Notes and Claims

This topic is to keep running lists. Each new post should be a wiki, thus editable by all players. Do not put discussions here.

Story Themes and Ideas

  • Push for Lotharingian Tribunal (using Triamore and Tremere) - callen
  • (idea) - (player)
  • Secrets of the Telsberg family - (Mostly mundane with Realm interference) - RafaelB
  • Various things involving old magic and hedge magic (if there are magi interested in that) - PlotDevice
  • Beasties and Fae - mjprogue
  • Selected House and Cult interaction - Loke/George - I won't commit to all of them, but I could develop it for, say, two characters.

Roles/Themes for Magi

  • Heir: The nominal leader of the covenant, whom the mundanes see as the rightful owner of the lands and assets of the covenant. (Arthur)
  • Mundane Ambassador (Steward or Voice?):
  • Hermetic Ambassador: The diplomatic and political figure who keeps in contact with other covenants, and tries to influence them as well as bring back information and gossip. (Rofrof)
  • Protector: (Plot_Device)
  • Explorer: This figure is responsible for further investigating potential threats to (and resources for) the covenant. (Houlio)
  • Enchanter: (mjprogue)
  • Fae Ambassador: if we want a local court with enough influence to require it
  • Builder: Able to provide for many non-magical things the covenant may need.

House Rules

  • Combat
    • No Defense rolls, add 5 instead. This will speed up combat.
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I'm trying to keep track of whose character concept is what:

  • loke: Tremere?
  • StephenFleetwood: Verditius weaver?

Feel free to complete and detail the concept.

For magi that have been finalized, see this list.

My idea is still very much in flux, I was thinking of a Flambeau but didn't realize there already was one.

Join the party it'll be fun :smiley:

It's fine to have multiple characters from the same house. My read of the setting is that is probably normal actually.

Edit: and yeah, that's right for me.

The character concept post above has been made a wiki, so everone can edit the list.

And also there's legendary strong Merinita with some focus in melee.

Maybe a bit early, but if you have an idea what your companion could, just add it to the list.

This post is a wiki, so you should all be able to edit it.

Concepts for companions:

  • Smith with Touched by Magic, who yearns to be a great warrior/adventurer as well. (callen)
  • A minor hedge wizard who lives somewhere in the valley (RafaelB)

I am adding a list of potential companion ideas, to be grabbed by whoever is interested:

  • A member of the Telsberg family
  • The redcap who will regularly visit the covenant
  • A monk from either Lucelle Abbey (north of the valley) or the Moutier-Grandval Abbey (south of the valley)

Ideas for vis sources:

  • The huge oak at the entrance of the valley is most probably a vis source. Most likely it is an Herbam source, but it could be another Art. Maybe it's not the oak itself that is magical, but something that lives in it (insects, mushrooms, bats, birds). Or it is something under the oak tree that caused it to grow to so much (stones, the bones of a giant, etc.)
  • In the caves under the covenant, there is of course the petrified snake which could provide Vim vis, though it could be some other Art.
  • About half a day away from the covenant, along the Sorne river and a bit south of Underswyler if a small lake called Lac Vert. This might make a great place for a faerie aura and vis source.
  • Under the town of Laimunt, there is a Gallo-Roman mausoleum which could be a source of Corpus.
  • About a day's travel west of the covenant is a mountaintop called La Roche-d'Or because the light of the setting sun reflect on the rocks. A small statue of a Gaulish tri-horned bull was found there, so there could be a regio with an actual tri-horned bull there, who guards a vis source.
  • Something in Rangiers' Pass could make travelling it dangerous to mundanes, but give us a source of vis.
  • An old iron mine near Biestinge.

To make things interesting, I like to have at least one vis source be clearly located in each of the three Tribunals. These would be the Contested Resources hook. They don't have to be our most critical sources, but their worth (either the Art or the yield) should be enough that losing one or more of them would hurt. Otherwise that's not a real hook. :wink:

I will make this post a wiki, so everyone can add their suggestions. Then we can discuss them in the Covenant Discussions topic.

Storyguide commitments:

  • Arthur: Alpha SG, stories about the multi-Tribunal border status of the covenant
  • callen:
  • Plot_Device: Ancient Magic/Hedge Magic stories
  • RafaelB: selected cult stories, a bit of exploration, Wolfgang, Telsberg family.
  • Vortigern: (Pending)

Indicate your commitments and interests regarding stories. This can be to run stories for a specific character, a location or group that you will develop as a setting for stories, a type of stories, etc.

Story flaws of various characters:

Relationships, Contacts and Gild Alliegances (for sponsorship in the Rhine)

  • Triamore
    • Having lived in Triamore for a few years as a guest, Clusius knows the magi there (Clusius)
  • Durenmar
    • Lamberto of Bonisagus is a member of Durenmar, that Celeste has had dealings with.
    • Would probably appreciate the arrival of a vis-rich covenant and the presence of a Guernicus. Rhine's senior quaesitor resides here. (Tugurium, Regulus)
  • Dankmar
  • Terschelling (Waddenzee)
  • Oculus Septentrionalis
    • Henri of Jerbiton and Boris of Mercere, are memebrs of Oculus that Celeste has had plenty of dealings with, as a peregrinatore in Oculus. If we can secure a trade deal with them, goods in return for vis, we can gain their favor. They have lots of silver, but very little vis. Also, their Verditius might be commissioned to make a magical ship that we can use.
  • Fengheld
    • Wilhelm Weiss of Jerbiton, living in the Rheingasse chapterhouse (in Cologne) is one of the filii of Leonardus. As such, he has a strong incentive for the covenant to be recognize... so long as his vis payments continue (Clusius, Tugurium)
    • Alba is nominally a member of Fengheld, and also has her pater Bonsimon there
  • Crintera
  • Irencillia
    • Celeste is nominally a member of Irencillia, and has had dealings both with Lambert, her pater, and Vinaria, both of House Merinita.
  • Roznov
    • Igor Rastvan, Archmagus Ex Misc, is a significant Mercurian and has a relationship with Vorsutus.