new spell-need help with the disigning

spell name-knowledge of atlas
when I did it earlier 5 was the score in total,tell men if you think this is fair or not.

Um, what's it supposed to do?

Here we go again...


Steve is refering to AbRay, who at the previous forum spent a lot of time provideing just enough detail to suck a number of people into discussions that could never be finished to anyone's satisfaction.

I don't want to sound harsh, but in my defense I've probably put more time into AbRay than anyone else.

I encourage Abe to post, but post in a manner that is productive.

"Help us, Help you."

Damn , you beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Ok AbrahamRay, I will take this on somewhat:
4th ed...
InTe 5 Pers/Inst/Bound
Actually, the minimum level of this spell would be 10th (or rather 15th as 2nd lvl is the lowes possible guideline in 4th). I will however entertain the possibillity that you meant momentary, which makes more sense as you didn't menition this as a ritual. So:
InTe 5 Per/Mom/Bound: This gives us 1 level in addition to the guideline, so you have to use the lvl 4 guideline: "Learn one mundane property of an object. See an object and its surroundings." Lucky us that Intellego Terram spells don't differentiate between dirt and more solid objects! So the spell decription would be something like: "Learn one mundane property of all earth-based objects inside the boundary."
How this is useful I don't know, but surely you know it!

I'l also do this in 5th, although I know you use (some verison of) 4th (please tell me which as it's different from any version I know of).
InTe 5 Per/Mom/Bound, which isn't possible as Boundary gives +5 so the only fitting is Group/Room. So level 2 guideline then: "Learn one visible property of an object (a property that someone with appropriate skills could determine just by looking)."
So InTe 5 Per/Mom/Group/Room"Learn one visible property of all earth-based objects inside a room (or group)!"
(I hope at least that's more or less correct with some leniency, and I deserve an intense karma bonus just for trying!).
Hope this give you insight in the Ars Magica system and gave you some answers!

OK sorry I forgot the aquam requisite, but that gives my brain too much to think about in my drunken state. Also even IN my drunken state it's a limit to how much fun it is to construct a spell from these dubious (but somewhat amusing) tidbits that abrahamray chooses to entertain us with. I TRIED at least!

Just ignore him, he's playing with us all. :unamused:

Hi, Abe, I see you are back on the new forum... have you tried reading the book text while designing yet?

You still haven't got the knack of copying words from the text, and using the actual terminology of the book, let alone following the design rules.

PLEASE go read them, and include enough context that we can try to work out what you are on about...

sorry,this spell is suposet to allow the caster to have advanced knowledge of the area around him/her.

What do you mean precisely by "advanced knowledge" ?

If my magus were to cast it, what information would you, the storyguide, provide me with?

any feature,that are relevent to the caster,of course.

Learning everything there is to learn about an area is going to be significantly harder than figuring out one single piece of information about it (realize that level 5 spells are easy. So, check the Intellego Terram guidelines on page 150 and the Intellego Aquam onpage 113.

Which ones are the ones that applies to the kind of information you want your spell to provide?

Remember that where it says something like "learn one visible property", that property must be decided on when the spell is created, not at the whim of the caster when the spell is actually cast.

Unless, of course you meant to create a divination/prophecy/visions kind of spell, which confers to the caster some "relevant" knowledge, in an obscure fashion, without explaining to the caster how relevant it is to him, nor letting him control what he sees.

Formulaic spells let you get greater effects than spontaneous magic, at the cost of significant advance planning and loss of flexibility.

Lets revive a few of the oldest Abe threads for any newer members who may want to contribute. :slight_smile:

by advanced knowledge I meant any dangerous natural features & any benifical features of the land around them.

That's STILL vague information.

A pit can be both beneficial and dangerous...what does the spell tell me?

basicaly any feuture of the area around him/her.

I can't help you, man. You're on your own.

K- You're giving up far too easily, and buying into the trap of "poor expression = nonsense".

There is a meaning to Abe's thoughts, he just isn't expressing them clearly. In many ways, Abe's questions are a "Basic Questions that some are Afraid to Ask", and sometimes even range to the "Obscure Corners of the Rules that You Never Thoroughly Considered." Sometimes.

Abe- a spell can't make a "judgement" about the land. It can tell you that there's "a pit", but not whether that, in itself, is "a good thing" or "a bad thing".

The spell would need to be Intellego Terrem, and give "basic information of the target". If the Target were big enough, the Magus could get an idea of the "lay of the land"- a 3-D map, as it were, tho' one without any comments on it.

4th ed:
InTe 4 Lay of the Land- know the terrain within the area.

Basic range is Reach, basic duration is Concentration, and basic
target is Small.

Base Level 2: Learn one visible property of an object (a property
that someone with appropriate skills could determine just
by looking).

Range -1 to Touch (the magi touches the ground he's standing on)
Duration -1 Momentary (no continuing info on current changes, just a snapshot.)
Target +4 (Boundar)

5th ed:
InTe 15 (Ritual*) Lay of the Land- know the terrain within the area.
(Base Level 2 - Learn 1 visible property of an object (i.e., the physical layout.)
+1 Range Touch, +4 Boundary)

(* Altho' this is only a 3rd Magnitude spell, in 5th ed it requires a Ritual to attain a target as large as Boundary.)

Aquam Req's would be needed to know rivers/etc, and Herbem if also to know flora. Interpretation of the information is up to the magus.

sounds about right to me!