Fleur de Bonsiagus

Fleur is 32, a slender woman with dark, short cut hair, an aquiline nose and otherwise what would traditionally be described as Mediterranean features.
Fleur is from the Canem de Mere Covenant near Marsielle, where she was born, apprenticed early, and gauntleted in the winter of 1234. She has a certain fixation with sex and reproduction, and hearing tales from her parens of the caves which were sacked for vis early in her own covenant's history, and his bemoaning the fact that the founders chose to pillage the caves for vis rather than knowledge. She has heard about the caves of Entropy near the Covenant of Andorra, in addition to the covenant being outside any tribunal, and is looking to explore the caves for any signs of magical knowledge she can integrate into her hermetic understanding.

Int 3
Pre 1
Str -2
Dex -3
Per 0
Com 5
Sta 3
Quick -2


Covenant Upbringing( -1 minor)
Weak Magic Resistance-Lying Or Sitting Down( -3 major)
Lecherous( -3 major)
Magical Animal Companion-cat( -1 minor)
Visions( -1 minor)
Small Frame( -1 minor)

Good Teacher( +1 minor)
Book Learner( +1 minor)
Great Com( +1 minor)
Great Com( +1 minor)
Affinity With Magic Theory( +1 minor)
Affinity With Teaching( +1 minor)
Puissant Teaching( +1 minor)
Gentle Gift( +3 major)
Puissant Magic Theory( +0 free)
Fertility lore (+1 minor)

Occitan 5(Provencal)
Area Lore 2(Canem de Mere)
Athletics 1
Charm 2
Folk Ken 1 (5)
Latin 5
Organization Lore 1(Order of Hermes)
Artes Liberales 1
Magic Theory 9+2 (15)
Philosophae 2 (12)
Profession- Scribe 1
Parma Magica 1
Magic Lore 1
Teaching 3+2 (11)
Area Lore -Andorra 0(4)
Area Lore -Barcelonna 1(7)
Area Lore -Mallorca 1 (5)
organization lore 1 (self created mystery cult)
fertility lore 1(2)
faerie lore 1
leadership 0 (1)

Creo 12 (9)
Muto 5 (2)
Intelligo 5 (2)
Rego 5 (5)
Perdo 1
Animal 5 (4)
Aquum 1
Aurum 1
Corpus 10(7)
Herbem 1
Ignem 2 (2)
Imaginem 1
mentem 9
Terram 4
Vim 1

CrMe 25 Silent Orders of the Unit
CrIg 10 Lamp Without Flame
InIm 4 Comprehension of the Whispered word
CrCo 25 Loves Labors Eased
CrCo 30 Assurace of the Eased Recovery
PeCo 25 Touch of the Barren moon
CrCo 20 Touch of the Moderated Wound
ReAn 4 Armor from hide
CrHe 5 Resupply the Archer’s quiver
InCo 20 Vision of the unborn babe
MuCo 35 Frozen Womb

Lecherous +3
Happy +2
Respectful -1

Silent Orders to the Unit: CrMe: transmits the orders (either from the magus or relayed through them) to a unit of grogs directly into their minds. Base 3, range voice (+2), duration sun (+2)

Comprehension of the Whispered word: InIm: allows a magus to hear what the target is saying, even if the words are whispered at a distance after casting. Base 1, target individual, duration sun (+2), range: touch (+1)

Assurance of the Eased Recovery CrCo: gives +15 bonus to recovery from wounds for 1 month. Base 10, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

Touch of the Barren Moon: PeCo: makes a woman barren for one month, during which time she also will not suffer from a menses. Base effect 5, range touch (+1), target individual, duration moon (+3)

Loves Labors Eased: CrCo: Gives a woman +6 for childbearing rolls if she gives birth before the next moon Base:5, range: touch (+1) Duration:moon (+3)

Armor from Hide: ReAn: Takes raw leather or animal hide and crafts it into leather armor. Requires finess roll. Base: 3, range touch (+1)

Touch of the Moderated wound: CrCo: heals a wound 1 level, instantly base 15, range touch (+1)

Resupply the Archer’s quiver: CrHe: creates 10 arrows which last long enough to be fired in combat, requires finesse roll for quality the arrows lack feathers and will be fletched with plant material. It also has a sharpened point in lieu of arrowheads,. Base:2 Duration: diameter (+1), target: group (+2)

Talisman: a copper and amber glove enchanted with the following effects:

Felicia: (form Me)
cat (size -3) Might 10+3(for size)
Int 1 Per 1
Pre -2 Com 3
Str -7 Sta 0
Dex 3 Quick 4

Vis:13 pawns

gift of speech (minor 1)
Personal power :hands of the magical animal (minor1)
vis sourcex2:creo (minor 2)
Ritual power:grant minor virtue(second sight) (major3)
improved confidence (minor 2)
susceptible to deprivation (minor -1)
reduced attack (claws) (minor -1)
reduced damage (claws) (minor -1)
improved characteristics (minor 2)
Personal power :gift og the frog's legs (minor 1)
reduced abilities (minor -2)
Gift of Tongues (minor 1)
educated (minor 1)
font of knowledge (minor 1)

perfect balance(minor+1)
Puissant Awareness(minor+1)
sharp ears(minor+1)
unaffected by the gift(minor+1)
good teacher(minor+1)
second sight(minor+1)
arcane lore(minor+1)

magical freind(minor-1)
craving for travel(minor-1)

cat speak 5
athletics 3
awareness 4
brawl 3
stealth 4
hunt 4
artes Liberales 2
Latin 5
Second Sight 5
leadership 4
guile 4
magic theory 5
magic lore 4
Faerie Lore 3
Finesse 5
Teaching 4
Order of Hermes Lore 7
Classic Greek 5
Philosophae 4
hedge witch magic theory 2
intrigue 4
area lore -Marseille 3
font of knowledge 7

cleanly +2
critical +1
vain +2

A house long abandoned to ghosts on the shore of Mallorca, it stands in good repair despite centuries of apparent neglect. The gardens are in an aura of 1, with the interior f the house having an aura of 2. The upper floor leads to the region where her lab will be, which has an aura of three. The dust lies thick within the house, but the structure is well built and of stone to its core and foundation. Some claim it is of Roman construction, some say it is older than that, but mostly it is a place where young fools dare each other to see who will get closest to knocking on the front door.

Strong Aura 3
controlled regio 1
haunted -1
further regio -1
superior engineering 1
hidden resources x4 4

magical (superior) heating
magical (superior) lighting
Superior Construction
greater feature: altar
highly organized
extensive stores
greater feature: Pallet
greater focus: Pallet
lesser expansion

size:0 (3 with regio), occupied size:3, General Quality:0, Upkeep:1, Safety:1, Warping:2, Health:+1, Aesthetics:7, texts:1, Creo:11, Ig:1, Im:1, Me:2

Felicia's bond (as of Fall 1236):
magic might:13
size: -3
Level: 13+25-15=26
vis cost:6 pawns
lab total: creo (12+lab bonus 11)+mentem(9+lab bonus 2)+0 general quality of lab + intelligence 3+ aura 3+ magic theory (7+2)=49 boosted to 50 due to lab warping
Golden:4 (50)