Setting: Ungulus reformed

Ungulus is reformed with new magi and a new charter at the Winter Solstice 1013.
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Charter of Ungulus

The Oath of Covenant of Ungulus

Being the charter of the Covenant of Ungulus in the 1013th Year of the Common Era.

I pledge my lifelong support and loyalty to the Covenant of Ungulus and declare that the trials and fortunes of this covenant are now my own.

Just as I am pledged to the Oath of Hermes, so do I pledge the covenant to the Order of Hermes and the authority of the Tribunal of Stonehenge.

I swear to uphold and protect this covenant regardless of the personal price. Over all the years of my life and throughout my studies and travels, I will neither betray the covenant nor give aid to its enemies. In times of need, I will aid the covenant in whatever way I am able, and I will devote myself to its service if the need is clear.

I will abide by the decisions of the ruling council of this covenant, and I will treat these decisions as if they were my own.

I will treat my fellows with respect and fairness, and I will not attempt to harm them in any way. Their blood is my blood. Where the covenant stands, there do I stand; how the covenant grows, so do I grow; should the covenant fall, then do I fall.

This I swear, upon my honor, the honor of my house and its Founder.

Given under our hand,

The Council


Elected by vote among the full members.
Term: until they stand down or are voted out by a majority vote of the Council

Duties include:
Attend regular Council meetings
Keep order at Council meetings
Break tied votes with a discretionary vote
Determine the yearly surplus of provision and stores
Act as spokesperson of the Council
Ensure that rulings of the Council are enacted

If the Praetor is away from the Covenant his duties will be carried out by the next most senior magi who will hold his full powers until his returns.

The Praetor may be removed from the office by a unanimous vote of the other members of the council

Quorum shall be defined as "more than half" of the Council Members.

Must be introduced by a member of the Council
Should be debated fully with allowance for all to speak
Proposal to vote must be made and seconded by another member of the Council
Passed by Simple Majority with exceptions of Changes to the Charter, Expulsion of a Member, and acceptance of a Probationary Member which require a unanimous vote.
Members not attending council meetings may appoint a proxy in writing or lose their voting rights for that meeting.

Membership Types

Full Member of the Council
Swears Oath of Covenant
Full voting and rights as outlined in the Charter

Probationary Member of the Council
May be extended to any magus in good standing in the Order with no fealty or allegiance to another covenant
Requires Unanimous approval of the Council
Duration: 7 seasons

Protected Guest
May be extended to any person by the formal invitation of a single member of the Council
No voice or vote. May attend Council meetings at the pleasure of the Council.
Status may be revoked by the inviting member of by majority vote of the Council

Determined at the Winter meeting of the Council of Members.

Resources necessary for the continued existence of the covenant and the protection of its members’ rights are accounted for first; this includes payment for seasons of work performed on behalf of the covenant, and a stipend of vis for the casting of the Aegis of the Hearth and any Longevity rituals for the magi members

Contributions to all debts owed to the covenant are decided by the Praetor are set aside.

The remaining resources are deemed surplus and shall be allocated to the magi members.

Censure and Discipline:

If a member should contravene the decisions of the council, by vote or by charter, then the member may be censured or expelled by a vote of the Council of Members.

Censure requires the passing of a motion at a meeting of the Council of Members.

The censure of a full member revokes the rights of that status, returning him to probationary status; whereupon he assumes all the duties and rights of that status.

Expulsion is enacted by a unanimous vote of the remaining Council of Members.

Expulsion is the only means through which a member of the covenant shall lose his basic rights; and requires that the former member ceases to draw upon those basic rights subsequent to the first full moon after expulsion was enacted.

Should a magus be cast out from the Order, it is the duty and obligation of this covenant that he shall also and without delay be expelled from this covenant.

