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So...who's running a campaign out there?

My friends are scattered about the midwest so we try to play four times a year. Typically we play Ars Magica, but for the 'Fall Season' we played Feng Shui. It was great. We got some of the rules wrong for building characters, but we still had fun. We ran the adventure out of the back of the main book and sort of experimented with what can be done.

Rule wise, I found the mooks interesting. They are easy to mow down, but the more time you focus on mooks, the less time your focusing on Main Bad Guys. I liked this because tradition has it that everyone jumps on the Main Bad Guy and kills him inside a round or two. Mooks allow Main Bad Guys to last longer.

I also noticed that once one character let loose with mulitple shots from guns, ALL the characters followed suit. However I think if some of the characters played to their advantages they would have hit better. For instance the Ninja in our group should have fought hand to hand rather than fire the machine gun. I think he would have done better. I loved the game and was interested how the rules made combat fun again.

We are discussing our Winter Season and we may continue our Feng Shui adventure. I don't know if this merits being called a campaign, but it's where we are.

Good observation.

You'll also notice that the distinction between mooks and named characters allows characters to specialize, to some extant, in who they're adept at fighting. Some characters are able to mow through mooks but do little to really tough characters, some are the opposite.

It's really a great game.

Hey all. I want to announce that I've set up a new online game and I'm searching for players. I want to try a play-by-blog, which I think will be interesting because it can, like a message board, list posts in a more conversation-type feel. Unlike a message board, it can be more visually appealing. I also want to toy with the idea of making it a "non-linear" game, in that you can post all at once any number of actions according to the shot you choose to use. (If it gets too confusing, of course, we don't HAVE to play that way.)

I only want to have up to 3 players, just to get our feet wet as we try it out.

if anything, I liked the opportunity to learn some new web design tweaks!


[color=darkblue]Like the poster above, my players are scattered around the East Coast, so we hardly ever get to play. But technically, we have a campaign underway!

At least I suppose it's a campaign, but a slow moving, play-about-once-every-two years campaign. :cry:

I have a small group playing through a campaign.

When we play - it's twice a month.

Then there's a 2 month hiatus.

Gives me plenty of time to get the next 2 episodes fine-tuned, but takes away from the continuity for the players

I've had a hell of a good time running players in the Matrix world with Feng Shui rules.

They were in the Netherworld.
Agents gave them the willies and they ran like rabbits.
The Ascended were an interesting point of view with many factions (think WoD's Vampire vs Werewolf politics translated to Earth First! Chimps and ever loyal dogs Dogs).

Throw too much fu or chi or other radical hacking of the program and the Agents noticed you.
An "easy to use" main reason to delete you was because you used up so much processing power with all the edits of mook perceptions so those still plugged in "didn't see" what just happened.

Until you learned the truth and were extricated from the Matrix you were stuck with Mook stats.

Some awesome cinema happened.
But moved away recently and can't run it anymore...ah well...

I introduced Feng Shui to many roleplayers. They liked it alot, but none
of them could imagine it being played in a long, ongoing campaign.
One-shot adventures (played in a low number of sessions) are quite
popular among them, though.

I ran a longer adventure at my roleplaying club, planning 6 sessions.
Unfortunatly we had to stop after session 5 (time was a big problem),
before we reached the big finale.
It was about a Buro conspiracy. Agents from the future had people
living in minor Feng Shui sites assissinated indirectly.
They also killed any heirs (if any showed up).
Thus the plots of land, that belonged to the vicitms, became matter
of public admisitration. Of course the Buro had it's agents within
the liable administrative bodies. Their plan was to give the plots
of land to a research agency, that would become the predecessor
of the Buro.
The player characters, "heroes" from the contemporary juncture,
had to investigate the murders and finally made a "business trip"
into the future...

Currently I work on my biggest Feng Shui project to date. The formerly
mentioned was created on the fly (more or less).
The new adventure will be rather serious and deal with actual events
and conditions of the real world, mixing facts and (semi-)fiction. No
magic will be involved at all.
I hope I'll be able to run that adventure soon. It'll take about 3 sessions.