Chapter 1bis (Spring 1013) Arrival in Calais

Betula is pleased that they are allowing us to join them. On the trail she attempts to learn all she can about them and their tradition(s) and this group, particularly what the boy spoke of about listening to the forest. She also happily helps those in the group unable to speak Saxon with translation.

Adventure XP: 12 + 3 from Ind. Study, 15 xp total. 5xp to Area Lore: Mercia, 5xp to Second Sight, 5xp to Magic Lore

Since it seems I got the rules all wrong, after meeting with the elders and before leaving Blackpool, Cath'rinne will scout the area once more. The usual Voice of the Bjornaer magi, followed by Clear Sight of the Naiad (InAq 5, +1 diam for 10) (perched on a branch from the lake's edge) followed by InVi 10 (base 1 Detect the presence of vis +4 vision +1 conc) and then fly about the lake then the rest of the magical forested area.

She rolls 33 on InAq, so 1 stamina; followed by a 25 on InVi so 1 more stamina.

Benedict tries to get the magi into a group, alone, when it seems they are planning to go with the hedge wizards. He asks, "Did you leave behind anything you need in the wagons? Do you not need the horses? What are our long-term plans?"

"We need to understand better the situation here, and what's left, before we can figure out where we want to establish a new covenant.
As for the horses, we brought them with us, and we can always go and bring the wagons with us. it might take longer, but now I know I can do it, slowly, without leaving wagon trail behind."

Ruedi's XP expenditures: 5 xp in English, gaining rank 1, so he can speak a smidgen of it. 5 xp in Survival, and 2 XP in bows.

Once it is clear that you join, you learn that you are headed into the Peak District at the Southern end of the Pennines. The tribe knows of an excellent fishing site where you arrive after a day and a half and stay for some days. The fish is a lot better than the root stew from the first morning.

You cross paths with more people than you care for though, and you hear news from Nottingham of Wulfric the Witchhunter who was brutally assaulted by some fire warlock. His escape was miraculous and people say that he is blessed by God and cannot be slain. Apparently there had been a great battle with hundreds of dead, and Wulfric had been investigating the following morning. The news has put the city on edge and the sheriff is preparing his move on behalf of Eadric.

The tribe decides to move further North to cross into Northumbria, and Benedict is reminded of Lux Draconis which should be in this area according to his brief.

I want to close the first chapter also in the North before starting new ones, so we are still in the limbo between Spring and Summer.

Cath'rinne's spells confirm that the pool is extraordinarily deep, and even unhindered by the water, she cannot see the bottom. The vis detection spell reveals residuals, as if a source has recently been harvested, in the weeds growing in the water. Flying about, she notices one other vis source in the stream flowing into pool. A small pool of red water is forming in a branch of the stream. Further investigation will reveal a single pawn of Aquam vis in the form of two pints of the red water. Does anyone have a spare container?

Benedict inquires after Gwyennayed, to see if he was executed or is imprisoned somewhere. He will also inform the magi that they are close to another covenant site, that could be still occupied.

[Story xp: +1 Charm +1 Guile +5 Area Lore: Stonehenge Tribunal +5 Shapeshifting]

While traveling Betula collects samples of plants (just flowers and leaves if the plant itself is large) and, where possible this time of year, seeds and bulbs. The plants and parts of plants she stores in the books to press and dry, the seeds and bulbs in a single leather pouch but takes notes on the plant they are taken from so she can differentiate them once they find a place to settle. She asks many questions of the tribe about the wisdom of plants they seem to have, both their “listening to the forest” and applications of the plants of a more mundane nature, medicine and cooking and other uses. While she asks nothing directly she is also paying attention to whether and how the wider tribe has changed in their perception of the magi after being told we are part of the Order which they seem to fear and disapprove of.

OOC: Per (2) + Folk Ken (0) roll of 7

Cath'rinne will cast The Whole From the Part on the red water, curious to see if it is water, or blood, and if blood, whose blood. The spell goes off without costing a point of stamina. Penetration is 2 + 5 * Penetration multiplier which should be 3 for blood, if applicable, for 17 pen.

You see nothing. Maybe it is not human or even human-like, or maybe it is not blood at all.

Cath'rinne will RegoVim the aquam vis into another item she can reasonably carry in bird form (could be a branch, a pebble...)

Rolled a 30 so need no extra stamina beyond the 1 for spontaneous.

She'll let her sodales know there are two vis sources here, one of which is Aquam, another one which has been recently harvested, and could be some form of weeds, or something which was found among the local weeds. Some info gathering among the locals could be useful to find out if they're using that.

Anyone want to action this amongst those speaking the language? Also loke, maybe update our vis?

The relevant post has been wikified, so feel free to update it yourself :slight_smile:

TBH I am not sure what to write until the native speakers have followed up on it ... but I do not mind your making a preliminary note ...

Wiki is awesome! I added our pawn of Aquam vis.

Betula would happily translate your question to Saxon but she would not think to ask it.

So I guess Cath'rinne will inquire about what they harvest from the water pool with Betula in tow.

«You mean the healing weeds? Yes, we always harvest them when we are here. We need them for potions. It is a gift from the Dead of the Pool, helping the Living to live longer,» says Malhad.

He knows nothing of the red water, though. «Magic is abundant here, but not all of it is of any use to us.»

"Thank you for sharing. Your people create potions of healing? That's a valuable skill to have."

«Some of us. When we can get the materials. But they are hard to come by.»