Other items

The Covenant will provide the age based vis requirements for members longevity rituals. Any additional vis used must be provided by the member.
In all things the order of priority for resources will be Member, Members Apprentice, Members Familiar, Probationary Magus, Protected guest Magus, Covenant Companion, Covenant Grog/Turb, anyone else.
Use of library resources are on a first come basis, by writing the use on the activity table posted in the council chamber, with any conflict being resolved by the Praetor based on explained need of the two parties.
The Covenant Autocrat will maintain a full list of Covenant assets, buildings, library, magic items, vis sources etc.
No communal assets may be remove on leaving the Covenant without permission of the Council
All discovered vis and vis sources belong to the Covenant. The reward for discovery is 1 pawn of the first harvest of that vis
Vis for healing may be authorised by any magus without reference to the council. They will report the use at the next council meeting to ensure good bookkeeping
If maga Tessa of Tytalus returns to the Covenant she will be granted immediate full membership and her laboratory

The Covenant of Ungulus

  • Location: overlooking Ennerdale Water

The Original Tower

  • Basement (presumably) is used only by the covenfolk, probably storage rooms and larder.
  • First floor: sick room and reception area
  • Second floor: kitchen and a common room where the covenfolk usually eat.
  • third floor there turb barracks and two small sanctums for the redcaps (Maine and Chronos).
  • fourth floor, library (see below), council room with a cramped haphazard lab. Smaller rooms and alcoves with spare beds.
    • The haphazard lab is size -2 with the cramped flaw and missing equipment for experimentation and familiar.
  • Fiftth floor: Tessa's sanctum. This is a standard Hermetic lab, with trophies on the wall (see Chapter 7).
  • Sixth floor: Frederic's sanctum. This is has a magic item providing excessive heating and a big fireplace making a minor focus/feature for Ignem. There is a chest of untranslated lab texts, and a little vis, 3p each of Imaginem, Animal, and Aquam, and 2p Herbam.(added to vis stock)
  • Seventh floor: Tacitus' sanctum. (to be designed.)

The Hermetic cottage.

There is a spare lab in a cottage. This is full size with the following virtues and flaws: dedicated building, damp, poorly insulated, infested (with ivy, for Herbam specialisation). It has clearly not been used for a long time.

The New Tower (from start of spring 1014)

  • Basement: (proposal: vis and cash vault)
  • First floor: (proposal for the new council chamber)
  • Second floor: configured for lab space (unused, Size +1, with private stair leading to one of the living quarters on the third floor)
  • Third floor: Configured for living quarters for two magi. Thadeus uses the one with the private stairs to his lab on the fourth floor. The living quarters with the private stairs to the second floor is unused.
  • Fourth floor: Thadeus' laboratory
  • Fiftth floor: lab space (unused, Size +1, with private stair leading to one of the living quarters on the sixth floor)
  • Sixth floor: living quarters for two magi (unused, with private stairs to the labs on fifth and seventh floors)
  • Seventh floor: lab space (unused, Size +1, with private stair leading to one of the living quarters on the sixth floor)

The Library at Ungulus (updated to end of Spring 1014)

  • Summa (arts)

    • Creo L20 Q10, Gregorius ex Jerbiton, On the Magic of Permanent Creation (brought by Janus)
    • Intellego L16 Q12, Aurelius of Bonisagus, Understandings (brought by Thadeus) -- 2 copies
    • Muto L18 Q10, Balder ex Bonisagus, On Fluidity (brought by Thom)
    • Perdo L20 Q10, Egnatius ex Bonisagus, Meditations on the Void (brought by Luciu)
    • Rego L18 Q9, Damen ex Tytalus, The Book of Control (brought by Luciu)
    • Corpus L17 Q11 Saken of Tremere How people walks and other questions about the manipulation of a body (brought by Sionag)
    • Mentem L17 Q11 Caecilius ex Tytalus Unleashing - or leashing - the human mind (brought my Cath’rinne)
    • Terram L18 Q9, Felix Argentum ex Guernicus, Metal and Stone in Support of the Will of the Magus (brought by Janus)
  • Summa (abilities)

