophic Alchemy is a Mystery that requires Initiation, so that's a no-go., I'll come up with a new character concept at some point then.

Sorry, I meant the post in this thread. You and I cross-posted about the Finesse/animation thing. But post 3 of this thread has two other questions.