Notes and Claims

This topic is to keep running lists. Each new post should be a wiki, thus editable by all players. Do not put discussions here.

Story Themes and Ideas

  • Push for Lotharingian Tribunal (using Triamore and Tremere) - callen
  • (idea) - (player)
  • Secrets of the Telsperg family - (Mostly mundane with Realm interference) - Rofrof
  • Various things involving old magic and hedge magic (if there are magi interested in that) - PlotDevice
  • Beasties and Fae - mjprogue

Roles/Themes for Magi

  • Heir: The nominal leader of the covenant, whom the mundanes see as the rightful owner of the lands and assets of the covenant. (Arthur)
  • Mundane Ambassador (Steward or Voice?): (Kareatosys)
  • Hermetic Ambassador: The diplomatic and political figure who keeps in contact with other covenants, and tries to influence them as well as bring back information and gossip. (Rofrof)
  • Protector: (Plot_Device)
  • Explorer: This figure is responsible for further investigating potential threats to (and resources for) the covenant. (Houlio)
  • Enchanter: (mjprogue)
  • Fae Ambassador: if we want a local court with enough influence to require it
  • Builder: Able to provide for many non-magical things the covenant may need. (callen)

House Rules

  • Combat
    • No Defense rolls, add 5 instead. This will speed up combat.
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I'm trying to keep track of whose character concept is what:

  • Arthur: A Jerbiton who creates water sculptures (Mu specialist, secondary Aquam, normal Gift)
  • callen: Verditius philosopher focusing on Philosophiae in experimental philosophy (paired with Rego craft magic), Verditius magic, and ceremonial casting; somewhat feminist from Schola Medica Salernitana joining Matres & Matrones
  • Houlio: A Titanoi of House Tytalus (Spirit magic, Second Sight, Blatant Gift)
  • Kareatosys: Merinita?
  • mjprogue: Bonisagus Mercurian necromander?
  • Plot_Device: Criamon from the Path of Strife?
  • Rofrof: Flambeau specialized in ice (Aquam specialist)

My idea is still very much in flux, I was thinking of a Flambeau but didn't realize there already was one.

Join the party it'll be fun :smiley:

It's fine to have multiple characters from the same house. My read of the setting is that is probably normal actually.

Edit: and yeah, that's right for me.

The character concept post above has been made a wiki, so everone can edit the list.

And also there's legendary strong Merinita with some focus in melee.