    • Concentration L6 Q9 On the Distractions of the World (brought by Betula) -- 2 copies
    • Magic Theory L7 Q9 Discussions of Theory with Cato ex Bonisagus, Primus of House Criamon (brought by Betula)
  • Tractatus (arts)

    • Creo Q7
    • Intellego Q7
    • Rego Q? (Found in the Diedne lab at Wicker Hill)
    • Ignem Q7
    • Vim Q7
  • Tractatus (abilities)

    • Area Lore: Highlands Q10 (10C) +Q8 (9C)
    • Area Lore: Scottish Lowlands Q11 (10C)
    • Area Lore: Scottish Lowlands (Q7) The March in Loch Leglean by Vera the Redcap, dated Ungulus 1012
    • Area Lore: Wales Q9 (10C)
    • Area Lore: Northumbria Q11 (10C)
    • Area Lore: Northumbria (Q7) Battles in Northumbria by Vera the Redcap, dated Ungulus 1012
    • Area Lore: Mercia (Q8): The Cleansing of Mercia by Tacitus of Tremere, dated Ungulus 1012
    • Diedne Lore: Know thy enemy by Tacitus of Tremere Q8, dated Blackthorn 1010 -- 2 copies
    • Finesse Q10 Aiming
    • Finesse Q10 Craft Magic
    • Magic Lore Q11 (10C)
    • Magic Lore Q10 Legacy of the Lochs by Ulma filia Pralix 889
    • Magic Lore Q9 Tales of the Giants Kitchen by Chronos the Redcap Winter 1013. -- 2 copies
    • Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Q?): Conversations with Pralix by Donald, found at the Island of Eight
    • Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Q9): Last Campaign of Tacitus by Chronos the Redcap Spring 1014
      • Loose, assorted letters written by Pralix and others authors (most notably Damhan-Allaidh who was Pralix' main adversary, and a couple of first-generation Hermetic converts that Pralix recruited)
    • Penetration Q10 The spell’s Knife
    • Penetration Q10 Through the Parma
  • Casting Tablets

    • The chirurgeon’s healing touch CrCo20
    • heal heavy wound CrCo30
    • heal incapacitating wound CrCo35 -- 2 copies
    • Purification of the festering wounds CrCo20 (+9 recovery bonus
    • Inexorable Search InCo20 +21 penetration -- 2 copies
    • Leap of Homecoming ReCo35 -- 2 copies
    • Aegis of the Hearth L25 +26 penetration
  • Lab Texts for Lesser Enchanted Devices

    • Invisibility Cloak [canon spell: Veil of Invisibility] works on the wearer -- 2 copies
    • Flaming Sword [canon spell: Blade of Virulent Flame] -- 2 copies
    • Incendior Homine CrIg40 [Cov:53] -- 2 copies
    • Weightless Chain [HoH:S:38] -- 2 copies
    • Flying Broomstick Cr(Re)Au39 -- 2 copies
      (also explains how to get a +5 shape bonus to flight from the broom)
      based on Wings of the Soaring Wind Cr(Re)Au30, maintains concentration and 12 uses/day
  • Lab Texts for Invested Items Effects

    • The Unbreakable Staff (MuHe 14) – This effect makes a staff as strong as iron, increasing its Defense bonus by +1. The weight (and Load) of the staff are unchanged. It remains susceptible to fire, but is otherwise nearly indestructible. (Base 4, +2 Sun; +4 levels for constant use)
  • Lab Texts for Spell

    • True Sight of the Air (InAu 15)
    • Whispering Winds (InAu 15)
    • Circling Winds of Protection (CrAu 20, Re req) -- 2 copies
    • Heal Medium Wound (CrCo 25)
    • Incantation of the Body Made Whole (CrCo 40) -- 2 copies
    • Gift of the Bear Fortitude (MuCo 25)
    • The Wound That Weeps (PeCo 15) -- 2 copies
    • Lame the Lumbering Brute (PeCo 20) – On his next step, the target of the spell twists an ankle, suffering the effects of the Lame flaw (ArM5 p.55). This heals as a Light Wound. The spell may affect targets of size up to +4. (Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Size) -- 2 copies
    • Grip of the Choking Hand (PeCo 25) -- 2 copies
    • Mercury’s Winged Sandals (ReCo 20) – See Transforming Mythic Europe p.111 -- 2 copies
    • Leap of Homecoming (ReCo 35) -- 2 copies
    • The Bountiful Feast (CrHe 35) Core p135 (Betula) -- 2 copies
    • Thaumaturgical Transformation of Plants to Iron (MuHe(Te) 20) Core 137 (Betula)
    • Freeing the Striding Tree (ReHe 30) Core 139 (Betula)
    • Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20) -- 2 copies
    • Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)
    • Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20) -- 2 copies
    • Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10) -- 2 copies
    • Wealth of Croesus (CrTe 30) -- 2 copies
    • Conjure the Mythic Tower (CrTe 35) -- 2 copies
    • Crystal Dart (MuTe 10, Re req) -- 2 copies
    • Hauberk of Sublime Lightness (PeTe 30) -- 2 copies
    • Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10) -- 2 copies
    • Trackless Steps (ReTe 10)
    • The Enigma's Gift* (CrVi 25) As spell on Core p157 but one mag lower and grants only 3 Warping Points (Betula
    • Eyes for the Wizard's Harvest (InVi 20) (brought by Thom) -- 2 copies
    • Wizard's Vigil (MuVi 20) (brought by Betula)
    • Demon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 5) -- 2 copies
    • Demon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 20)
    • Faeries's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 5) -- 2 copies
    • Faeries's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 15)
    • Magic's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 5) -- 2 copies
    • Gather the Essence of the Beast (ReVi 15) -- 2 copies
    • Circular Ward against Faeries (ReVi 20) -- 2 copies
    • Circular Ward against Demons (ReVi 20) -- 2 copies
    • Circular Ward against The Beasts of Legend (ReVi 30) -- 2 copies
    • Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 20 and 25)
    • Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi 30) -- 2 copies
    • 60 levels TBD (Sionag)
    • Untranslated lab texts from Frederic’s lab
  • Roots - Summa (arts) available Spring - Autumn 1015

    • Intellego L8Q15
    • Muto L6Q20
    • Rego L6Q21
    • Aquam L7Q20
    • Corpus L8Q16
    • Mentem L7Q18
    • Terram L8Q18
    • Vim L6Q19
      Traded for:
    • Area Lore: Scottish Lowlands (Q7) The March in Loch Leglean by Vera the Redcap, dated Ungulus 1012
    • Area Lore: Northumbria (Q7) Battles in Northumbria by Vera the Redcap, dated Ungulus 1012T
    • Area Lore: Mercia (Q8): The Cleansing of Mercia by Tacitus of Tremere, dated Ungulus 1012
    • Magic Lore Q9 Tales of the Giants Kitchen by Chronos the Redcap Winter 1013.

Inhabitants of Ungulus


  1. Janus ex Flambeau Combat Veteran (@John_Graham_52 ) from Castellum Veridium, Praetor
  2. Thomas Myddleton of Merinita (@Bartomeus )
  3. Cath'rinne ex Bjornaer, Dead Eye Areleins (@temprobe )
  4. Betula ex Criamon from the Caves of Twisting Shadows ( @dc444 ). She started her apprenticeship at Castellum Veridian, before her parens went to the Caves.
  5. Nauvi of Tytalus (@darkwing)
  6. Thadeus ex Miscellanea, from the Lineage of Pralix. He began his apprenticeship in Cad Gadu, before his master moved to Nova Roma for a few years, and finished it in the eastern Rhine Tribunal. (@Arthur)
  7. Sionag ex Miscellanea
  8. Caelha filia Tacitus the Apprentice (for now) (Original)


  1. Edwin the Autocrat (@darkwing )
  2. Ealhstan the Questioner - investigator into diabolism trained by House Guernicus ( @dc444 )
  3. Finn the Bard ( @John_Graham_52 )
  4. Turold the unGifted druid/witch (@temprobe )
  5. Hamish ( @Bartomeus ) Turb Captain
  6. Leofric the Blacksmith (@Arthur)

Non-human Companions

  1. The Salamander

The Turb

Rangers and Scouts

  1. Telsa and Sasso (twin sister and brother from Pomerania; both are skinchangers)
    • (placeholder for Sasso)
  2. Rangers x 4 (mostly occupied with foraging) (Original)

Shield Grogs

  1. Jack the Grog (see Shield Grogs)
  2. Iago the Welsh (not statted - similar stats to Jack)
  3. Odard the Singleton
  4. Ungulus Shield Grogs x 6 (Original)

Covenfolk Leaders

  1. Osgar the autocrat (Original)
  2. Mildred the stewardess, married to Osgar (Original)
  3. Clarissa the head chirurgeon (Original)

Covenfolk Professionals

  1. Bookbinder: (craft: bookbinding 5 + Scribe 3 + MT 1) (Cath'rinne)
  2. Illuminator: (craft: illumination 5 + Scribe 3 + MT 1) (Cath'rinne)
  3. Glassblower (craft: glass 5) (Luciu)
  4. Scribe (Profession: Scribe 5 + Magic Theory 2, Latin 4 (Writing), Comm 2, Teaching (Latin) 2) (Luciu)
  5. Apprentice Scribe (Alice, formerly laundry lass)

Grogs (not statted)

  1. Servants x 6 (housekeeping and the like) (Original)
  2. Newly recruited Servants x 14
  3. Shepherds and peasants who never enter the towers. (Original)

Vis (Updated to end of Spring 1014)

  • Vis Stocks (stored in the library)
    • Creo: 2p (Ungulus) + 1p (Janus) + 12p (oak flowers from the Island of the Eight) +15p (Sionag) + 6p (Cath'rinne) - 7 (Conjure the mythic tower in Spring 1014), Total 29
    • Muto: 1p (Thom) + 1p (rock from Farne Islands), Total 2
    • Perdo: 3p (from the foot of the wooden stake at Wicker Hill transfered to a small rock by Cath'rinne) Total 3
    • Rego: 8p (Cath'rinne) Total 8
    • Animal: 3p (Frederic’s lab) Total 3
    • Aquam: 8p (Ungulus) +3p (Frederic’s lab) + 1p (2 pints of red water from Blackpool collected by Thom and Betula), Total 12
    • Auram: 4p (Ungulus) + 3p (each a piece of polished wood from the Island of the Eight), Total 7
    • Corpus: 13p (undetermined origin) + 2p (weeds collected near Blackpool by Thom and Betula) + 15p (Sionag) - 3 (healing Thom in Spring 1014), Total 38
    • Herbam: 2p (Frederic’s lab) + 1p (Betula)+ 4p (spring 1014 vis source), Total 7
    • Imaginem: 1p (undetermined origin) + 3p (Frederic’s lab) +4p (each a piece of quartz from the Island of the Eight), Total 8
    • Mentem: 16p (Cath'rinne), Total 16
    • Terram: 1p (undetermined origin) + 2p (two pebbles from Wicker Hill) + 3p (magical mushrooms found by Betula under an old pine near Midsummer Copse) + 1p (rock from a shad of Farne Islands), Total 7
    • Vim: 11p (Ungulus) + 10p (Thadeus' dowry) + 3p (giant beanstalk collected by Nauvi) + 2p (two marbles from the statue of Mercury at the Baths of St. Alban) (minus 5 for Aegis of the Hearth), Total 21


This information is detailed in an attachment to the charter.

  • Three secure sources nearby, which can be collected within a day at most.
    • 4p Vim (Summer)
    • 4p Auram (Autumn)
    • 4p Aquam (Winter when it is at its coldest)
  • less reliable vis sources; will take a story for first harvest
    • 2p Creo. A Gifted individual has to pray at the statue of John the Baptist in the Cathedral of Carlisle on his feast day at midsummer, without drawing undue attention to themselves. The statue will pour two ounces of water from his hands, and this water can be collected for vis. It has happened that magi have accidentally drawn attention to themselves, and to avoid a scene, have let the canons take the water as holy water instead.
    • 5p Corpus (Summer) in a faerie regio in the West Pennines, 3-4 days South of Carlisle, a few miles East of Kendal. As far as the magi of Ungulus knew, it can only be entered during the three days following midsummer, and it is often guarded by a faerie champion who has to be defeated in combat.
    • 2p Mentem available from a faerie queen on the Southern edge of the Lake District (a mile or two South of Coniston Water), in exchange for a piece of creative art. The work has to impress the queen, and she seems to be increasingly hard to please after each successful trade, particularly if less than a year passes. The last exchange was in 1011. Ungulus has typically made the trade late Summer or early Autumn, but there is no evidence that it could not happen at any time. It takes about two or three days to get there from Ungulus, but grogs are usually sent to make the trade.
    • 3p Herbam is available from a petrified flower in a deep cave near Edinburgh. The journey takes at least a week, easily two in foul weather, each way. (Gargoyle's Blossom [Cov:79].)

Mundane resources


  • Standard Income Source £100 from livestock and agriculture.
    • In the past, they have often received support from Blackthorn when there have been many hoplites and mercenaries in residence.
  • £100 stocks originally at Ungulus at the end of Autumn 1013.
  • Wealth from the new arrivals

Dowry added to Ungulus:


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Inventory of Enchantments

Charged Items

  • String of the Flameless Torch (CrIg 10) – When one of these red-colored thick string is tied around an object using a specific knot, the string starts emitting light equivalent to torchlight until both the new and full moon have set. Very useful for long-term underground explorations. (Base 3, +3 Moon) 5 strings, each with a single charge (brought by Thadeus)
  • Magical Beans: We still have two magical beans that contain spell-like Vim vis with a 4th magnitude non-Hermetic effect. When planted, one of the beans grew into a magical beanstalk that lead the magi into a magical regio in the clouds, where giants live in a castle. We delivered Chronos from the giants.

Durable Devices

  • Items originally at Ungulus before the reformation 1013.

    • Tessa and Frederic had items in their labs. These are not listed here.
    • Tacitus' lab has not been investigated.
    • Other items Ungulus may have had were lost on the campaign to Galloway.
  • Stone-Cutting Knife : ReTe 15 Pen +0, unlimited uses R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Part (Covenants p. 52) (From Thom's Dowry)

  • The Enchanted Porter : ReTe15 Pen +0, 24/day, R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, device maintains concentration (Covenants p. 52) (From Thom's Dowry)

  • The Marksman's Bow : Rego Herbam 15 (Base 3, +3 Sight)(+5 levels for 24 uses a day) A beautifully carved and crafted bow of ash and yew, which is enchanted so that arrows fired are unerringly directed by the bowman. When activated by command word arrows can travel as far as the bowman can see, and cannot miss, but are also resisted by MR. When activated the arrows inflict +10 damage. Bow shape grants a lab bonus of +5 for "destroying things at a distance". (Held by Turold. From Thom's Dowry)

  • The Ring of Urgent Healing (CrCo 25) – This lesser enchanted ring stabilizes the wounds of a person of up to size +4, as per the Bind Wound spell. (Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Size; +10 levels for Unlimited uses) (brought by Thadeus)

  • Wicker Hill Lamp : (unknown) An enchanted lab that was found in the underground laboratory at Wicker Hill. It appears to be enchanted with a 5th magnitude CrIg effect to produce light. We have the lab notes, but it has not been investigated further. We do not know the activation sequence.

  • Wicker Hill Bucket: (unknown) An enchanted wooden bucket that was found in the underground laboratory at Wicker Hill. It appears to be enchanted with a 8th magnitude PeVi effect that is either in constant use or an automatic effect. We have the lab notes, but it has not been investigated further. We do not know the activation sequence.

  • Chest of preservation (Sionag)
    CrAn(He) 20
    This wooden box is designed to preserve the flavor and freshness of any food placed inside. While it won't improve the quality or restore faded food to its original qualities, it does guarantee that any food placed inside will come out in exactly the same condition. It's big enough to store just butchered game, plus a few extra vegetables. (About 3 fts x 2fts x 2 fts)
    Note that the effect only lasts within the chest. Any food taken out will expire at its natural rate.
    (item lvl 24 : base 2, touch +1, group +2, sun+2, +1 requisite; lvl+4 truly constant)

  • The Hearth of the Covenant (Cath’rinne)
    Despite the name, this item is actually a one foot diamater hickory-and-brass carving of a sun, made to be hanged on a wall. If the hearth touches a wall, it produces a warm heat that rapidly spreads through the structure to envelop it. Any laboratory in the structure receives the Magical Heating virtue (Free, +1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ignem). If used in a general covenant area, the maximum cost saving is 5 MP per year for consumables. Effect Level 25: CrIg 20 spell (Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +3 Structure), +3 environmental trigger, +2 three uses per day

Unknown Hermetic loot

  • Staff of Diana : beautiful wooden staff with a crystal embedded at the head. The embedded stone is of extremely valuable. Found next to Diana ex Diedne on the hermetic battlefield, where she was in Twilight. Uninvestigated. Could be a Talisman or a regular enchanted device enchanted by Diana - but it's an active arcane connection to her despite several months of Twilight.
  • Hauberk : Found on a shield grog belonging to Diana. Uninvestigated but it supposedly has protective enchantments of some kind.
  • Clay statues : Found on Diana and shield grogs. 2 remains. They resemble a buxom but non-descript woman with a long skirt. They are fragile and could easily be crushed in a hand. If broken in hand, the user teleports to Diana's cave in the middle of a pentagram.
  • Vials : We found three vials on Diana. One contained vis, two did not. Those two vials have an unknown use. Suspected charged items.
  • Seashell : Magical. Uninvestigated. Part of Luciu's travel chest. He collected these items from the body of the presiding quaesitoris.
  • Burnt fragments of a diary : Not clearly magical. Part of Luciu's travel chest. He collected these items from the body of the presiding quaesitoris.
  • Helmet : Magical. Uninvestigated. Part of Luciu's travel chest. He collected these items from the body of the presiding quaesitoris. Helmet beautifully adorned with a copper rim.
  • Cloak of the Raven : A cloak of raven feathers that allows its wearer to shapechange into a raven. Seized from a Diedne spy nes Dunfries. We have not tried it yet.
  • Lamp : Found in a lab under the ruins at Wicker Hill, an enchanted lamp with a 5th magnitude CrIg effect designed to produce light. We do not have the activation words nor the details of the enchantment, but we have the most of the lab notes from the same location and they may yield more details.
  • Bucket : Found in a lab under the ruins at Wicker Hill, an enchanted bucket with an 8th magnitude PeVi contant or automatic effect. We do not have the details of the enchantment and its purpose, but we have the most of the lab notes from the same location and they may yield more details.
  • Diedne lab Box 1 : Several lab text, shorthand script, unknown Diedne underground Lab, Wicker Hill.
  • Diedne lab Box 2 : Brythonic letters, unknown Diedne underground Lab, Wicker Hill
  • Diedne lab Box 3 : A pile of letters from some maga at Confluensis in Normandy, spanning about a decade, with the last letter dated around the time when Guernicus approved the Schism, unknown Diedne underground Lab, Wicker Hill
  • Diedne lab Box 4 : random Gaelic notes, unknown Diedne underground Lab, Wicker Hill
  • Isle of the Eight books and papers : Gathered from two of the cottages, including letters from bureaucrats in Rome around the collapse of their rule in Britain (one addressed to governor Gratian and one to mayor Elassiusa), as well as a book titled Conversations with Pralix .